Reza Morakabati

  • Adjunct Lecturer
Academic Division: TOIM


Reza Morakabati has 20+ years of experience in high-tech industry with expertise in business operations. He is currently working at Puppet, a leader in software delivery automation, helping Puppet scale and grow its core business practices globally. Reza's expertise covers sales and professional services operations, IT operations, and cross-organizational collaboration on company-wide operations initiatives and execution.

Prior to Puppet, Reza was the Chief of Staff to Pivotal, where he was responsible for setting up IT strategy, aligning IT budget and investments with strategy, providing program management support for critical projects, and creating structure for consistent prioritization of initiatives.

Reza Morakabati was also the Founder of Quanta Management LLC (Oct 2012). Quanta Management specialized in helping small to mid-sized companies, in particular those seeking higher growth or new funding, with streamlining and growing their sales and services operations capabilities.

Reza worked at EMC for 10 years (2002-2012) in senior and executive level sales, services, and IT operations roles, covering areas that included organizational design and development, professional services quality measurement, business planning and analytics, reporting, and leveraging technology and IT trends. He worked on a variety of operations re-engineering, simplification, and scalability programs while the company made its journey from under $6B in annual revenues to over $20B. Reza was also responsible for Sales and Professional Services compensation plans for EMC’s main Storage unit at various intervals. This included strategy setup and design, scalable compensation execution, and analytics.

Academic Degrees

  • MBA, MIT School of Management
  • MS, Boston University
  • BS, Boston University


  • Degree Courses 2018