Gerald Porter

  • Adjunct Lecturer
Academic Division: Finance


Jerry Porter is a 35 year veteran of the financial services industry, most recently with Fidelity Investments where he served in many roles during his 19 year career. He spent years as an institutional block trader, manager, trainer and most recently as a spokesperson representing a variety of Fidelity Investments operating companies. He has many years of coaching senior leaders in the nuances of the financial services industry in general and Fidelity Investments in particular. Jerry has extensive experience in public speaking and he routinely speaks to 1,000s each year on capital markets related topics, current economic issues and institutional trading.

When not lecturing on the financial services industry, Jerry teaching Economics full time at Northeastern University and trades options for his own accounts.

Each year Jerry competes in triathlons and other endurance sports and has a long range goal of setting a Guinness World Record.

Academic Degrees

  • MBA, Babson College
  • BS, University of Cincinnati

Academic Interests

Financial Service Industry, Finance, Economics