U.S. Tax Information for International Students

This following guidelines are for informational purposes only and should not be considered financial or legal advice. Please consult your own tax or financial advisor with any specific questions.

The  Tax Filing Deadline for the previous year is always April 15th of the current year.   It is every student's responsibility to understand and comply with U.S. tax regulations in a timely manner.  Glavin Office staff CANNOT advise you on tax issues but we have made some tax resources available on this page.


Each year Babson College purchases GLACIER Tax Prep (GTP) a non-immigrant tax software (pdf). During the filing season (approximately February through April) Glavin Office will email current students and those who completed their program the year prior with instructions for accessing GTP.  New users must first create an account. Returning users should be able to use their previous user ID and password.


If you earned income in the U.S. you must complete a federal and state tax return for that year.  Learn more about U.S. taxes (pdf) »


Even if you did not earn income in the U.S. you must report days of presence in the U.S. on Form 8843 each year. Learn more (pdf) »


During the filing season submit ALL TAX QUESTIONS through the GTP HELP LINK at the top of any screen. Questions will generally be answered within a few hours but no later than 24 hours.

Reminders from Glacier Tax Prep (GTP)

  1. File ASAP. The longer you wait, the slower the response from the Support Center.

  2. Finish the records you start in GTP.

  3. DON’T FORGET to print, review, sign and MAIL your tax return to the IRS. You cannot file electronically.  Keep a copy for your records.

  4. If you do not receive your tax return within 12 weeks, follow steps on the GTP Instruction Sheet (attached) to inquire about your case.

  5. IRS will NEVER CONTACT YOU VIA EMAIL. NEVER include your SSN/ITIN/or other personally identifying information in an email.  GTP will never ask for your SSN/ITIN.  If someone asks for it, it is probably a scam.  Please report any suspicious emails to Glavin Office.

  6. If you receive a letter from the IRS, contact the GTP Support Center immediately for assistance.  Never ignore a letter from the IRS.

Note: If you prefer not to use GTP, you may wish to contact a non-immigrant tax specialist (pdf) »​


Preparing a state tax return is a separate step AFTER you file your federal tax return. Glacier Tax Prep is only for filing your federal tax return. For help with your state income tax return, call the Massachusetts Department of Revenue at 617-887-6367 or visit www.mass.gov/dor.

To assist with your state tax preparation, Babson has facilitated access to SPRINTAX​ and negotiated a $3 discount if you enter code BC2014S3 at the end of the process.  When filing your state taxes through Sprintax, be prepared to upload a copy of your completed federal tax return.