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Reunion Challenge


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Reunion Challenge

Congratulations to the Graduate and Undergraduate Classes of 2007 for winning the Babson Reunion Challenge!

Thanks to all who participated. Your gift helps to build a critical mass of alumni participation, which factors into Babson’s worldwide rankings and reputation.


Final results:

 Undergraduate Class of 2002 vs. Undergraduate Class of 2007

Donors Class Members​ Participation Rate
Class of 2002 39 470​ 8.2%
Class of 2007 71 493​ 14.4%​


Graduate Class of 2002 vs. Graduate Class of 2007

​         Donors Class Members​ Participation Rate​
Class of 2002 53​ 482​ 10.9%
Class of 2007 63 558​ 11.2%​


Stay Connected

Use social media to stay connected to your classmates! Visit your class Facebook page and encourage your classmates to keep your class participation strong! 

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           FB-icon.pngUndergraduate Class of 2007
           FB-icon.pngGraduate Class of 2002
           FB-icon.pngGraduate Class of 2007 
Thank you!