New Residence Hall

We’re excited to share with you our plans for completing the Park Manor Quad at Babson College. Upon the completion of the final residence hall in the quad, we’ll have a centralized space for undergraduate students, affording them more opportunities for spontaneous interaction and collaboration in the heart of our campus. Its location among our other residence halls and academic buildings will strengthen the tight-knit Babson community.

The new Park Manor West residence hall will transform the residential living experience on campus. This new building, located between the Park Manor residence halls on one side and Luksic Hall and the Blank Center for Entrepreneurship on the other side, will provide students with a dynamic new living and learning environment in the heart of Babson’s campus.


Importantly, the new residence hall will shape two attractive landscaped outdoor spaces for the Babson community:

  • To the east, it will form a First-Year Quad with the Park Manor buildings. This residential quad will include a terrace at the north entrance to the building. This terrace will front a large lawn with clusters of trees that frame the space but allow for informal student recreation.
  • To the west, the building will shape a new academic quad (called the Tomasso Quad) with Tomasso Hall, Luksic Hall, and the Blank Center. This signature landscape space will feature tree plantings and a series of stepped benches that will face a new plaza in front of Tomasso Hall. This open space will create an outdoor amphitheater for many campus activities.

In the first phase of redevelopment, post construction, more than 30 new trees will be planted to help complete the landscape design envisioned for the outdoor areas described above. Ranging from 15 to 20 feet in height, with trunk diameters of 3.5 to 5 inches or more, the new plantings will include a variety of deciduous trees including oak, maple, and birch. These plantings are in addition to the 74 new trees Babson has planted in recent years as part of the College’s ongoing efforts to beautify the campus. In fact, through these plantings, Babson has converted nearly three acres of turf to new forested space. Each year, the College dedicates significant funds for landscape improvements and additional tree plantings. These annual efforts will continue to supplement the plantings and landscape work tied to the First-Year Residence Hall project.

Through its location and combination of living, learning, and outdoor spaces, the First-Year Residence Hall will become the crossroads of the academic and residential experiences on campus. This building is the first phase of the campus master plan and brings the first of many future improvements and significant new tree plantings to Babson’s core campus.

Facts and Figures

  • Enrollment will stay at current levels. The student population will not increase with this new construction. The new residence hall will allow us to repurpose an older residence hall as administrative offices, and to move departments to more energy-efficient buildings. Other rooms on campus that have been used for housing (such as lounges) will be converted back to their original uses.
  • Traffic will remain the same. The new residence hall will not generate new cars on the road. There is a chance that traffic will decrease, particularly at the peak morning and afternoon hours, as fewer students will commute to campus. As always, no off-campus parking is permitted—including any construction vehicles.
  • Residence hall will be located in the center of campus. The residence hall will complete the Park Manor Quad, allowing undergraduate students easier collaboration in one, centralized location. Located between other residence halls and academic buildings, the new construction does not border off-campus residences.
  • Design will reflect current campus aesthetic. World-renowned architects Sasaki Associates have maintained the integrity of the campus in their plans.
  • Landscaping. The Master Plan recommends a comprehensive landscape strategy that complements the existing wooded character, provides areas for respite and gathering, and supports the visual identity of the College.
  • Residence hall will be the same height as existing buildings. Using primarily brick, glass, and metal, the new building will blend into the current campus style.
  • New building will be energy efficient. We are designing the residence hall to obtain a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver rating as part of our goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050.
  • Construction will be streamlined. An October 2013 to December 2014 schedule is planned by Cutler Associates for construction on campus.
  • New features to campus. Indoor bike parking, rooftop solar panels, and bioswale planting for stormwater management are a few of the innovative features the new building will bring to campus.

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