Most Babson undergraduate students live on-campus. Graduate students have access to limited graduate student housing at Woodland Hill. Students who choose to live on-campus have an instant network of peers with whom to organize social events. Graduate housing options in Woodland Hill, a section of campus (about a 5-minute walk from Olin Hall) include studio/efficiency, one bedroom, 1.5 bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments. All have high-speed internet connections. The buildings surround a large grass field with barbeques and picnic tables.

If you are interested in living in an on-campus apartment, contact the Housing Office at 781-239-4438. Spaces are limited—apply early.

Useful Vocabulary

  • Dorm: Dormitory; often called a residence hall
  • R.A.: Resident Assistant; a student who is responsible for the supervision of an area of a dormitory.
  • R.D.: Resident Director; a professional staff member who is responsible for the supervision of an entire dormitory or multiple dormitories. At Babson, they are called Area Directors.


This is a compilation of resources that you can use to locate various types of off-campus housing. Please use this as a starting point for your search.

Temporary Housing

For a list of local hotels in the area please refer to the Temporary Accommodations section.

Short-Term Rentals

Long-Term Housing

Homestay Programs

  • Boston Homestay, Inc. 48 Taylor St., Needham 781-449-9733
    Caters to individuals seeking a home away from home for a period of several weeks to several months.
  • Global Immersions, P.O. Box 71, Watertown, 617-484-4055
    Offers home-based housing solutions for all lengths of stay (with a one week minimum stay).

Apartment Complexes

Babson is located in the quiet suburb of Wellesley, about 12 miles from downtown Boston. Most apartments are listed through realtors, which usually charge a fee of one month‘s rent due when signing the lease. However, in recent years the rental market in Boston has decreased, which is good news for renters. This has led some realtors to rent without fees. Always negotiate on fees – often realtors will waive them.

Popular Off-Campus Areas Include:

Drive to campus: 20 – 25 minutes Drive to Boston: 10 minutes Average rent: $1000-2000 Year-round on-street parking allowed without permit

Back Bay (near Copley Square in downtown Boston)
Drive to campus: 30-35 minutes Average rent: $1400-2000 (not unusual for rents to exceed $2000) On-street permit parking available but difficult to find parking availability

Beacon Hill (adjacent to Boston Common)
Drive to campus: 30-35 minutes Average rent: $1200-2000 Great restaurants, boutiques, and antique shops On-street parking allowed with a permit but very difficult to find Off-street parking is available for a fee

Drive to campus: 20-25 minutes Drive to Boston: 5-10 minutes Average rent: $1000-1900 Overnight parking on the street is prohibited Off-street parking is available for a fee Numerous restaurants (Kosher, Chinese, Thai, Middle Eastern, American, Indian, Italian, French-Cambodian, etc.) and stores within walking distance

Cambridge (Harvard Square, Porter Square & Central Square)
Drive to campus: 35-40 minutes Average rent: $1100-1800 Parking is more difficult the closer you get to the Squares On-street parking is allowed with a permit

Drive to campus: 20-40 minutes Average rent: $1000-1600 On-street and off-street parking is free in most areas

Drive to campus: 10-15 minutes Average rent: $1000-1600 Free on-street and off-street parking

Drive to campus: 5-10 minutes Average rent: $1000-1600 Free on-street and off-street parking

Drive to campus: 10-15 minutes Average rent: $1100-1600 No on-street parking November 1st through April 30th

Local Apartment Buildings

Below are just a few local apartment buildings in the area.

  • Linden Square Townhomes, 11 Oak Street, Wellesley 866-503-6042
  • Arborpoint at Woodland Station, 1940 Washington Street, Newton 617-969-1200
  • The Ridge, 55 Ridge Lane, Waltham 781-894-6042
  • Kendall Crossing Apartments, 20 Woodbine Road, Natick 508-655-5710
  • Natick Village Apartments, 17 Village Way, Natick 508-651-2728
  • Lakeview Gardens, 8 Lakeview Gardens, Natick 508-653-0088
  • Natick Green, 7 Silver Hill Lane, Natick 508-655-5800
  • Beaver Gardens, 75 2nd Street, Framingham 508-872-6393

Housing Resources

A useful website for information about housing is provided by the City of Boston. The site includes a list of the Top 10 Things Students Should Know Before Renting. Please review this before you enter into a lease agreement!

Babson‘s internal electronic classified ads. (This option is only available with a Babson Portal username and password.)

Babson Office of Campus Life, 781-239-4472 Offers limited assistance with local housing options.

Hint: Most leases start on September 1st and with over 65 colleges in the Boston area, rooms and apartments tend to go quickly. Plan ahead and look early!

Useful Vocabulary and Abbreviations

  • to sublet: to rent from another renter, not the owner; some leases prohibit this practice.
  • landlord: owner of a rental property
  • studio apartment: one room (combined bedroom and living room) with a small kitchen at one end, plus separate bathroom; also called an ―efficiency apartment.
  • one- (two– or three-) bedroom apartment: apartment with separate living room, bathroom, kitchen, and 1, 2, or 3 bedrooms.
  • LR living room
  • BR Bedroom
  • K kitchen
  • GAR garage
  • WD clothes washer & dryer
  • DD dishwasher and disposal
  • pkg parking
  • HW hardwood floors
  • FP fireplace
  • Elev elevator
  • EIK eat-in kitchen
  • CAC central air conditioning

Real Estate Agents

U.S. Electrical Outlets

United States standard voltage is 110/120 volts, 60 cycles AC. Before using any appliances from your home country, check the voltage ratings marked on them. If they are designed for the European electrical system (220 volts), you may need a transformer and plug adapter (available at most electronic stores) so you can plug the appliance into the U.S. outlet. It is recommended that you purchase any small appliances you may need once you arrive in the United States (i.e.: hair dryers).

Electrical appliances sold in the U.S. come with a cord and 2- or 3-prong plug attached (see Figure 1). In some cases (including most new lamps), one of the two prongs is slightly larger than the other. This polarized plug ensures that you put the plug into the outlet in the correct position. If you have trouble plugging something into a 2-prong outlet, try turning the plug upside down. Some appliances have a third prong on the plug, which makes a separate connection to ground and keeps you from getting a shock.




Internet, Telephone & Cable

  • AT&T Broadband (VOIP, Internet, wireless) 1-800-222-0300
  • Verizon (phone, internet, TV) 1-800-870-9999
  • Comcast (high speed Internet and digital cable) 781-416-0100
  • RCN (telephone, cable TV and high speed Internet) 1-800-746-4726