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Tim Booker

Tim Booker

“The Babson culture is very friendly and inviting, and is open to diversity of people and ideas.”
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I Joined Babson Because:

I studied International Education. Joining Babson allowed me to put my degree into practice by working directly with international students.

How I Support Babson Students:

My team and I advise international students on how to apply for and maintain their legal student status which includes the work authorization piece. We, then, put them in contact with immigration attorneys, who can help them with work visas and permanent residency.

My Biggest Challenge:

Immigration policy is very complex. It’s a constant challenge to interpret it, then effectively convey our interpretations to our students. It's interesting work—I really drive myself to understand all the different policies and regulations, so that I can speak knowledgeably to students. It will take more time to achieve mastery over this subject, but I’ll get there!

The Most Enjoyable Part of My Job:

My co-workers! I’ve never met a more dedicated, passionate bunch who are still capable of having fun together and keeping things lighthearted.

My Favorite Babson Memory:

Having the opportunity to escort Global Scholars to New York City. Seeing their faces light up in Times Square at night was priceless.

My Advice for New Babson Employees:

Get involved in activities and programs outside your department. Take advantage of the various free wellness courses, workshops, and social events. They’re great ways to meet new people!

I Love Babson Because:

The entrepreneurial spirit that Babson celebrates and teaches makes it easy to embrace change and to make growth a part of my identity. Everyone has areas where they could improve, but, at Babson, these are opportunities instead of problems. To me, that is very meaningful. My position at Babson isn’t one that requires a direct application of entrepreneurship, but this culture has inspired me to reach out to learn more about the practice of entrepreneurship so that I can offer more value to the Babson community.