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Concentration in Environmental Sustainability

Integrate sustainability into your degree.

The concentration is designed to appeal to students interested in environmental sustainability and social justice, including those students seeking careers within an environmental field. With this concentration, students will gain a broad understanding of and consideration for the importance of nature and the concept of environmental, economic, and social sustainability. Students will gain this understanding by taking courses spanning a number of different disciplines such as ecology, economics, engineering, entrepreneurship, film, law, literature, film, philosophy, and sociology. Students working in this concentration are challenged to recognize points of integration and points of tension between the needs of the planet and all its inhabitants and ecosystems, as well as the demands of business and economic growth.
If you are taking the Tri-Campus Sustainability Certificate, consider adding the Concentration as well.
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Vikki Rodgers (Math and Science)
Jon Dietrick (Arts and Humanities)
If you have questions about the concentration, visit Dr. Rodgers in her office in Kriebel 206.

Course Options

Two Science-Based Courses – Understanding Nature and Our Environmental Problems:
  • SCN 2410 Environmental Technology
  • SCN 3615 Animal Behavior
  • SCN 3630 Economic Botany
  • SCN 3620 Natural Disasters
  • SCN 3610 Meteorology
  • CXD 3662 Ecotourism, Biodiversity, and Conservation Policy in Costa Rica
  • ENGR 3210 Sustainable Design (Olin course)
One Humanities, Arts, History, or Society Course – Considering the Role of Nature in Our Society:
  • AMS 3605 Water in America
  • CVA 2457 Imagining Sustainability   
  • LVA 2430 Place and Landscape in American Literature
  • LAW 3616 The Role of Animals in Technology, Law, and Society
  • MDS 3615 Media, Culture and the Environment
  • PHL 3609 Nature, Technology, and Values
  • LIT 3663 Limit Cases: International Literature, Film, and Economic Human Rights
  • ES 214 Social Causes and Consequences of Environmental Problems (Wellesley course)
  • ES 299 United States Environmental History (Wellesley course)
  • PHIL 233 Environmental Ethics (Wellesley course)
Students may take either one additional course from the lists above or one of the following:
  • MOB 3522 Leading and Managing Sustainability  
  • EPS 4515 Affordable Design and Entrepreneurship 
  • EPS 4523 Environmental and Sustainable Entrepreneurship
  • EPS 4525 Living the Social Entrepreneurship Experience
  • EPS 4527 Social Entrepreneurship by Design
  • ECN 3675 Environmental Economics, Policy, and Analysis
  • ECN 3642 Arctic Economies
  • FIN 3535 Financing and Valuing Sustainability
Additional Courses Suggested, but Not Required (do not count as courses toward concentration):
  • SCN 1340 Biodiversity and the Environment (option for Foundation Science requirement)
  • AHF 1300 Out of Eden: Nature, Culture, Progress (option for Arts and & Humanities foundation requirement)
  • AHF 1300 Dwellings: Body, Home, and City (option for Arts and Humanities foundation requirement)
  • ART 1172 Introduction to Sculpture (nature-based art course)