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Brian Duggan M’05

Brian Duggan MBA’05

Class Dean, Academic Services​​

“Babson is so much more than Business!”
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What Words Have Changed Your Life?

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” — Gandhi

Social advance depends as much on the process through which it is secured as upon the result itself.

How Do You Want to Change the World?

With compassion and innovative thinking

Why Does the World Need More Leaders with an Entrepreneurial Mindset?

Because the world can no longer sustain how things are currently being done. What has worked in the past cannot be counted on to work in the future. This applies to all aspects of life business, management, relationships, communications, global affairs, etc.

What Is Your Proudest Moment in Business?

Not too long ago, a former student, now an alumnus, returned to campus for an alumni event. At the end of the event, he pulled me aside and thanked me for all I had done on his behalf when he was a student. His sincerity was palpable. It caught me by surprise, but made me very proud of the work that I do.

What Do Others Need to Know about Babson?

It is about so much more than business!

How Do You Define Entrepreneurship?

Being willing to think differently about how to solve problems and create opportunities.