Babson’s founder, Roger Babson, believed in creating a radically different approach to business education. His vision was of an educational environment that blended real with ideal to produce better businessmen and women who feel inspired to “live and help live” by dedicating their lives to the ideal of service to others.

In support of Babson’s commitment to socially responsible and civically engaged individuals, Graduate Admissions is offering a Social Impact-based Application Fee Waiver and guaranteed interview for admissions. This is an opportunity for candidates interested in a Full-Time MBA program to innovatively repurpose their $100 application fee toward making a personal impact on their local community through active engagement. The expectation is that candidates will play a role in giving back to their community in an innovative way, beyond making a monetary donation to an organization.

​To be approved for an application fee waiver and admissions interview:

Candidates must submit a video of their experience. 2018 Deadlines TBD.

  • Video should include a self-introduction and overview of your contribution to your community
  • Video should not exceed two minutes in length
  • Video should be in English
  • Please email a link to the site hosting your video, plus your full name and the program (One-Year or Two-Year) to which you will apply, to Graduate Admissions for review.

Should you be approved for an application fee waiver and interview, the Graduate Admissions office will notify you. Admissions applications must not be submitted before receiving application fee waiver approval from Graduate Admissions.