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Get Involved

“I first engaged in Babson’s coaching process at the recommendation of several friends who were already engaged in CLTP. They emphasized the sense of fulfillment in working with Babson students as well as networking with other professional coaching colleagues. I enjoyed my first round with CLTP and the addition of the MTYOO program to my repertoire was an easy thing to do. It is a fun experience to show up on the Babson campus every few months and engage for a few hours with such motivated and excited students.”

—Larry Childs

When you or your organization partners with Babson, you’re connecting with some of the best undergraduate and graduate students and forging connections with future and current industry leaders, all while making a difference in the lives of people around the world.


Collaborative Sponsorship Opportunities — Support real-world educational experiences for our students, while amplifying your brand reputation and recognition among Babson students and alumni, conference attendees, and Babson partners around the world.

100s of sponsorship opportunities include:

Support Global Change — Partner with Babson to support and collaborate on innovative programming. Opportunities include providing financial aid to young students, building a more sustainable food system, or educating children living in public housing, to name a few.


By paying your professional knowledge forward, you’re giving students the experience they need to develop into successful leaders—the ones you want on your team and adding value to your organization.

Mock Interview Program — Provide immediate, direct feedback to students on interviewing skills and style.

Professional Network (Pro-Net) — Share your expertise with students by becoming a Pro-Net member today. Pro-Net connects current Babson students to industry professionals who can provide guidance and insight into their career development process.

Résumé Critique Night — Preview talent by sharing your expertise with students and critiquing their résumé.

Coaching for Leadership and Teamwork (undergraduate) — Provide constructive developmental feedback to students early in their careers. You’ll receive a full day of professional-level coaching training and network with other coaches.

Development Learning Partners (graduate) — Help full-time MBA students explore options and put their drafted development plans to the test with your expert insight and feedback.

Recruiter Panels (graduate) — Participate in a Q&A sessions with students to offer inside information on how to get their applications noticed by recruiters.

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