January G.A.P. Enrollment

Grow. Achieve. Prepare.

The January G.A.P. (Grow. Achieve. Prepare.) enrollment option allows students to explore and pursue their passions by participating in a "gap semester" in the fall, while still allowing them to stay on track to complete their college degrees in four years.

In addition to the 480 students that Babson enrolls each fall, Babson also enrolls 40 first-year students who begin their studies in January as part of the G.A.P. cohort. These students have the same academic experience as those who enter in September, including a special section of Babson’s signature course Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship (FME) which starts in the spring semester. These 40 first-year students continue FME and their other coursework through Summer Session. By August of the same calendar year, they will have completed their first year of studies and begin their sophomore year in September with the rest of their classmates.

During their "gap semester," these 40 students are free to explore a number of opportunities as part of their G.A.P. experience. These may include foreign travel, volunteer work, internship employment, enrollment in courses at a local college, or a variety of other options. This additional time allows them to pursue their passions in an unrestricted way.

As a service to these students, Babson provides a listing of suggested January Enrollment G.A.P. options (pdf) that align with Babson’s core values and mission. The costs of each program vary and admission to some of the programs is selective and not guaranteed. Students should contact the individual programs or consultants directly for pricing and instructions on the application process. While these options are not Babson programs nor are they affiliated with the College, we will provide counseling on how each program impacts your transition to Babson for enrollment in January. International students also should consult with Babson prior to selecting a G.A.P. semester program to ensure that the program can support a student’s immigration status.

Students who are interested in being considered for January G.A.P. enrollment at the time of admission should highlight this in their applications to Babson. We will consider requests for G.A.P. enrollment in all of our admission rounds: Early Decision, Early Action, and Regular Decision.

View the videos below to hear from past January G.A.P. students about their experience.​​​​​​