Bradley Darling ’18

Approaching My Experiences from New Angles

Bradley Darling ’18 / Stamford, Connecticut

“On my high school graduation cap was a message from an old Apple ad: “What if ‘what if’ isn’t enough?” It might sound a little corny, but I think it’s a very Babson quote because it speaks to the importance of action. Entrepreneurship is all about making an impact on the world, and Babson’s reputation for entrepreneurship was what brought me here.

“Although I don’t want to be a journalist, journalism develops a different way of looking at the world just like studying entrepreneurship does.”

“To make a real difference, though, it helps to have a solid foundation of communication skills, sciences, and the humanities, so Babson’s liberal arts curriculum was also very important to me. I’ve taken advantage of the diverse range of classes offered here to gain new perspectives. I often find myself trying to approach my academic experience from various angles, maybe thinking about journalistic ethics first, then the law, then the different cultural contexts.

“I’ve had some amazing courses and professors, but when I think of my Babson experience, extracurriculars are the first things to pop into my mind. I’ve tried to get involved in a diverse range of activities, including being very active in The Babson Free Press as its editor-in-chief. I’m working hard to improve it, and it’s incredibly rewarding and exciting when days or weeks of research, interviews, and writing result in an article that might actually effect change (who knows?). I also teach entrepreneurship to middle school students as a Community Action Program (CAP) mentor and I’m an instructor at the ceramics studio on campus—spending time in the studio is unbelievable relaxing.

“Each activity I am involved with provides skills that will prove valuable no matter what I decide to go into. Although I don’t want to be a journalist, journalism develops a different way of looking at the world just like studying entrepreneurship does. Plus, my work with The Babson Free Press has shown me how to manage a staff. Being a CAP mentor reinforces the importance of giving back, and I keep my accounting skills sharp by being a SPARK peer tutor. Also, the people I meet in these activities form a priceless professional network.

“Thanks to financial aid, I’m able to focus on my classes and activities instead of my tuition. Now, more than ever, you have to consider money when choosing a college, and the support I received through the Class of ’49 Scholarship has been a big help. Babson’s ROI rankings​ also reassure me that coming here is a good investment of my time and money, especially since my goal after school is to find a meaningful job that allows me to be creative.”

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