​​​​​​​​​​​James Jackson ’18

Gaining Insight by Getting Involved

James Jackson ’18 / Staten Island, New York

“I’ve always aimed high. When I was a kid, I wanted to be president, and my professional goals now include starting my own business and becoming the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Being a Babson student is helping me pursue those ambitions, and a big reason for that is the diversity and connections I’ve found here.

“I enjoy Babson’s diverse community because it facilitates interactions that lead to new perspec­tives ​and ideas.”

“When I was applying, Babson’s diversity was important because I wanted to be around students from around the world who could share their unique experiences with me. I’ve already learned so much about life in other countries, but I’ve discovered that, even though another student might be from halfway around the world, you can share many of the same interests and aspirations. Also, I enjoy Babson’s diverse community because it facilitates interactions that lead to new perspectives and ideas.

“A favorite saying of mine is: ‘For every level, there is another devil.’ So, as excited as I was to pursue the amazing opportunities Babson offers, the transition to college wasn’t easy. However, I found guidance and support through my involvement in Delta Sigma Pi, Babson’s business fraternity, and Delta Tau Delta. For example, my brothers in Delta Sigma Pi have helped me pick classes and professors that fit best with my career interests, and I met an asset management professional through Delta Tau Delta that gave me valuable insights into the industry.

“The organizations and class groups I’ve been involved in have taught me to be a better team player. Before I came to Babson, I disliked working in groups, but the first day I stepped foot on campus I was thrown into a group for Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship (FME), and, ever since then, I have been in many groups for my classes. Now, I actually enjoy being in team settings and understand how important collaboration is when you are in a leadership position.

“All of this wouldn’t be possible without my Posse scholarship​​​, which is why a goal of mine is to set up my own scholarship fund to allow students from troubled neighborhoods to attend colleges like Babson. I believe all students should have the opportunity to pursue an amazing education like I’m getting here without having to borrow many thousands of dollars to do so. It’s reassuring to know that I can meet so many phenomenal people and look forward to an exciting future without worrying about paying off many loans like my peers back home.”

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