Sanjay Zimmermann ’15


Sanjay Zimmerman ’15 / Montreal, Quebec

“Last summer, I took a two-month trip across India to create an entrepreneurship documentary. With the help of the Alumni and Friends Network, I got in touch with nine Babson alumni living in India. That’s when I truly understood the power of Babson’s global network; those alumni offered to host me, show me around, and get me in touch with other entrepreneurs.

“I ended up interviewing more than 50 entrepreneurs for my film. For me, entrepreneurship is simple: It’s taking the path less traveled or carving your own path to success.

“I saw so many opportunities in India, and I can’t wait to put my entrepreneurial skills to the test by launching a new venture there. A lot of amazing things are going on abroad and we can learn so much from them. Traveling expands my thoughts, values, and cultural and business knowledge.

“Since I’ve been back, I’ve been constantly asking myself, ‘What drives you?’ It helps me focus on doing things that I’m really passionate about. Being a Weissman Scholar gives me this freedom to explore my passions. When I had the idea to create the documentary, I realized students needed a place to access creative tools and resources; that didn’t really exist at Babson.


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Media and Design Studio

“Fast-forward a couple months later: We had the grand opening of the Media and Design (MAD) Studio where you can rent cameras and computers, or get help with anything from script writing to Web development. When you hear people say, ‘You can Define You at Babson!’, they’re really not kidding; the support from Babson faculty and staff is incredible. I’m even using the studio to edit footage from my own documentary.

“While I had more of a finance/business mind coming into Babson, liberal arts classes have helped me think from new perspectives; I enjoy trying to make links between philosophy and business. I also love how deep diversity is ingrained within Babson. At this point, it would feel really strange if there weren’t students from many countries in my classes. I’ve learned that anything is possible when the right people surround you.”

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