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Recruiting Our Students

The hard and soft skills you need (and want).

Babson students learn by doing. When they graduate, they have real-world experience that gives them both the analytical mindset, as well as the collaborative, team-player approach they need to make a difference in your organization from day one. Our partner organizations across all industries recognize the value of having students who are motivated, passionate, and action-oriented, and benefit from Babson graduates’ ability to think analytically, creatively, and ethically.

A Campus Reflecting Business Reality

Babson is committed to providing students with the opportunity to learn, engage, and experience business challenges in preparing them to make contributions to an organization when they graduate. We have integrated real-world experiences through experiential learning courses and programs for more than 30 years which is a win-win for students and partner organizations. The students can roll up their sleeves with an actual business challenge, and the organization gets a behind-the-scenes look at Babson talent, enhancing the recruiting process for interns and full-time employees. We also acknowledge that the business environment continues to shift and requires a constant evolution of our offerings. To ensure our students continue to be not only well-suited but a step ahead, we recently launched both a new concentration in business analytics, as well as a Master of Science in Management (MSM) in Entrepreneurial Leadership.

Overall, the Babson experience, both in and out of the classroom, shapes our students’ perspective and allows them to adapt to new environments effectively, work collaboratively, and interact successfully with diverse groups.

Finding the Perfect Fit, Made Easy

Career Connections – Post job and internship opportunities.

On-Campus Interviews – Let us schedule your first rounds, then use our interview suites to meet our students, or interact via Skype with those studying abroad.

Career Expo (undergraduate) – Showcase your company and the various career paths available to students while building your brand recognition around campus.

Internship Fair (undergraduate) – Meet and build a pipeline of intern talent, early in the recruiting process.

Summer Interview Day (undergraduate) – Didn’t get around to recruiting during the fall? Fill your immediate hiring needs in early summer with on-campus interviews.

MBA Tuesdays (graduate) – Preview top graduate talent in an informal setting.

Industry Roundtable Networking Events (graduate) – Share industry insight and career development tips to a hand-selected, focused group of students.

Contact Us

Get started matching Babson talent with your business needs. We’ll partner with you to create a comprehensive plan to recruit our opportunity-driven students.

Undergraduate Center for Career Development

Graduate Center for Career Development

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 Post an Opportunity

Visit our Career Connections website to submit a job posting or internship opportunity. 
Trang Connelly

Trang Connelly, Talent Acquisition Specialist,
The TJX Companies Inc.

Babson students have it all: a business mindset, strong communication and personal skills, the ability to quickly acclimate and articulate with impact, flexibility, and they understand the global business environment we work in.

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