Bafoonery Video

Putting together a video for Buffoonery isn’t easy. Consider Syllabus, which stars Two-Year MBA students Aviva Muse-Orlinoff and Charlotte Birkner.

Babson Magazine asked Muse-Orlinoff about Syllabus’ offbeat inspiration and all the work that went into making the video.

Q-With you wearing a calculator headband and Charlotte sporting a computer cord on her head, you both take Lady Gaga’s eccentric sense of style to heart in the video. How big of an inspiration was she?

A-We spent much of the fall semester watching Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance video, and we are both huge fans of her aesthetic sensibility, like her cigarette and razor-blade sunglasses. As soon as I got the idea for this song, I called Charlotte and said, “We have to do this, and we have to make dresses out of The Wall Street Journal.” The great thing about Lady Gaga is that there’s no dearth of inspiration, and we already have ideas for next year’s video.

Q-How long did it take to make the video?

A-It was a lot of work, but we work well together, so it was really fun. We spent about a week sending lyrics back and forth. It took about a day to do preproduction—i.e., wandering Jo-Ann Fabric late Saturday night, then creating Wall Street Journal iron-on appliques and hats. Jo-Ann Fabric, by the way, is the most depressing place you could possibly be on Saturday night.

We did several takes of each shot and filmed for a total of about eight hours for one hour of footage. Charlotte produced the vocals, which we recorded on GarageBand. Editing the vocals, karaoke track, and best takes took about eight hours.

My boyfriend, Ari Manin, is a filmmaker, so we directed and edited it together. Charlotte got Sahil Jain [MBA ’10], the tutor for finance and strategy, to graciously make a cameo. Other than that, it was just two ladies with an idea.

Q-Anything else you would like to add about your Buffoonery experience?

A-Buffoonery really captures what’s great about Babson’s MBA. You take whatever resources you have available to you to create something your audience will love. What’s more entrepreneurial than that?