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Frequently Asked Questions

About Applying

What do you look for in a Summer Study candidate? Is everyone who applies accepted?

The Summer Study admission committee, made of up Babson staff from Youth Entrepreneurial Leadership Programs and the Undergraduate School Office of Admission, look for a number of elements in a student’s application including:

  • Academic Performance. The admission committee considers students’ overall academic performance in their high school curriculum and the extent to which students have challenged themselves in the courses they choose in their high school curriculum; for example, have they taken honors or AP courses if available at their school? As an academic program, Summer Study enrolls students who have demonstrated academic achievements that should prepare them well for a college level program.
  • Leadership Experience. The committee looks to enroll students who have demonstrated leadership skills and have been engaged in cocurricular activities with your school or community. This could include work experience, student clubs and organizations, sports, or volunteer experiences. We love to read about the many ways that you demonstrate your interests and skills outside of the classroom.
  • Passion. Summer Study is a tightly knit, exciting, five-week home to very motivated and passionate high school students. From your application essays, we hope to understand what is driving you—your interests, passions, and aspirations, how these will impact your time at the program, and what you hope to take away from your experience.

When will I hear back about my application?

Students may apply now for the Summer 2015 program. We have three rounds of application reviews by the committee. Students who apply before January 30, 2014, will receive a decision of admitted, denied, or more information required in February. Students who apply before February 27 will receive an admission decision or more information required in early March. And, in a final round for students who apply between March and April, they will hear back in early April. Applications will be accepted through April 1. Given the rolling process of the admission, students are encouraged to apply early as seats might fill before the deadline.

Why do you need my transcript? May I email you my transcript?

As an academic program, Summer Study enrolls students who have demonstrated academic achievements that prepare them well for a college-level program. Your transcript and your counselor recommendation are the best indicators of these achievements.

The admission committee accepts and encourages transcripts emailed by school officials.

May international students apply for Summer Study?

Yes! The Summer Study community is a great opportunity to meet students from around the world. Last year, our student body represented 24 countries and 15 U.S. states and territories.

Do you offer financial aid? Are international students eligible for financial aid?

Summer Study offers need-based financial aid as well as merit scholarships to both domestic and international students. Learn more » 

What does the program fee include?

The program fee includes tuition, room and board (19 meals per week at Trim Dining Hall), program activities, and health insurance. Aside from extra spending money, there are no other expenses that you will need to plan on incurring. Note that no part of the fee can be waived as all students must be enrolled in the Blue Cross Blue Shield health plan and live on campus.

If I’m an international student, what type of visa should I use?

As a full-time study program, the Summer Study requires an F1 Student Visa. Learn more » 

How does attending Summer Study impact my future application to Babson College?

Attending Summer Study is great way to show your interest in Babson and entrepreneurship—an important consideration in your undergraduate application. However, students who attend Summer Study have no guarantee of admission to our undergraduate school or degree programs. While on campus as a Summer Study student, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with deans and directors of Admission and other areas of the College, and learn more about Babson. You also may choose to set up an admission interview.

Do I need to have a business or have started a business to attend Summer Study?

Absolutely not. At Babson, entrepreneurship is defined not only as starting a business but as a way of thinking. This way of thinking may be applied to all kinds of careers and areas of study. Many students who attend the program have never started a business; some want to and some never plan to start a business but want to apply entrepreneurial thinking to their future career plans. For those students who do have a business, there are many resources and mentors available to you on campus.

About the Program

May I commute to this program if I (or a family member/friend) live in the Boston area?

Because of the importance of out-of-class time, teamwork meetings/project requirements, and social experiences within the program, commuting is not an option. All students must live on campus.

What are the college credits? Are they transferable to my future college program?

As a college-level program, the Babson Entrepreneurial Development Experience is a Babson Undergraduate course bearing four credits. Students who complete this course have a Babson transcript that reflects their enrollment in the course and their final grade. The course has been designed to be transferable to other institutions. Should you enroll at Babson in the future, the course would meet four credits of your elective degree requirements. Every school has transfer credit policies, so, if you know what schools you may be interested in transferring the credit to, you may want to speak with them directly to see if they would accept the credit.

Will I be taught by Babson College professors?

Summer Study is team taught by professors who teach Babson undergraduate and graduate courses to give you a breadth of exposure to areas of entrepreneurship and business.

Will I be in classes with undergraduate students?

Undergraduate students do not take the Babson Entrepreneurial Development Experience. However, undergraduate student mentors are available in your classes and throughout your time on Babson. There are many other opportunities to interact with undergraduate students

What are the policies for religious observation?

Students may opt to participate in faith services in the Boston region. Students will be asked to indicate their interest in attending service at the beginning of each week, and transportation will be provided to the identified service venues to the extent possible by the program schedule.

Ramadan : Trim Dining Hall also makes accommodation for students observing Ramadan during the summer. Students will have the opportunity to indicate if they are participating in enrollment forms.

Who are the Summer Study mentors?

Summer Study mentors are carefully selected Babson undergraduate students, typically student leaders, who have chosen to spend their time with the Summer Study program. Summer Study mentors are responsible for living with students, attending and supporting class and academic programming, as well as planning and providing social and cultural activities throughout the program. They work very closely with students during their time on campus!

About the Living and Cocurricular Experience: For Admitted Students

What should I pack?

Clothing. Boston is warm in the summer with an average temperature generally between 65-85 degrees Fahrenheit. Please keep this in mind. Classroom and program attire is generally casual, though meetings with executives and presentations will require either business casual or business attire. A beach trip might occur, should you wish to bring beachwear. The campus pool also is open at select times throughout the week.

Linens. Babson will provide a pillow, light sheets, and a light blanket and a towel. Should you wish for more bedding, please plan to bring this.

A complete packing list is available on the Admitted Students page.

How will I do laundry?

Cold laundry is available free of charge, hot laundry is available through coin-operated machines. Students may bring laundry detergent/soap or purchase it at the Bookstore on campus.

Should I bring a computer?

Babson will provide you with a Lenovo laptop for your use while on campus. An email in late June will detail the way you will prepare for this laptop and your Babson student account. There is no need to bring a personal computer, though you may do so.

Am I allowed to leave campus? May my family visit me?

Students must have written permission from parents to leave campus. Students must leave campus with an adult family member or family-approved method of transportation (taxi, friend, etc.). Summer Study students are not granted access to Babson summer shuttles. Given the amount of activities and opportunities for students throughout their time on campus, leaving campus when not with the program is discouraged.

Family members may visit students, though no overnight stays in the dormitory are permissible. On occasion, if a family member lives locally or is in town, they may wish to take their student to dinner or off campus for a weekend evening. With notice to program administrators, this is acceptable. Because the out-of-classroom time, especially social and cultural activities, is an integral part of the program, we ask that parents and family consider these in their planning. A tentative schedule is made available at the beginning of the program for planning purposes, but students will have updated schedules each week.

As possible, parents are encouraged to attend family orientation events on the first day of the program.

Learn more about these and other policies established to create a safe and positive experience »