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Murtaza M. Amiji M'07

Posted: 5/10/2013 at 2:37 AM
Annoucing the launch of Gumo v1.0

We are excited to announce Gumo v1.0, a travel application aimed at simplifying travel planning to exotic destinations, starting with Africa. Gumo has hand-picked excellent, reliable guides and tour operators at the destinations to ensure that you experience your perfect trip at a fraction of the cost of what most U.S/European travel agencies can offer, without sacrificing on quality, reliability and safety. Browse our recommended itineraries that takes care of you from the time you land in Africa to the time you leave, and book it using your credit card. In the event that you have to cancel the trip, login into your account, and cancel with just a few mouse clicks (no need to email/call). We will refund 100% of your payment if you cancel the camping safari or Kilimanjaro trips at least two weeks before the tour start date. Check out Like us at

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