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Why Babson?

Entrepreneurship: Redefined.

Entrepreneurship is often associated with startups, venture capital, and business incubators. But, as you already know, the ability to continuously take action and experiment, combined with the foundation of strong business acumen and analysis, is what makes a company of any type or size in any industry successful.

The good news is we don’t believe entrepreneurial leaders are individuals who are born with this set of characteristics. You can learn to act and think entrepreneurially to create the future you want.

And, you can only learn it at Babson.

Cross-Disciplinary Programs

As the No. 1 leader in entrepreneurship for 20 consecutive years, Babson is globally recognized for our one-of-a-kind Entrepreneurial Thought and Action® methodology that teaches undergraduates, graduates, and executives to balance a deep understanding of functional business knowledge with action and experimentation. And, our diversity and breadth of opportunity allows you to see the world with a global perspective.

Learn by Doing

All of our programs take an action-learning approach. This allows our graduates and executives to solve challenges analytically and creatively in any organization across industries.

Graduates and executives who come out of Babson are able to:

  • Create value by combining core business disciplines with action and experimentation
  • Motivate teams for a common purpose with strong management skills
  • Navigate change by taking a holistic approach to solving business challenges
  • Take action in the face of ambiguity with analytical, creative, and ethical reasoning
  • Capitalize on opportunities that reflect the realities of the current economic and social environment

#1 in Entrepreneurship
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