Babson in the Community 2013

A Committment to Our Community

Alumni Creating Local Value »

Area businesses founded by Babson graduates are fueling the local economy and giving back to the community.



Financial Impact »

Babson makes a significant financial impact on local communities, and is committed to partnering with community members and organizations throughout the year to create sustainable economic and social value.


Making a Difference Locally »

Babson students, faculty, and staff donate thousands of hours each year, volunteering at local and national organizations.



Collaborating with Our Community »

At Babson, we think collaboration across disciplines is the way to generate creative solutions to challenging issues. Through partnerships with local organizations, we’re able to have a positive impact in more corners of the community.


Connecting Our Community with the World »

Beyond our town borders, Babson and members of our community are sharing our ideas and partnering our talents with people and places around the world.

Public Safety Certification

Community Safety

The Babson Public Safety Department received certification from the Massachusetts Police Accreditation Commission, the same certification achieved by the Wellesley Police Department. This training gives Babson Public Safety Officers the same abilities as local or state police on campus, as well as in Needham and Wellesley, allowing them to provide the community with further security support.


Going Green »

Babson continues to take steps toward sustainability, with several initiatives during the 2012–2013 fiscal year.