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Welcome to the BabsonQuest!

Sponsored by Babson’s Alumni and Friends Network

This year, we didn’t let the college kids have all the fun during Spring Break – we had some, too!

Thanks to all who participated in the Babson Quest and congratulations to all of our winners:
Day 1 – Mercedes Owolabi '12
Day 2 – Matt Muller '13
Day 3- Bridget Amani Thrash '12
Day 4 – Tony Lopez '09, M'13

GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Bridget Thrash ‘12

"Participating in Babson Quest made me feel as if I were having a tremendous flashback. It was amazing to realize how much of an impact Babson has had on my life, from my career path, to my mentors, to my current friends. I also had no idea that I had taken that many pictures! There were some moments that I didn't have pictures for and I wish I did. My advice for any current student, take plenty of pictures,  you'll always wish you took more!"
"It was a big debate on whether I should use my trip to visit during the Black Affinity Conference, since I served on the committee while I was in undergrad, or for this year's graduation. I chose this year's graduation for one of my closest friends, Lundun Mazza, who has become family in the last four years. On the day of my graduation he was not able to attend because his older sister graduated in Virginia on the same day. His family had taken me in as one of their own and it made sense that he would attend his sister's graduation. This year I have the opportunity to be there when he walks across the stage and I can't miss it!"

 The Challenges

View the challenges our 2014 Quest participants took on! 

“Quest was a great excuse to dig up some of my best old pictures and stories from Babson! It was fun to compete against some of my best friends and even more fun to invite them all to a party at Roger’s Pub!”
- Justin Brooks '09, Year One Winner

“Quest was a great way to stay connected with a bunch of people I don't get to see every day, and helped me solidify those connections by bringing me back to campus for Homecoming. There’s nothing better after 20 hours of flying than good friends, good food, and a great time. BabsonQuest made all of that possible.”
- Rayshawn Whitford '12, Year Two Winner