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Pia Ostos M'12

Pia Ostos MBA’12

Senior Brand Manager, Global Marketing, Hasbro Inc.

"Working in brand management is all about being an entrepreneur within a large corporation."
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Loves new challenges and overcomes them by being passionate, creative, engaging, and analytical.

What You Need to Know about Babson

Babson is not only for entrepreneurs that want to launch a business, it is for everybody as what they teach is a unique way of thinking called Entrepreneurial Thought and Action® and this can be applied successfully in any business setting and within large corporations.


Working in brand management is all about being an entrepreneur within a large corporation. Babson has equipped me with the best skills to be successful at my job. Managing a brand is like managing a business and you have to look for every opportunity to make your business grow. In order to grow the business you have to be passionate, think creatively, be analytical, and have a convincing power to make your ideas happen.

How I Define Entrepreneurship

It is being passionate about what you do, always trying to make a difference, making things happen, overcoming challenges, and thinking beyond the conventional. As an entrepreneur you truly believe in your ideas, engage with them, and make them come true.​​​​

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