Learning Goals

Knowing and understanding everything you possibly can about business isn’t enough, at least not for a Babson graduate.

In talking with business leaders around the world, we found that they considered certain abilities vital for the success of their employees. We have incorporated these abilities into our curriculum, and, as you progress through the Foundation, Intermediate, and Advanced levels, you will continually refine these skills.

Babson embraces the principle that students learn and develop through their experiences across their undergraduate years, both in the classroom and throughout the community. This learning outcomes approach is focused on developing specific skills and abilities that will prepare students for their professional lives; equally important, it aims to challenge and influence students’ personal growth, understanding of themselves and their responsibility to the community, and appreciation for diverse and divergent viewpoints. Through this approach Babson strives to create a learning and living environment that encourages students to become mature and well-grounded individuals and successful leaders in both business and the community.

Rhetoric – You can explore, reflect, analyze, and communicate critically and effectively.

Quantitative and Information Analysis – You have the analytic and technological skills needed to solve quantitative problems and effectively communicate their conclusions.

Entrepreneurial Thinking and Acting – You can create, identify, assess, shape, and act on opportunities in a variety of contexts and organizations.

Global and Multicultural Perspectives – You understand complex cultural contexts, and welcome and adapt to social, cultural, and intellectual diversity.

Ethics and SEERS (Social, Environmental, and Economic Responsibility and Sustainability) – You make ethical decisions based on an awareness of relevant stakeholders to simultaneously  create  sustainable social, environmental, and economic value.

​Leadership and Teamwork – You understand your own sense of purpose and identity and are adept at leading and functioning effectively in teams.

Critical and Integrative Thinking – You can objectively analyze and critically evaluate issues and use a holistic approach to decision making.