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Babson Love Stories

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Babson Love Stories

Maybe you met at Orientation, or during a group project? Perhaps you met years after graduation through a Babson connection? Luck or fate, whatever it was that brought you together, we’re glad Babson is part of your story! Thank you to all who have shared their stories.

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Alumni Stories of Love and Friendship

Mike and I first met at an event in the Knight Auditorium during freshman year orientation. We found ourselves back to back during an icebreaker activity and soon became great friends. It wouldn’t be until senior year that we started dating, and little did we know at the time that we would eventually get married. Mike brought us back to Babson in the Fall of 2013 under the guise of coming back as an MSA alumni, to speak with prospective students, since we’d already be in the area that weekend. He then completely surprised me by proposing in Reynolds Campus Center with the help of Biz E. Beaver! We were later married in July 2015 surrounded by family, friends, and fellow Beavers. We knew Babson would provide us with an exceptional education and foundation for starting our careers, but having found each other has been the icing on the cake of a great college experience! – Sara Luke Hazan ’10, Michael Hazan ’10, MSA‘10

I met my lovely husband, Matt Lambert, at Babson College while we both were doing the One Year MBA. We graduated in 2011, got married in 2012, and started our company in 2013! Lots to celebrate this Valentine's Day! Thank you Babson F.W Olin Graudate School of Business! - Esmeralda Lambert M'11 (submitted via Facebook)

Met my wife at BabsonMBA 1yr. Put a guy & girl in an intensive program for 1 yr and a merger is bound to happen! - Matthew Lambert '11 (submitted via Twitter)

McLeod-Cobb Wedding It was September 2006 and we were at the Babson Christian Fellowship "Back to School" event, and Meredith was intrigued to see a new face on campus. It was Michael and he had transferred to Babson. Our first date was in Knight Auditorium at a swing dance, and we went on to be distant friends. It was not until the week of graduation that we realized there might be something there and we made the brilliant decision to start a very long distance relationship between Ghana and Boston. Much to our joy it all worked out. Michael proposed underneath the trees outside of Tomasso Hall and almost 3 years of marriage later - the rest is history! - Meredith McLeod-Cobb '09

I proposed to my husband, Jacob Xavier,  Babson M'09, inside Olin Hall at Babson College. He had previously made me promise that I would propose to him in a public place, but he didn't expect it at that moment! This was on April 25, 2009, before 300 people gathered for the Latin American Business Forum. I'm happy to say he accepted, and we got married on December 12, 2010 in the Bahamas. - Jeslin Jacob M'09


Reddy Wedding Rishi and I met at Babson during our freshman year. Rishi was running down the stairs of Park Manor North in his boxers and I glanced and thought, who is that silly boy running around in 0 degree weather in his boxers? Then I took a second look and I was like "oh, he's cute!" I kept my eye on him for a week, until our first Knight Party and then I made my move. He was talking to his friends and I just went for it, I asked him to dance with me. After the dance, we went back to North and hung out in the hallway with about 20 of our friends, it was defnitely a night to remember. After that, the rest is history! - Angeli Tarsadia Reddy '09

Chapman WeddingRob and I met in the winter of 2006, my freshman and his junior year, at Pub! We started dating a few months later and the rest is history. We got married in June of 2012 in Orleans, MA. Here is a picture of the Babson representation at our wedding! L-R Kristen Schmid '09, Jillian Brooks '09, Caitlin O'Neill '10, Becky Pelletier '09, Leigh Myer '09, Rebecca Rydzik '10, Ingrid Osterholm '09, Ryan Chapman '09, Rob Chapman '07, Scott Cormier '08, Pete Butera '07, Sam Chipman Butera '10, Claudia Shulz Kendall '08, and Kevin Butera '09. - Ryan Chapman '09  

Met my husband Steve Bodio freshman year on the pool deck in 1995. He was a senior. We became really good friends and started dating in February of 1996 before he graduated. We stayed together my entire college career, have been together more than 17 years, married for more than 11, have 1 kid and 1 on the way! I am always thankful that someone talked me into joining the swimteam! - Alanna DuBiago Bodio '99

Heather Lee Gaudet ('01) and I met my senior year ('99) at the Babson Dance Ensemble with good friends Bobby Lahue, Sultan Boochook (aka Berk Bucukoglu), Ivan Rodriguez, Jay Rivera and Cory O'Brien ... more than 10 years of marriage, 2 kids and 1 more on the way ... I'd say I fell in love at and with Babson ... - Charles Gaudet '99

Jeremy Krall and I met my freshman year. He was our RTA in Park Manor North... more than 17 years, 10 years of marriage and 2 boys later - we always hold Babson in our hearts. Who would've thought all those years ago, we would be where we are now?!? - Lauren Krall '99

Met my husband Jacob Levinson outside of Horn in 2006, loved our time at Babson. - Nora Levinson '08

Met Adam Matthews in 1983 as he lived across the hall from me in Central....yes, guys and girls used to be on the same floor! Started dating after a Central dance, got married in 1989, 2 kids and 1, Brenden Matthews, is currently in the class of 2015 at Babson. Have lots of great memories and friends from Babo and continue to love being there in the fall watching Brenden and the Men's soccer team play! - Heidi Adler Matthews P'15

Ed ('92) and I met in the fall of '93 when I was a junior. He came back as an alum to direct the fall Babson Players show. We got married in 1996 - more than 17 years ago! - Katie Dunklee Monahan '95

My husband, Peter Gerstberger and I both went to Babson, but we didn't know each other when we were in school. We met after graduation in the Staples Inc. parking lot where we both work. He had a Babson sticker on his car and we struck up a conversation. The rest is history. Thanks Babo! - Courtney Baker Gerstberger '01

Josh Marcus '97 and I met our sophomore year and have been together ever since - more than 18 years, married 11. Two kids and a trans Atlantic move, we're still going strong! Thanks Babson! - Julie Lundin Marcus '97

Babson Friends Met 16 of my closest friends at Babson... We go away each year together. I hope the tradition never ends! - Kathryn Shilling '03 (See photo.)

My wife, Tanya Mercure Campbell (both '04), and I crossed paths from day one at Babson, but it was in Professor Elaine Allen's math class where our love blossomed. Countless breakfasts and conversations in Trim dining Hall following that class has led us down the joyful path to where we are now, happily married for more than 7 years with 3 wonderful little redheads! - Jared Campbell '04

Greg ('99) and I met in 1996 at a Knight Auditorium Party. (Wasn't exactly love at first sight...LOL). Thankful to Babson for more than just my degree. We've got two beautiful kids and 1 more on the way in June. - Chrissy Philips Toskos '99

Dave and I (both '03) met our freshman year in Forest. We started dating our senior year and were married 7 years later. We have been married more than 2 years and have a beautiful baby girl. - Jill Hughes '03

Stephanie Rogers and I were neighbors in Map Hill our senior year in '09. We started dating that year and now we were married in Glavin Chapel in May 2013. Thanks Babson! - Justin Brooks '09

Peterson WeddingMy wife of more than 30 years, Suzi (Anderson) Peterson and I met during summer session at Babson. We are both '83s and are so fond of Babson our only child Lindsay (Peterson) Owen '10 married another Babson Alum Maxwell Owen '09. (See photo). Now THAT is dedication! - Rick Peterson '83 P'10

Dealing with a personal loss, our mutual dear friend Amy (Ellis) Durini ’01 wanted to see happiness surround her.  To “appease” her, we both agreed to go on a date with her friend – we just didn’t know she had a master plan.  So, fast forward, we met outside Putney, had great conversation and went to Starbucks in Needham for our first date and at the end I told Joe it would be nice to be friends, but I just didn’t have time for a relationship since I was working 3 jobs and frankly, Joe was graduating in 3 months.  Fast forward again, we began dating, got engaged, got married and more than 9 years later have two little boys with another baby due in July.  We also work together full time running our own merchandise solutions company, the Putney Group Inc… two guesses where the name came from :) Babson is part of our blood, our everyday life and more – words can’t express what it gave us and we will always be eternally grateful! - Emily Mariani Consilvio ’01 & Joe Consilvio ’00 M’11

In the summer of 1999 (wow I’m old), I remember anxiously awaiting for my roommate assignment from Babson College. Once I received it in the mail, I tore it open and immediately called my assigned roommate, Alyson Yablonskie '03. While calling I realized she was from Milton, MA (about an hour away from where I grew up in Dartmouth, MA). After chatting about all the room arrangements who is bring the TV or the mini fridge, etc., Alyson mentioned that she had family that lives in the Dartmouth area and had been to Horseneck beach before. She suggested we meet up at the beach someday so that we could meet each other. Alyson also knew another girl who would be attending Babson and said she would ask her, Tricia Leahy '03, if she wanted to meet up as well. The last thing she told me about herself was that she had red hair (and I remember thinking that was crazy)! Fast forward a couple weeks and I was at Horseneck Beach on the lookout for a red head with a couple friends. We had some fun at the beach and then went to my cousin’s pool…never forget Leahy was wearing her “Dorchester Bikini” t-shirt and gym shorts over her one piece, BUT in spite of that the three of us became good friends and continued to be friends throughout and after college. They were both at my wedding and most recently I saw them for my birthday this past January. - Kathryn Shilling '03

Proposal on BeachHi there, I was asked to submit a story about my fiance Thayer Glasscock '09 and I so here it is! Thayer and I met during the first week of school when I was just a freshman. He was a senior on the Swim Team at Babson and recognized me as the new diver on the team. Although our first conversation was brief, I immediately felt comfortable around him. This first introduction quickly grew into a friendship. We saw each other often at practices, at meets, and around campus. Soon, our friendship became something more. Even though he was a big, bad senior and I was just a little freshman, I knew that there was something special between us that I needed to hold on to.  Then, in September 2012, just 4 months after my graduation, Thayer took me to his family's beach house in Florida. It was my first real work vacation and I was just happy to be out of the cold and in the warm Florida sun. What I thought was just a fun, relaxing vacation, turned out to be a life-changing experience  It was there, on the beach, where Thayer got down on one knee and proposed. (See photo above). Of course I was blown away. All I could think was, "Is this real life??" It didn't take me long to say "Yes!" Even at a young age, I knew Thayer was one of a kind. I knew he was the person I was meant to be with. He is from Tennessee and I am from Virginia so we truly believe that Babson played a big role in our relationship. Had we both not ventured up north to Massachusetts, who knows if we would have ever met! The Swim Team at Babson along with our Coach, Rick Echlov, really embraced our engagement. The team was and still is our family here in Boston and the excitement we felt from all of our swim and dive friends was incredibly touching. Babson will always hold a special place in both our hearts. It is not only our alma mater but also where we met and where our relationship began. We hope that many Babson friends will be able to join us for our May 2014 Washington D.C. wedding! - Jeanie Kim '12

Upon graduation, I was fortunate enough to work at Babson for several years.  Eric Bedard '93 and I met while he was a student working on events in the Office of Admission.  Upon his graduation he became an alumni admission volunteer for me while he lived in Connecticut and Minneapolis, MN for several years.  When he returned to Massachusetts, he began volunteering in the Admission Office, conducting interviews.  We were able to catch up in person at an alumni volunteer thank you event around the holidays.  Our first date was shortly after the new year in 1998.  We have been married for more than 13 years this month.  We have three daughters whom we try to expose to as many Babson events as we can get them to. - Jacki Giordano Bedard ’89

Mishra WeddingIt was on the 14th of February, 2008 when I had proposed to my, then friend and now wife, Ms. Shweta Jain M'08. This marked the start of a beautiful journey and we finally tied the knot on 29th of December 2010.  Shweta was from the Babson One-Year MBA program and I was from the two year Program, both, class of 2008. We met, for the first time, at Woodland hills and which turned out to be one of many such serendipitous meetings at dorms, Olin hall, Pandini’s, classrooms and not to forget the ski trips and club hopping. By winter of 2008, I was clearly enamored by Shweta’s charms, her exuberance, innocence and her ability to make you smile even during the most strenuous of hour. I had grown very fond of her and had started to cherish every moment we spent together. One thing led to another and finally on the Valentine’s Day, I made a resolve to ask her out. I still remember, I had made elaborate plans for that day including a dinner at downtown Boston and that’s where I was planning on finally proposing to her. I had been nervous the entire day as I was still not sure she shared the same feelings and same time, I didn’t want to lose a friend. I somehow managed to muster all courage and asked her out. My joy knew no bound when she agreed to go out with me.  The rest, as they say, is history. I returned to India right after graduation and Shweta stayed on for a year more. We managed to talk every day and while we couldn’t support each other physically, we managed to be there for each other emotionally. Shweta headed back to India during summer of 2009. We broke the news to our families in Jan 2010 and finally had the big day scheduled for 29th of December. One of the greatest joy of our wedding was the presence of so many of our Babson friends, from all around the globe. Our friends had taken the effort to travel all the way from Peru, US, Germany, China, Japan, Greece. A special moment was made even more special as we got to share the day with people with whom we cherish a special bond. As they say, love knows no boundaries, countries, religion or faith. At Babson, I not only found the key to a successful life, but, I also ended up finding my life and my sweetheart Shweta. For this and for everything else that Babson has taught me, I would, forever be indebted to it. - Chinmoy Mishra M'08​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​