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Daniel Zolnierz

Daniel Zolnierz ’05, MBA’11

Manager, Strategy/Life Sciences, Deloitte Consulting

"As countries search for new sources of growth, entrepreneurs will lead the way."
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Words That Changed My Life

“Entrepreneurs prefer measured steps. They don’t like risk. They accept it as part of the game and are adept at reducing it.” — Babson College President Leonard A. Schlesinger, Action Trumps Everything

What the World Needs From Entrepreneurs Today

Innovative solutions for today’s environmental, social, and political challenges that take into account the impact on future generations.

What You Need to Know About Babson

Babson is the place where the collaboration of great minds develops even greater ideas.

How I Define Entrepreneurship

When a new perspective is applied to a previously unsolved challenge, the results are innovation and progress.​​​​​​