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Sustainability in the Curriculum

The curriculum at Babson integrates core competencies, key business disciplines, and the liberal arts into foundation, intermediate, and advanced courses. Based on feedback from leading corporate executives, the curriculum ensures that students develop varied skills to adapt to an ever-changing business environment. Increasingly, this means integrating efficiency, resource management, and sustainability. This is very much in line with Babson’s strategic vision.

Three themes have been established to guide curriculum design for the next generation of Babson’s students, one of which is Social, Environmental, Economic Responsibility, and Sustainability (SEERS). Curriculum design also is guided by Babson’s commitment to adhere to the U.N. Principles of Responsible Management. This gives Babson an opportunity to integrate social, environmental, and economic sustainability into the fabric of our curriculum, supported by the Babson/Olin/Wellesley Sustainability Certificate Program.

We are excited to report that new courses are being offered each year related to sustainability, so please check the Registrar’s complete course inventory with each new semester to find any new offerings.

Undergraduate Courses

A listing of undergraduate courses that cover themes within sustainability.

AHF1300 Nature, Culture, Progress
AMS3605 Water in America
ANT3615 Anthropology of Food
CVA2401 Ethics
CVA2454 Introduction to Consumer Society
CVA2457 Imagining Sustainability
CXD3662 Biodiversity, Conservation Law and Ecotourism in Costa Rica
ECN3645 Business & Econ Policy in Devel Country
ECN3662 Political Economy of Latin American Development and Underdevelopment
ECN3670 Role of Government in a Market Economy
ECN3675 Environmental Econ-Policy and Analysis
ECN3677 Regional Economies: Prospects and Tensions in Latin America’s Southern Cone
EPS1210 The Ultimate Entrepreneurial Challenge
EPS3582 The Enlightened Entrepreneur: Changemakers, Inspired Protagonists, and Unreasonable People
EPS3583 The Enlightened Observer
EPS3584 Social Entrepreneurship by Design
EPS3591 Creating Entrepreneurial Culture Within Your Organization
EPS3630 Social Responsibility through Eco-Enterprise in Turkey
EPS4523 Environment and Sustainable EPS
EPS4525 Living the Social Entrepreneurship Experience
HIS3606 History and Culture of American Business
HIS3608 Social Responsibility in Malaysia
HIS3610 Moral Leadership in Countries and Companies
HIS3670 History of Capitalism
HSF1300 Crises in Community and Citizenship
HSF1300 Human Agency and Community in a Globalizing World
HSS2410 Contemporary Environmental Issues (POL)
LAW3616 The Role of Animals in Technology, Law and Society
LAW3672 Intolerance, Culture, and the Law
LAW3675 Innovation Law: A Critical Analysis
LIT3682 Interdisciplinary Approaches to Human Rights
LVA2430 Place and Landscape in American Lit
MOB3522 Business and the Environment
MOB3527 Solving Big Problems
MOB3581 Issues in Leadership and Ethics
MOB3582 Global Management Communications
PHL3609 Technology, Nature, and Values
PHL3615 Philosophical Problems of Economic Justice
SCN1330 Oceanography
SCN1340 Biodiversity and the Environment
SCN2410 Environmental Technology
SCN3610 Meteorology
SCN3615 Ecology of Animal Behavior
SCN3620 Natural Disasters
SCN3625 Ethical Issues in Research and Technology
SCN3630 Economic Botany
SCN3697 Global Warming, Business and Society
SOC3675 Inequality in Everyday Life

Graduate Courses

A list of graduate courses within the theme of sustainability.

EPS3527 Social Entrepreneurship By Design
EPS7511 Sustainable Entrepreneurship Inspired by Nature
EPS7513 Options For Creating Social and Economic Value
EPS7526 Entrepreneurship and Public Policy
EPS7532 The Principle of Objectivity
EPS7547 Women’s Entrepreneurship & Leadership
EPS7550 Social Entrepreneurship
EPS7566 Sustainable Entrepreneurship—The Norwegian Experience
EPS9503 Environmental Entrepreneurship
EPS9525 21st Century Entrepreneur
EPS9535 Creative Destruction and Technology: Bringing New Ideas to Market
FIN7517 Financing and Valuing Sustainability
MBA9506 Corporate Social Responsibility
MFE7500-07 Green Management Consulting Field Experience
MFE7500-09 New Sector Group 2
MKT7545 Green Marketing
MOB7580-01 Independent Study in Green Energy
MOB7120 Negotiations
MOB7527 Tanzania: Business and Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa
MOB9525 Strategies for Innovation and Growth
MOB9545 Leading & Managing Change
  Ethics and Social Responsibility
  Creative Management in Dynamic Organizations
  Creativity Program
  Technology and Operations Management
  Organizational Design & Process
  Designing Marketing Systems