Adam Melonas

Senior Fellow at Food Sol

​​​“Good cooking is about small details done to perfection.” – Adam Melonas

Adam Melonas is a seasoned veteran of the culinary world. Over the last twenty years, he has pushed the limits of experimental and progressive cuisine with restaurants in five countries. Presently, he setting his sights on the consumer packaged goods industry.

Armed with an eclectic background in food and culture, Adam left his native Australia at the young age of 19 to become Executive Chef at Otto’s—a fine dining restaurant in London. From there, he went on to be Chef De Cuisine at the Shangri la Hotel in Dubai, Head Chef of Jade on 36 in Shanghai, Chef De Cuisine of Burj Al Arab in Dubai, and Culinary Director of the Lab at La Terraza del Casino (El Bulli Group) in Madrid.

Adam has developed, manufactured and launched 47 products across many international markets. He was Chief Innovation Officer and co-founder of Unreal Brands (Unjunked Candy) and developed many different product categories for The Australian Chia Co. Adam has also formulated and manufactured concepts for IKEA.

In 2013, Adam founded Chew, a food innovation lab that redefines what is possible in the world of packaged food by creating game-changing products that are not only delicious, but also nutritious and sustainable. Adam has scoured the world of food for talented and passionate food scientists and chefs to join his team. Two years later, the Chew team is now approaching 30 members in two separate locations in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Adam and his team bring the chef mentality to the start-up culture. Their passion for giving people better options in the food market has not only inspired their innovation labs, but also some of the world’s leading food companies.

[Chew partners with companies of all sizes to turn an inkling of an idea into something unbelievable in a matter of days or weeks. In order to create lasting and meaningful change, industry experts and Chew believe that delicious and nutritious are no longer mutually exclusive notions.]