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Bruno Fraga

Bruno Fraga

Assistant Manager, Building Services, Babson College

“Babson’s diverse community is like a family to me.”
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Why Babson?

Babson College was very attractive to me because it has a strong reputation of mentoring employees for career growth. I found that Babson has a welcoming and collaborative culture where I can learn new skills.

My Advice to New Babson Employees

When I started, it was a larger organization than what I was used to, so I tried to meet as many staff members as I could every day to learn the culture.

My Favorite Thing about Babson

I’m tempted to mention our competitive compensation levels and great benefit package. But, I will also say that the opportunity to be around so many aspiring entrepreneurs is really inspiring.

Looking Forward

I plan to attend graduate school someday and further my knowledge to help my staff. Our team is already highly diverse and eager to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit, but I also want them to be highly skilled and knowledgeable.