Paris Ekman ’17

Building the Skills to Manage It All

Paris Ekman ’17 / Fargo, North Dakota

“In high school, I was known as the 'the girl who does everything.' Not much has changed now that I’m at Babson.

“Being a dual-varsity athlete, Fraternity and Sorority Life member, scholar, and the only student at Babson from Fargo, North Dakota, makes me unique.”

“I am a Presidential Scholar, a member of the Varsity Swimming and Diving and Track and Field teams, and a member of the sorority, Chi Omega. During my first year at Babson, I was the VP of HR/Communications for my Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship (FME) business and I traveled to Africa to teach entrepreneurship to high school students. If you think the number of activities I am involved in is insane, you wouldn’t be the first person!

Paris Ekman at the Org Fair“I took a risk by moving across the country to attend college, but it has opened my eyes to so many opportunities I wouldn’t have had at home. I was attracted to Babson because of the small class sizes, opportunities to get to know the faculty and staff, and chances to get involved in as many activities as I could. Babson is the real thing. Every other business school that I learned about talked about how they 'simulated' business experience, but at Babson you actually get hands-on experience in your first year during FME and every class I’ve taken so far is directly applicable to my business degree.

“I have learned that I thrive under pressure and that I have excellent time-management skills. Everybody is different, but I find that the less time I have, the more efficiently I use it. Despite my various practices, meetings, and events, I still have time for my studies and for a social life. While not every Babson student uses their time like I do, there is something to fit everyone’s interests.

“This past year, I was lucky enough to travel to London to visit a friend studying abroad​ and to backpack around Italy with one of my sorority sisters. Hearing about their experiences​ inspired me to go on my own adventure abroad in Barcelona, Spain during for the upcoming fall semester. I am e​​xcited to take classes in business and culture, study Spanish, and live with a Spanish host family.

“Babson has provided me with so many opportunities that I would’ve never dreamed of, and, through taking risks, I’ve learned that there really are no boundaries to what you can do.”

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