Babson Love Stories

Maybe you met at Orientation, or during a group project? Perhaps you met years after graduation through a Babson connection? Luck or fate, whatever it was that brought you together, we’re glad Babson is part of your story! Thank you to all who have shared their stories.

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Alumni Stories of Love and Friendship

Stacey Han Williams '12 & Matthew Williams '12

Rick Peterson '83, P'10 & Suzi (Anderson) Peterson '83

We found each other through ONE and our love story began senior year when we became suite-mates in Map Hill. Our friendship evolved to love, endured 3 years of long distance, involves our frenchie Ham, and led to our marriage on 7/31/17. We now live in NYC and continue to live our Babson love story! - Stacey

Shannon Kyne '15 & Michael MacDonald '15

Rick Peterson '83, P'10 & Suzi (Anderson) Peterson '83

Thanks to some mutual Babson friends, we met during the summer leading into our junior year, and have been together ever since. We graduated together in May 2015, got engaged on Valentine’s Day in Babson's Glavin Chapel in 2017, and we are so excited for our June 2018 wedding! - Shannon

Erin Cignetti '99 & Jonathon Cignetti '98

Rick Peterson '83, P'10 & Suzi (Anderson) Peterson '83

Jon and I dated at Babson and got married in 2003. 15-year anniversary this summer!- Erin

Alexandra Piccirilli '94 & David Piccirilli '94

Rick Peterson '83, P'10 & Suzi (Anderson) Peterson '83

Dave and I met in a literature class our Junior year but did not start dating till Senior year. We have been together for 24 years, married for 20 years with 2 great children, and our relationship is still going strong. We love attending Babson events whenever possible. - Alexandra

Mike Girard '96 & Barbara Girard '96

Rick Peterson '83, P'10 & Suzi (Anderson) Peterson '83

Fell in love senior year, married 20 years! - Mike

Pete Coumounduros '90 & Amy (Carroll) Coumounduros '92

Rick Peterson '83, P'10 & Suzi (Anderson) Peterson '83

We met my Junior year, Amy's Freshman year, but didn't start dating until just after Amy graduated in 1992. We quickly realized we were meant for each other and married in 1995. We share the same love of Babson (including opening and closing the Beer Tent). The pride of our marriage is our two daughters. - Pete

Adam Koncius '00 & Kerri Fleming Koncius '01

Rick Peterson '83, P'10 & Suzi (Anderson) Peterson '83

Kerri and I met when she was a freshman and I was a sophomore and we got to know each other in the Babson Players. We were married in 2008 and have two children, both boys. Currently we own a digital marketing consulting company together and live in Topsfield, MA. - Adam

Devina Saraff '01 & Krishna Persaud '01

Rick Peterson '83, P'10 & Suzi (Anderson) Peterson '83

We met at Babson and both graduated in 2001.We started dating once I moved back to the UK, and after 4 years of pursuing a long distance relationship, Kris managed to convince me to marry him and move back to the US. We just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary last year and have 2 amazing kids. - Devina

Rick Peterson ’83, P’10 & Suzi (Anderson) Peterson ’83, P’10

Rick Peterson '83, P'10 & Suzi (Anderson) Peterson '83

My wife of more than 30 years, Suzi (Anderson) Peterson and I met during summer session at Babson. We are both '83s and are so fond of Babson. Our only child, Lindsay (Peterson) Owen '10, even married another Babson alumnus, Maxwell Owen '09. Now THAT is dedication! - Rick

Shawn Andrew ’86, P’14, P’19 & Ann Bishop Andrew ’86, P’14, P’19

Shawn Andrew '86, P'14, P'19 & Ann Bishop Andrew '86, P'14, P'19

Shawn and I met in freshman English, began dating our junior year, and married in 1988. We’ve seen the amazing campus changes while visiting our daughter, Meghan '14, and son, Tim '19. Babson holds a special place in our hearts! - Ann

Adam Matthews ’86, P'15 & Heidi Adler Matthews ’87, P’15

Adam Matthews '86, P'15 & Heidi Adler Matthews '87, P'15

Adam Matthews lived across from me in Park Manor Central—yes, guys and girls used to be on the same floor! We started dating after a Central dance and got married in 1989. We have three kids; our son, Brenden, is class of 2015. - Heidi

Jim Bosland MBA’86 & Julia Horn Bosland MBA’86

Jim Bosland MBA'86 & Julia Horn Bosland MBA'86

Jim and I met in 1984 as first-year MBA students. We both lived at Woodland Hill and both came to Babson immediately after graduating from college. We've been happily married for 27 years. - Julia

Seth Lerner ’86, P’17 & Marci Soreff Lerner ’86, MBA’91, P’17

Seth Lerner '86, P'17 & Marci Soreff Lerner '86, MBA'91, P'17

Seth and I met at Babson and have had a love affair with Babson and each other for over 30 years. We’ve built a wonderful life together and have two great kids, Ben and Sarah ‘17. We’ll celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary is this fall.- Marci

Jay Dalal MBA’89 & Amrita Dalal MBA’89

Jay Dalal MBA'89 & Amrita Dalal MBA'89

Amrita and I were high school sweethearts. We both came to Babson in 1987 for our MBA. The two years we spent are among the best we’ve spent together before starting our company 26 years ago. Today, we’re partners in life and business, with Babson remaining a cherished chapter of our life story. - Jay

Ed Monahan ’92 & Katie (Dunklee) Monahan ’95

Ed Monahan ’92 & Katie (Dunklee) Monahan '95

Ed Monahan ‘92 and I met in the fall of 1993 when I was a junior. He came back as an alumnus to direct the fall Babson Players show. We got married in 1996. - Katie

Eric Bedard ’93 & Jacki Giordano Bedard ’89

Eric Bedard '93 & Jacki Giordano Bedard ’89

Upon graduation, I was fortunate enough to work at Babson for several years. After graduation, Eric Bedard '93 became an alumni admissions volunteer. We were able to catch up in person at a volunteer thank you event around the holidays and our first date was shortly after the new year in 1998. We have been married for more than 17 years. We have three daughters whom we try to expose to as many Babson events as we can get them to. - Jacki

John Thompson MBA’96 & Lisa Spadafora Thompson MBA’96

John Thompson MBA'96 & Lisa Spadafora Thompson MBA'96

On the second day of our MBA program, John and I were pit against each other in a Caterpillar/Mitsubishi negotiation—I was Mitsubishi, he was CAT. We sat across from each other like deer in headlights, wondering how we'd survive B-school. He asked me to lunch after and the rest is history. It’s been 20 years. - Lisa

Josh Marcus ’97 & Julie Lundin Marcus ’97

Josh Marcus ’97 & Julie Lundin Marcus '97

Josh Marcus '97 and I met our sophomore year and have been together ever since. More than 18 years (11 of marriage) two kids and a trans-Atlantic move later, we’re still going strong. Thanks, Babson! - Julie

Jay Rivera ’99 & Eileen (Burkhardt) Rivera ’98

Jay Rivera '99 & Eileen (Burkhardt) Rivera '98

Eileen and I met during orientation my freshman year and started dating my junior year. This photo is of us after performing together in a Spring Babson Dance Ensemble show in 1998 and then again more than 18 years and three kids later. Our love started and grew at Babson; it still grows today! - Jay

Steve Bodio ‘96 & Alanna (DuBiago) Bodio ’99

Steve Bodio ‘96 & Alanna (DuBiago) Bodio '99

Steve and I met on the pool deck in 1995. I was a freshman; he was a senior. We started dating right before he graduated and have been together more than 17 years. We’re now married with two kids. I’m thankful that someone talked me into joining the swim team! - Alanna

Evgeni Mitkov ’97 & Albena (Djongova) Mitkov ’99

Evgeni Mitkov '97 & Albena (Djongova) Mitkov '99

It began on June 15, 1994, on a blind date in Sofia, Bulgaria; the date lasted 12 hours. Evgeni transferred from USF to Babson and I only applied to Babson. Evgeni waited for me through his second year; I arrived in 1995. He brought me to a lake and we gently walked on the ice to see carved from prior winter: A+E=true love. It’s been 23 years! - Albena

Jeremy Krall ’97 & Lauren Krall ’99

Jeremy Krall ’97 & Lauren Krall '99

Jeremy Krall and I met my freshman year when he was my RTA in Park Manor North Now more than 17 years—10 years of marriage—and two boys later, we always hold Babson in our hearts. Who would've thought all those years ago, we would be where we are now? - Lauren

Charles Gaudet ’99 & Heather (Lee) Gaudet ’01

Charles Gaudet '99 & Heather (Lee) Gaudet '01

Heather (Lee) Gaudet '01 and I met my senior year at the Babson Dance Ensemble. We’ve been married for more than 10 years and have three kids. I'd say I fell in love at and with Babson! - Charles

Greg Toskos ’99 & Chrissy (Philips) Toskos ’99

Greg Toskos ’99 & Chrissy (Philips) Toskos '99

Greg Toskos ‘99 and I met in 1996 at a Knight Auditorium Party. I’m thankful to Babson for more than just my degree—we’ve got three beautiful kids. - Chrissy

Magdalena Lamping '00 & Gregory Lamping '00

Magdalena Lamping '00 & Gregory Lamping '00

We met in Park Manor North as freshman and starting dating 1997. Being friends before we started dating haloed us to stay together longer. We got married in 2003 and have two girls. - Magdalena

Adam Berger ’01 & Christina Berger ’00

Adam Berger '01 & Christina Berger '00

I was making a funding presenting for Babson College Radio when a girl in the back caught my eye—Christina. A mutual friend introduced us. I proposed to Christina my sophomore year on the bow of a yacht in Fiji while on holiday from our study abroad program in Sydney. We married in 2001. - Adam

Joe Consilvio ’00, MBA’11 & Emily (Mariani) Consilvio ’01

Joe Consilvio ’00, MBA’11 & Emily (Mariani) Consilvio ’01

Joe Consilvio ’00, MBA’11 and I were introduced by a mutual friend, Amy (Ellis) Durini ’01. He and I met outside of Putney and had our first date, but at first I decided to just be friends. Fast forward:, we [eventually] began dating, got engaged, got married and have three kids. We also work together full time running our own merchandise solutions company, the Putney Group Inc. (guess where the name came from!) - Emily

Peter Gerstberger ’03 & Courtney Baker Gerstberger ’01

Peter Gerstberger ’03 & Courtney Baker Gerstberger '01

My husband, Peter Gerstberger and I both went to Babson, but we didn't know each other when we were in school. We met after graduation in the Staples Inc. parking lot where we both work. He had a Babson sticker on his car and we struck up a conversation. Thanks, Babo! - Courtney

Dave Hughes ’03 & Jill Hughes ’03

Dave Hughes '03 & Jill Hughes '03

Dave Hughes ‘03 and I met our freshman year in Forest. We started dating senior year and were married seven years later. We have been married more than two years and have a beautiful baby girl. - Jill

Vik Murty MBA'03 & Ana Petermann CAM

Vik Murty MBA'03 & Ana Petermann CAMWe met during my second year at Babson (2002), got married in Chile in 2006, moved to Orange County, CA and then Orlando, FL. We live in Chile right now with our precocious 6 year old Rania. - Vik

Jared Campbell ’04 & Tanya (Mercure) Campbell ’04

Jared Campbell '04 & Tanya (Mercure) Campbell ’04My wife, Tanya (Mercure) Campbell ’04, and I crossed paths from day one at Babson, but our love blossomed in Professor Elaine Allen's math class. Countless breakfasts and conversations in Trim Dining Hall following that class has led us down a joyful path to where we are now, happily married for more than seven years with three wonderful little redheads! - Jared

Jonathan Reese MBA’05 & Mona Reese MBA’05

Jonathan Reese MBA'05 & Mona Reese MBA'05

I met my wonderful husband during Babson’s One-Year MBA program. Our story started with long conversations at Roger’s Pub and the Bottom Line Lounge. Since Babson, we’ve gotten married, started a solar business, and have two fantastic children, Kiran and Nina. - Mona

Michael Stringer ’06 & Ashley Stringer ’06

Michael Stringer '06 & Ashley Stringer '06

Michael and I met after orientation and started dating later that year. A few years after graduating, he brought me back to Babson under the guise of meeting up with a couple friends. Instead of meeting with friends, he surprised me with an on-campus proposal! We were married in 2009. - Ashley

Thaddeus Dziuba '06 & Meredith (Hellen) Dziuba '05

Michael Stringer '06 & Ashley Stringer '06

I met Meredith Hellen in the fall of 2002 in the Reynolds Campus Center, and was so smitten that I promptly hit on her twin sister at a party in McCullough Hall that same night…We were married in the Glavin Chapel in 2009, and I haven't gotten the twins mixed up since! - Thaddeus

Rob Chapman ’07 & Ryan Chapman ’09

Rob Chapman ’07 & Ryan Chapman '09

Rob and I met at Roger's Pub in the winter of 2006. We started dating a few months later and were married in June 2012 in Orleans, MA. - Ryan

Chinmoy Mishra MBA’08 & Shweta Jain MBA’08

Chinmoy Mishra MBA’08 & Shweta Jain MBA'08

Shweta Jain MBA'08 and I met as students in Babson’s MBA program. We had many serendipitous meetings at Woodland Hill, Olin Hall, on ski trips and in classrooms. I finally resolved to ask her out on Valentine’s Day. My joy knew no bounds when she agreed to go out with me. We were married in 2010. At Babson, I not only found the key to a successful life, but, I also found my sweetheart. - Chinmoy

Jacob Levinson '09 & Nora Levinson '08

Jacob Levinson '09 & Nora Levinson '08

Met my husband Jacob outside of Horn in 2006. We loved our time at Babson. - Nora

Raul Pellerano ’09 & Mikaela Pellerano ’09

Raul Pellerano '09 & Mikaela Pellerano '09

Raul and I met on the Babson boat cruise during freshmen orientation and our first unofficial date was at the Babson skating rink. One of my favorite Babson memories is holding hands with him while skating around the rink! We married on September 19, 2014, the annivesary of the date we became a couple in 2004. - Mikaela

Michael McLeod-Cobb ’09 & Meredith McLeod-Cobb ’09

Michael McLeod-Cobb ’09 & Meredith McLeod-Cobb '09

I saw Michael for the first time at a Babson Christian Fellowship “Back to School” event. Our first date was in Knight Auditorium at a swing dance, and we went on to become friends. We started dating the week of graduation, maintained a long-distance relationship (spanning from Ghana to Boston) and eventually he proposed outside of Tomasso Hall. - Meredith

Jacob Xavier MBA’09 & Jeslin Jacob MBA’09

Jacob Xavier MBA'09 & Jeslin Jacob MBA'09

I proposed to my husband, Jacob Xavier M’09, in front of a 300+ person crowd at the Latin American Business Forum in Olin Hall. He had previously made me promise that I would propose to him in a public place, but he didn't expect it at that moment! We got married on December 12, 2010, in the Bahamas. - Jeslin

Rishi Reddy ’09 & Angeli Tarsadia Reddy ’09

Rishi Reddy ’09 & Angeli Tarsadia Reddy '09

Rishi and I met our freshman year. He was running down the stairs of Park Manor North in his boxers and I thought, “Who is that silly boy running around in zero degree weather in his boxers?” Then I took a second look and thought, "Oh, he's cute!" I later danced with him at a Knight party; it was a night to remember. - Angeli

Justin Brooks ’09 & Stephanie Rogers ‘09

Justin Brooks '09 & Stephanie Rogers ‘09

Stephanie Rogers ‘09 and I were neighbors in Map Hill our senior year. We started dating that year and were married in Glavin Chapel in May 2013. Thanks, Babson! - Stephanie

Thayer Glasscock ’09 & Jeanie Kim ’12

Thayer Glasscock '09 & Jeanie Kim '12

Thayer Glasscock '09 and I met during my first week as a freshman (he was a senior). We were both on the swim team. We started as friends, but it soon became something more. Four months after I graduated, he proposed. He is from Tennessee and I am from Virginia so we truly believe that Babson played a big role in our relationship. Had we both not ventured up north to Massachusetts, who knows if we would have ever met! - Jeanie

Michael Hazan ’10, MS’10 & Sara (Luke) Hazan ’10

Michael Hazan ’10, MS’10 & Sara (Luke) Hazan ’10

Mike and I found ourselves back to back during an icebreaker activity at orientation and became great friends and we started dating senior year. In 2013, Mike proposed in the Reynolds Campus Center with help from Biz E. Beaver. We married in July 2015 surrounded by family, friends, and fellow Beavers. - Sara

Matthew Lambert MBA’11 & Esmeralda Lambert MBA’11

Matthew Lambert MBA’11 & Esmeralda Lambert MBA'11

Matthew Lambert MBA’11 and I met as students in Babson’s One-Year MBA program. We graduated in 2011, got married in 2012, and started our company in 2013—lots to celebrate this Valentine's Day! - Esmeralda

Nico von Stackelberg ’12 & Lauren Garey ’12

Nico von Stackelberg '12 & Lauren Garey '12

We met in 2010 studying abroad with Babson's BRIC Program in Russia, China, and India. The international trend of our relationship continued: we’ve visited more than 25 countries together in six years, have lived in the UK for the past five years, recently got engaged in Florence, and are now planning a wedding in Barcelona!
- Nico and Lauren

Conor Lynch ’13, MS’13 & Jessica Lynch ’13, MS’13

Jessica Lynch '13, MS'13 & Conor Lynch '13, MS'13

During freshmen orientation, Conor asked Jess to dance while on a boat cruise around Boston Harbor. Two weeks later, they started dating; they’ve been together ever since. They married on August 22, 2015, and now live in Boston’s North End near many fellow Babson alumni.
- Conor and Jessica 

Jon Schaffrath MBA'13 & Kristin Schaffrath MBA'13

Jon Schaffrath MBA'13 & Kristin Schaffrath MBA'13

We actually met in second grade in nearby Dover, MA. While we were a couple before starting at Babson, it was our love for each other that encouraged us to get our MBA together. One of the benefits was having two "votes" in group projects! - Jon

Shankar Das MBA’14 & Janae Bourgeois MBA’13

Shankar Das MBA'14 & Janae Bourgeois MBA'13

My husband, Shankar, and I met in 2012 at a Roger's Pub Trivia Night. I had extra drink tickets, so I went to the bar to get people drinks; he was the first person I tapped on the shoulder. I joined his team and we won the trivia competition (no thanks to us—we spent the night talking! - Janae