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Nan S. Langowitz 


Nan S. Langowitz

Academic Position/Area of Scholarship

Professor of Management, and Chair, Management Division

Area of Scholarship

Leadership and Talent Development, Women’s Leadership, Organizational Innovation

Why I Teach

I teach about entrepreneurial leadership to help my students develop themselves and work more effectively with others, to drive innovation and change, and to create more productive organizations.

Words That Changed My Life

“You are not required to complete the work, but neither are you free to desist from it.” — Pirkei Avot, 2:21

What the World Needs from Business Today

Job creation to drive economic and social growth and well-being.

What You Need to Know about Babson

It’s a remarkable place to be part of: great learning, great people, high energy, and collaborative spirit.

My Proudest Professional Moment

Receiving the Dean’s Teaching Award in the Graduate School in 2009.

My Personal Mantra

The best leaders are learners.

How I Define Entrepreneurship

The ability to mobilize people and resources to make great new things happen.

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