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Toni Sayce M'13

Toni Sayce MBA’13

“Entrepreneurs have a certain buzz about them; it is a contagious energy, driven by curiosity and optimism.”
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What is your pre-Babson experience?

I previously attended Brown University. Before coming to Babson, I worked at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston as a curatorial planning and project manager.

As a Babson student, what did you do when not in class?

The Marketing Club was instrumental in helping me make a major career shift from the academic/nonprofit world to consumer product marketing. The club’s events supported on-campus networking with local CPG (consumer packaged goods) companies, and I was quickly able to learn marketing lingo and hone in on the key skillsets I would need to demonstrate in future interviews. I supported the club my first year, reaching out to local CPG companies and Babson alumni, inviting them to speak on campus and then I led the club as co-president my second year. I absolutely loved testing out ways to literally market Marketing Club events and educate classmates and first-years on what careers in marketing could look like and how to break in to career paths. The club led an annual on-campus case competition, which brings MBA students from around the country together to solve a real business problem, and we welcomed marketing executives from Converse and Hasbro to provide inspiring keynotes about the power of brand marketing. I loved what this club brought to the student experience at Babson, and now as an alumna, I continue to try to support on-campus events focused on CPG marketing to give back!

What was your favorite part of the Babson student experience?

Entrepreneurs have a certain buzz about them; it is a contagious energy, driven by curiosity and optimism. It is absolutely inspiring to be around entrepreneurs, and the entire campus just feeds off this amazing energy. While I knew that I did not want to launch my own company or business venture, the entrepreneurial vibe at Babson pushed me to be more of an action-taker in the face of ambiguity, and to push past a no to find a new solution to a problem. I’ve carried this into my career after Babson, and credit my strength in this to the Babson learning environment.

What do others need to know about Babson?

Perhaps it was the entrepreneurial current running through the campus, but I loved that I never felt pressure to find a right way to do anything. There wasn’t a right path or right connection that got you to Babson, and there wasn’t going to be a right way to lead you to success after Babson. Everyone seemed to accept that, and it was liberating.