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Matthew Vega-Sanz ‘19

Matthew Vega-Sanz ’19

CEO and Co-Founder, Lula

“As a member of the Babson community, you're not told how you can be great. Rather, you're shown how to be great.”
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What piece of advice changed your life?

Don't stress over something that won't affect you a year from now.

How has being a member of the Babson community helped impact your career?

As one can imagine, you learn an incredible amount in the classrooms of Babson. However, it's nothing in comparison to what I learn on a daily basis from my peers. Being a member of the Babson community has provided me with the chance to live among driven individuals, who constantly shed insight on how things work around the world. I've been able to learn so many things about different cultures, how various types of people or businesses operate, and have just been able to build a truly global network. Lastly, and probably most importantly, being a part of the Babson community has impacted me in a way that I'm constantly provided with motivation, and expect more from myself. Every day you wake up, you're surrounded by individuals who not only expect greatness from themselves, but from you. That expectation resonates into everything you do. You wake up and go to work, class, or even the gym with a desire to be the best you can be, because as a member of the Babson community, you're not told how you can be great. Rather, you're shown how to be great. That has an incredible impact in everything we do.

Why does the world need more leaders with an entrepreneurial mindset?

A lot of society's problems stem from people being passive, and not taking action when needed, because they anticipate someone else will come along to resolve any issue that may arise. Entrepreneurship is all about being active, devising solutions to complex problems that not only make an impact in the life of the entrepreneur, but in the lives of those around them. Passivity is the opposite of everything entrepreneurship embodies, and an increase in the number of leaders with an entrepreneurial mindset would lead to more action being taken to resolve the issues that haunt us, and would act as the catalyst for various movements that will make us stronger as a society. Assertive action, which is what entrepreneurship embodies, is the creator of opportunity, and increasing the number of leaders who pride themselves on taking assertive action would lead to a significant increase in opportunities for all.

What do others need to know about Babson?

Even with all the sites that have Babson ranked as No. 1 in various categories, I still view Babson as the most underrated college in the country. There are no words to describe the various opportunities that are available to students or Babson entrepreneurs just for being associated with Babson. The alumni base is as active and helpful as one can imagine, and it truly feels like a family because of how responsive and willing to help everyone is.