Can I Make It Happen?

Serving Communities Using Entrepreneurial Skills

Marissa Ferber ’09 / Scottsdale, Arizona

“Babson is what you make of it. The opportunities are endless if you have the motivation and interest in going after them. It’s truly entrepreneurial, so if you have a new idea for a program or a club or an activity, they’re very receptive and supportive.

“Babson gave me the skills I needed to be successful, and the opportunities to define my own future.”

“I went to a large high school and it was challenging to make things happen because there were so many students. Here, in a small and close-knit school, there are opportunities for everyone to get involved.

“I always wanted to be a teacher but there are so many children who go to school from homes or shelters where they simply don’t have the essentials of life, whether it’s adequate clothes and shoes, or books or even toys to help them build empathy and grow their imaginations. As manager of volunteer relations at Cradles to Crayons, a nonprofit that collects and distributes a wide range of items to families in need, I’m helping kids get what they need so they can focus on learning when they’re in the classroom.

Marissa in Spring 2009

Anyone can volunteer and I volunteered for many different organizations before, during, and after my time at Babson. In fact, one summer while I was at Babson, I worked for Habitat for Humanity in New Orleans. But to manage 24,000 volunteers over the course of a year in addition to staff, that’s where I needed my Babson degree. My concentration was in Leadership, and I took advantage of every course and every opportunity to test my mettle.

Be the Change

“When I was a senior, one of my mentors at Babson saw my passion for helping the underprivileged and brought me to a conference. After that, he asked me if I wanted to create a forum at Babson on social responsibility and entrepreneurship; we named it Be the Change. It was a huge effort but I was excited for the opportunity. I was given a budget, and the conference drew people from 19 different colleges over a weekend in spring 2009.

“I didn’t come to Babson because I wanted to create or run businesses. I came because I wanted to manage people to do important things, and I wanted to know how to make important decisions. Babson gave me the skills I needed to be successful, and the opportunities to define my own future.”

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