The Babson Alumni Association (BAA) works to ensure that there are opportunities for all alumni to feel connected to Babson.


With all of the positive changes underway at Babson, and the many accolades the College receives annually, our degrees are worth more every year.  Coming up in 2019 is the 100th Anniversary of Babson, we want you to feel part of the celebration and excitement of the next year.

The BAA is committed to supporting the mission of the College by enhancing the incredible network of  over 40,000 alumni around the world. With each graduating class, our network becomes brighter, more diverse, and increasingly successful, thus providing a truly valuable resource to each other. As the Babson mission indicates, we want to engage the alumni community, and extend our global reach to have an impact on the world. Whether you are in Boston or Bahrain, San Francisco or São Paulo, we will strive to provide networking, volunteering, and professional development opportunities that link you to this great network.

With your involvement, the Babson network will benefit not only you, but also future alumni. We cannot do this without your support — Babson alumni are the most connected and most philanthropic people around. Through our partnership, we can create an even broader committed and engaged alumni population, and we can have a meaningful impact on the College and its students. This will help ensure that future Babson alumni have the same, if not better, opportunities than those of us who preceded them.

We look forward to hearing what you think the association can do to support you and engage you with the College.

Alexandra DiIeso Piccirilli  '94
Babson Alumni Association President

The Babson Alumni Association (BAA) supports and unites Babson alumni and the broader Babson community, while advancing Babson's mission.
The BAA is committed to:
  • Fostering pride in Babson among alumni and other College constituencies
  • Promoting a lifelong affinity to Babson
  • Energizing active service to the College
  • Advancing Babson's reputation around the world
  • Delivering tangible benefits to alumni, and to the College community

Bylaws of the Babson College Alumni/ae Association (PDF)

History of the BAA
The Babson Alumni Association was formed more than 70 years ago to support the school in developing and motivating a dynamic Babson community. The BAA’s guiding principles are anchored in its mission statement and bylaws.
Advocating for Alumni
The BAA advocates on your behalf through representation on the Board of Trustees (current BAA President), the Board of Governors (past BAA Presidents), regular meetings with Babson's President, involvement with Undergraduate and Graduate Advisory Boards, and partnership between the BAA Board of Directors and alumni relations staff.