Stretching to Reach My Goals

“Babson has enabled me to meet others who are as passionate about achieving their goals as I am.”

“My mother once told me that “you can’t grow if you don’t stretch,” and that phrase helped me through the entire college application process. The advice also helped me make some tough decisions in my life about goals I wanted to achieve. I chose to attend Babson because they made college affordable and offered a range of ways to hone my skills and acquire new talents to fulfill my passions. Babson also enabled me to meet others who are as passionate about achieving their goals as I am.

“During my time at Babson, I have learned the value of following through on an opportunity. There are tons of opportunities that happen every day and not all are meant to be taken, but if you grab hold of a few really important ones and follow them through, the potential benefits from the experience are priceless. With my mother’s advice in mind, I took on different roles at Babson, of being a President, choreographer, intern, mentor, and much more, while balancing the standard load of being a student and setting up my future.

“I just finished my tenure as the President of Origins of Necessary Equality (O.N.E) where I built a strong family foundation throughout the group and encouraged more people to join the organization. I am also a member and choreographer of the Babson Dance Ensemble (BDE). BDE has proven to be a creative way for me to express myself in a manner I had never imagined before Babson.

O.N.E. Tower with Daymond John

Making Connections

Asa and Ben are peer mentors for incoming new students »

“Welcoming and guiding first year students during their first months at Babson through the Peer Mentor program are exciting experiences. I try to set a positive example for students to make their own futures possible. I’ve shared my mom’s advice with others, hopefully encouraging them to try new things beyond what they’re accustomed to and striving towards dreams and goals with the support from Babson faculty, staff, and fellow students.”