As a dedicated parent, your gift reflects the trust and pride you have in Babson. Thank you!

Your generosity touches many aspects of student life, enhances the experience we offer all students, and secures our position as the world leader in entrepreneurship education.

We are proud to recognize and thank you for your gifts to Babson during the fiscal year that began July 1, 2016 and ended June 30, 2017.

Margaret L. Abbate P'88
Joel Abbo P'19 and Bela Abbo P'19 v
Joseph Abouzeid P'19
Edna Accardo-Walls P'20
Willam C. Ackerman P'18 and Lisa Allis P'18
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Adamczyk P'05 ••
Soheila Adelipour P'20
Mahesh Agarwal P'19 and Chandra Kanta Agarwal P'19
Deola Agosa P'20
Ayhan Akgul P'18 and Selda Akgul P'18
Issam Al Tawari P'15 and Khanssa Al Abdulkarim P'15 •
Wendell P. Alexis P'20 and Nixia C. Alexis P'20
Ramesh Alfred P'19 and Rajshree Alfred P'19
Ejaz Ali P'12 and Femina Ali P'12 v
Mutasim Alireza P'17 and Nirmeen Alireza P'17
Mike Alkier P'18 and Kelly Alkier P'18
Mark G. Allen '91 P'20 and Amy E. Allen P'20 ••
Odilon Almeida P'20 and Leila Almeida P'20 v
Khaled Almuraikhi P'20 and Khaledah Almulla P'20
Jehad M. AlQabandi P'20 and Rasha AlMishari P'20
Tom Amoroso P'19 and Tami Amoroso P'19 v
Bruce W. Anderson '74 P'06 and Susan J. Anderson P'06 ••
Hodell Anderson MBA'70 P'92 and Virginia T. Anderson P'92 ••
John C. Anderson '74 P'13 and Karen M. Anderson P'13
Jon C. Anderson '75 P'04'08'13'13 and Lynn J. Anderson P'04'08'13'13
Shawn P. Andrew '86 P'14'19 and Ann Bishop Andrew '86 P'14'19
Wayne E. Anthony P'18 and Renee C. Anthony P'18
Juan Aranalde P'20
Harry Armand P'10 and Dawn Armand P'10
Sunil Arora P'20 and Sabeena Arora P'20
Kenneth R. Arthur P'18 and Jill S. Arthur P'18
Luis A. Atala P'19 and Vivian M. Asfura P'19
Bruce F. Avery '57 P'89 and Shirley S. Avery P'89
Seyi O. Awofeso P'20 and Oluwatoyin M. Awofeso P'20
Yolanda Badillo P'20
Mark W. Baer P'20 and Christina E. Baer P'20
Jose Baez P'10 and Almanda de la Cruz P'10
Keith H. Bailey P'20 and Michele D. Bailey P'20
Robert M. Baird P'11 and Patricia W. Baird P'11
Jeffrey Baker P'16'18 and Laurie Baker P'16'18 • v
Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Balanda, Jr. P'00
Catherine M. Balben P'09
Judy N. Balicki
Stephen J. Balicki '76
Steven Bandel P'16 and Minnie Bandel P'16 • v
David J. Barber '81 P'16'17 and Dorie S. Barber P'16'17 v
Eduardo Barco '82 P'18'20 • v
Brian M. Barefoot '66 H'09 MP'01 and Pamela P. Barefoot MP'01 • v
Anita Bareja P'20
Andrew N. Barr P'11 and Nancy Barr P'11 ••
Alix M. Barrale P'20
C. Richard Bartels, Jr. MBA'74 P'98 and Karen A. Bartels P'98 v
Dana Bartholomew P'18 and Sophia Bartholomew P'18
Vicki Bashy P'19
Paul Beck P'20 and Lisa R. Beck P'20
Richard Andrew Beck MBA'99 P'20 and Maria B. Beck P'20
Elizabeth Bednar P'20
Melody A. Beecher P'20
Lee J. Belitsky MBA'93 P'17 and Janice A. Belitsky P'17 •• v
Izzet I. Benadrete P'17
Hagay Ben-Avner P'20 and Linda A. Lane P'20
Gadi Benhamo P'17 and Victoria S. Benhamo P'17
Wayne A. Bergeron P'13 and Janine M. Bergeron P'13 •
Bernard G. Berkman '52 P'79 and Nancy J. Berkman P'79 v
Louis H. Berman P'18 and Laurie H. Berman P'18
Andrew S. Bermant P'17 and Cindy Bermant P'17
Katalina Bernal '91 P'17 and Reinaldo Iragorri P'17
Rosemary Cruz Bernal P'20
Arthur Bernard P'20 and Julie J. Bernard P'20 v
Stephen F. Bernard '71 P'07
Bret Bero P'14 and Joan Bero P'14
Alan Beshansky P'17
Laura S. Beshansky P'17
David A. Bettles P'13 and Tracy O. Bettles P'13 •
Slawomir Bialon P'16'19 and Malgorzata Bialon P'16'19
Khaled G. Bichara P'19 and Marianne S. Simaika P'19 v
Mykola Bilonog P'16 and Olena Bilonog P'16
Abelardo D. Blanco P'20 and Caridad M. Blanco P'20
Ramon Blanco P'20 and Anne-Sophie J. Gadenne-Blanco P'20
Huntington Blatchford '63 P'89 and Sharon Blatchford P'89
Samuel T. Blatchford '89 P'12 and Anne-Marie Dutil Blatchford '89 P'12
Charlie Blizard P'19 and Lisa Blizard P'19
Gregg P. Blonigan P'18 and Margaret B. Blonigan P'18
James Blouin P'19 and Lyn Blouin P'19
Fred C. Blumenfeld P'20 and Angela L. Blumenfeld P'20
Herbert C. Boehm P'18 and Brenda A. Boehm P'18 v
Jeffrey T. Bogert '67 P'94 and Nancy C. Bogert P'94
Paul W. Bohmiller P'17 and Carolyn S. Bohmiller P'17
John Boland P'18 and Jennifer Boland P'18
David Bonifacic P'20 and Elaine R. Bonifacic P'20
Holguer Bonilla P'20 and Darline Janssens P'20
Manuel G. Bonitatibus P'07 and Susan A. Bonitatibus P'07 ••
Philippe S. Bonnefoy P'20 and Bettina T. Bonnefoy P'20
James M. Borghesani P'20
Juan José Borja P'20 and Anna Borja P'20
Walter Bornhorst P'20 and Marina Bornhorst P'20
John J. Borwick P'18 and Ingrid M. Borwick P'18
Scott Botcher P'19 and Sandra Botcher P'19
Kai F. Bottomley P'19 and Penelope G. Livingston P'19
Fabien Bourdon P'20'20 and Elena M. Buigas P'20'20
Richard D. Bowman P'12 ••
Tracine Bradstreet P'17
Stephanie Brandt P'19
Brenton S. Brasher P'15 and Gabriela Kaiser Brasher P'15
Ira Brassloff P'20 and Leslie Brassloff P'20
Stephen M. Bravo P'20 and Catherine I. Turnes-Bravo P'20 v
Brendan Brazel P'19 and Jill Brazel P'19
Pedro P. Bria P'19 and Paula E. Massaro P'19
Karen H. Brown P'19
Paul S. Brown MBA'85 P'02
Scott Brown P'18 and Jill V. Brown P'18
David A. Browne P'20 and Lynda K. Browne P'20
Michael E. Bruno P'17 and Karen A. Bruno P'17
Candida Brush MP'14 v
John A. Bryant P'19 and Alison L. Bryant P'19
David J. Bucci P'17 and Lisa B. Mullins P'17
Bruce H. Bumpus MBA'70 P'89 and Laura A. Bumpus P'89
Steven M. Bunick P'15 •
Tak Bunnag P'18 and Dhiranut Bunnag P'18
Daniel Buonagurio P'19 and Cressida Buonagurio P'19
Craig Burger P'17 and Randi Burger P'17
Benjamin H. Burka P'08 and Ruth A. Burka P'08 •
W. Gregory Burrill P'04'04'06 and Elsie Burrill P'04'04'06 •• v
Andrew S. Burstiner P'17 and Michele L. Jacobson P'17 v
Randy Burwell P'19 and Lois Burwell P'19
Steven M. Bushong MBA'89 P'16 and Isabelle P. Vuldy-Bushong MBA'89 P'16
Michael Buslov P'20 and Maya Buslov P'20
John E. Butler '52 P'84 and Alice L. Butler P'84 ••
Michael A. Butler P'09 and Patricia D. Butler P'09
Sebastian Cabrera P'17
Richard D. Calmas P'17 and Ellen Cutler Calmas P'17
Donald E. Calvert P'20 and Linda E. Calvert P'20
Dean B. Cameron P'20 and Tonya S. Cameron P'20
Kelly Babbitt Carey '86 MBA'92 P'18 and Theodore D. Carey MBA'92 P'18
Michelle Raso Carli '82 P'15 and Christopher J. Carli P'15 v
Padraic Carlin P'17 and June B. Carlin P'17
Sean Carmody P'19 and Lisa Carmody P'19
Michael Carosotto P'20 and Patricia Carosotto P'20
Michael Carrobis P'17 and Jennifer Carrobis P'17
John B. Carruthers P'12 and Shari S. Carruthers P'12
Brian Casey P'18 and Wendy Casey P'18
Daniel F. Casey P'17 and Sandra C. Casey P'17
James G. Casey P'20 and Christine M. Casey P'20
Michael John Caslin III MBA'14 P'07 and Irene Caslin
Michael J. Caso P'13 and Jeanne A. Caso P'13 •
Mark E. Cassen P'10 ••
Felix R. Castillo P'13 and Martha G. Castillo P'13
Jeffrey G. Castle '75 MBA'76 P'01'03 and Suzanne D. Castle P'01'03 ••
Avery W. Catlin MBA'76 MP'11 •
Sarah Catz P'17
Kevin J. Cerny P'20 and Debra Cerny P'20
David S. Chadwick P'74
Jason Chai P'19 and Vicki Z. Chai P'19
Robert C. Chamberlain P'04 and Diane T. Chamberlain P'04
Thiraphong Chansiri P'21
Luc Charles P'20
Neil F. Chatterton P'10 and Joanne L. Chatterton P'10
Shelley E. Cheche P'19
Abraham Chehebar '92 P'19'21 and Clarise Azout P'19'21 v
Jian P. Chen P'18
Sin Cheng P'20 and Sai M. Cheng P'20
Srinivasulu Chereddy P'16 and Sreedevi Chereddy P'16
Rajesh Chhabria P'17 and Sneha Chhabria P'17
Peter C. Chick MBA'71 P'92 •
Mark F. Chin P'18 and Melba Y. Chin P'18
Prasert Chirakiti P'16'21 and Sirikate Chirakiti P'16'21
Raman K. Chitkara P'14 and Sabina Chitkara P'14 •
KJ Choi P'20 and Kim Choi P'20
Luke K. Choi P'14'19 and Linda Y. Choi P'14'19
Chauncey Chu, Jr. P'04 and Barbara G. Chu P'04 •
Rex G. Ciavola P'18'21 and Carol R. Ciavola P'18'21
Lawrence Cicchetti P'16 and Karen Cicchetti P'16 •
Salvatore Civello P'18 and Susan Civello P'18
Mark C. Claflin P'18'20 and Jean S. Claflin P'18'20
Paul J. Cleary P'12 and Laura A. Cleary P'12
Donald C. Clemenzi P'20 and Gayle J. Clemenzi P'20
Meir Cohen P'16'19 and Glori Cohen P'16'19
Ron J. Cohen P'19 and Dorit H. Cohen P'19
Sidney Cohen P'17'18 and Tammy Cohen P'17'18
Fabio B. Colaferro P'20 and Claudia A. Colaferro P'20
Gordon R. Cole '59 P'84 and Rebecca B. Cole P'84
Anthony J. Collier P'09 and Pamela Collier P'09
Kathleen Collins P'20
Stuart Collins P'20 and Mary Collins P'20
James H. Colon P'19 and Ladora J. Colon P'19
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Connors P'93
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Conroy P'00'05'06 ••
Fermin Contreras P'16 and Maria Quintana P'16 •
Robert A. Cook MBA'79 P'02 and Janet S. Cook P'02
John S. Cookson MBA'68 P'93 and Marylin J. Cookson P'93 ••
Charles Coolahan P'20 and Kathleen Coolahan P'20
Sean Cooney and Ann Cooney
Sheila Copland P'78
Daniel P. Corcoran, Jr. MBA'89 and Ann M. Corcoran •
Russell V. Corsini, Jr. MBA'67 MP'03 and Althea H. Corsini MP'03 •• v
Alberto F. Cosio P'17'20 and Magdalena S. Cosio P'17'20
Robert A. Cotier P'12 and Janice P. Cotier P'12
Andrew J. Cousin P'20 and Judy T. Toran Cousin P'20 v
Judith Wright Cox '84 P'18 and Daniel J. Cox P'18
Gerald Craft P'20 and Autier Craft P'20
Benjamin Hooper Crawford, Jr. P'19 and Tamara Crawford P'19
Rose Ann Crisci P'15
Kevin P. Cronin MBA'87 P'19
Paul M. Crowley '78 MBA'81 P'12 and Katharine Kelly Crowley '78 MBA'88 P'12
James G. Czarnecki P'20 and Roberta N. Parker P'20
Jose F. Da Costa Gomez P'17 and Annelies H. Da Costa Gomez P'17
Gary A. Damiecki P'20 and Elizabeth A. Damiecki P'20
Stanley B. Danzig P'17 and Suzanne M. McNamara Danzig P'17
Said S. Darwazah P'15'20 and Mariana F. Melhem P'15'20 • v
Stephen E. Dauer P'20 and Mari Dauer P'20
Richard F. Dawson P'18 and Katherine T. Dawson P'18
Kathleen L. Dean MBA'93 P'17 and William J. Dean P'17
Peter J. Dean P'20 and Jamie H. Dean P'20
David J. Decker P'18 and Carin L. Decker P'18
Julie A DeForge P'19
Lupo M. del Bono '79 P'09 and Marie del Bono P'09 v
Robert DeLeon P'09 and Elaine M. DeLeon P'09
Norman J. DeLuca P'19 and Maria J. DeLuca P'19 v
Michael J. DeLucia P'20 and Kathy E. DeLucia P'20
Kaleb B. Demeksa P'19 and Yayne K. Gebremariam P'19
Timothy A. DeMello '81 P'18 v
Robert A. Dempsey MBA'75 MP'13 ••
Henry N. Deneault '70 MBA'72 MP'90 and Lola A. Deneault MP'90 v
Alex F. DeNoble P'18 and Amy J. DeNoble P'18
Barbara Deorsola P'17
Joseph P. DePietto P'18 and Lillian I. DePietto P'18
Stephane J. Dermond P'18 and Samantha A. Dermond P'18
John A. Dernavich '54 P'76 and Dorothy R. Dernavich P'76
Robert Devaney P'18 and Judith Devaney P'18
John F. Dewey, Sr. '49 MP'80 ••
Dawna Travis Dewire P'08'13 and Andrew Dewire P'08'13
Piero D. Di Capua P'15'17 and Laura Di Capua P'15'17
John T. Diamond P'20 and Teresa A. Diamond P'20
Giro DiBiase P'20 and Felicia DiBiase P'20
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis G. DiGangi P'94
Brian D. DiGiovanna P'10 and Martha L. DiGiovanna P'10
Ellen M. Dill P'17
Rodney C. Dill P'17
John R. DiMatteo '53 P'81'84 and Patricia H. DiMatteo P'81'84 ••
Kevin Dineen P'19 and Annie P. Dineen P'19
P. Kevin Dineen P'20 and Mary Ellen Dineen P'20
Peter H. Dinsmore '64 P'88 and Elizabeth Dinsmore P'88
Lidia E. Doddi P'09
Joel H. Doliner P'18 and Deborah S. Doliner P'18
Dan D. Donahue P'18
Jane C. Donahue P'18
Mark Doran P'19 and Beth W. Doran P'19
Patrick Dorgan P'02 and Rita R. Dorgan P'02 ••
Anthony R. Doris P'20
Bruce A. Douglas and Donna Douglas •
Carl L. Douglas P'11 and Ellen K. Douglas P'11
Konrad C. Dowling P'21
Timothy S. Drakeley '91 P'19 and Shelley A Drakeley P'19
Paul T. Driscoll P'15'20 and Jacqueline B. Driscoll P'15'20
James H. Droney P'17
Gladwin R. D'Souza P'21 and Siemyana M. D'Souza P'21
Heidi H. Duarte P'18 and Marcelo Q. Duarte P'18 v
Mario Dubovoy P'14 and Nina Dubovoy P'14 •
Timothy Duffy P'19 and Kimberly Duffy P'19
Paul Dunay P'16'21 and Isabel Dunay P'16'21
Philip L. Dunmire P'05 and Linda Sue Dunmire P'05
John T. Dunn P'20 and Maura Dunn P'20
Stephen T. Dupre P'17
Xenia A. Duris P'18
Paul Duseau P'16 and Renee Duseau P'16 •
Crosley M. Duson P'08 and Mary L. Duson P'08 ••
Paul F. Dynan P'19 and Meghan A. Dynan P'19
Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus J. Dziuba, Jr. P'06
Elton M. Edwards P'20 and Alma S. Cuffy-Edwards P'20
Gary J. Eigenberg P'07 and Charlene K. Eigenberg P'07
Jemmy Eka Putra P'20 and Yohana Mulyono Jo P'20
David Ekman P'17 and Paula Ekman P'17
David G. Elcock P'18 and Laura E. Elcock P'18
Edward Eldridge P'18 and Diana Eldridge P'18
Kenneth D. Elgart '53 MP'90 •
Greg M. Eliasen P'18 and Susan L. Eliasen P'18 v
Miled Ellis P'18 and Adriana Ellis P'18
Jonathan M. Endow P'17 and Tamie K. Endow P'17
Gary E. Enos P'13 and Margaret A. Enos P'13
James E. Erbs P'20 and Margaret S. Atkins P'20
Michael M. Errichetti P'20 and Margarita M. Errichetti P'20
Danny F. Erstein P'20 and Grace Bernal-Erstein P'20
Elyass Eshaghian P'17
Roberto R. Espin P'20 and Gilda Espin P'20
Fernando Espinosa P'17'21 and Claudia Espinosa P'17'21
Antonio V. Esteve P'17
Douglas B. Evans P'09 and Elizabeth D. Evans P'09 •
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Ewer P'00 ••
David A. Fabel P'18 and Melissa S. Fabel P'18
Harish M. Fabiani P'17 and Roopa H. Fabiani P'17 v
Stanley C. Fabianski, Jr. P'99'01 •
Thomas N. Farrey P'19 and Christine B. Farrey P'19
Carolina B. Fernandez P'14 and Jesus E. Fernandez P'14 v
Gary J. Fernquist '72 P'98 and Thora L. Fernquist P'98 * •
Rodrigo Ferrer P'08 and Barbara B. Ferrer P'08
Blaise Filsinger P'19 and Janet Filsinger P'19
Craig L. Fine P'06 and Ginny P. Fine P'06
Joseph P. Fingliss P'19 and Nancy J. Fingliss P'19
John W. Finik P'18 and Terri A. Finik P'18
Frank M. Fischer MP'06 and Jeanne Fischer MP'06 •• v
John P. Fischer P'17 and Susan W. Fischer P'17
James F. Fisher '83 P'14 and Christina A. Fisher P'14
David L. Fishkin P'19 and Judith A. Emmert P'19
Elaine Walker Fiske MBA'85 P'96
Joseph P. Flannery P'17 and Suzanne F. Flannery P'17
John M. Floegel P'18 and Christine Floegel P'18 v
Eli B. Florence P'14 and Donna M. Florence P'14 •
Dale J. Florio P'12 and Leslie S. Florio P'12
Steven C. Florsheim P'20 and Jennifer L. Friedes P'20
William M. Foltz P'19 and Robbie Foltz P'19
Linda S. Ford P'19
Robert Ford P'18 and Lauren Ford P'18
Christopher Forget P'20 and Mary Barr P'20
Francis X. Foster II '76 MBA'80 MP'13 and Theresa Hiatt Foster '76 MBA'81 MP'13 ••
Simon J. Foster P'17 and Nikki L. Sorum P'17
Thomas Foster P'18 and Christine Foster P'18
Christopher J. Fraleigh P'20 and Priscilla J. Fraleigh P'20 v
Ralph A. Frankel MBA'70 MP'03 and Bonnie Frankel MP'03 ••
Jeffrey Franklin P'16 and Tammy Franklin P'16
Peter S. Franklin P'12 and Jacqueline M. Franklin P'12
Barry M. Freedman '64 P'89
Bruce H. Freedman '70 MP'14 • v
Joseph Freeman P'15 and Alison Freeman P'15
Myra G. Friedland P'13
Michael H. Friedman P'18 and Sabitha S. Pillai P'18
Steven G. Funk P'13 and Carol H. Funk P'13
Douglas Gademsky P'20 and Leena Gademsky P'20
Ellen J. Galambos P'20 v
William R. Gallagher P'20 and Amy E. Gallagher P'20
Carlos Fernandez Gallardo P'15 v
Kenneth S. Gamer P'17 and Paula H. Gamer P'17
Jim Gandini P'19 and Cheryl Gandini P'19
Valerie C. Garland '91 P'19 and Peter B. Garland MBA'96 P'19
Douglas A. Garrote-Arango '87 P'20 and Davila Isabella Frances P'20
Bruce M. Garvin '60 MBA'66 P'94 and Sandra J. Garvin P'94
Clifford A. Gaysunas, Sr. '64 P'87 and Lorraine Gaysunas P'87
Zafer G. Gedeon Achi P'17 and Anne A. Van Gheluwe P'17
Bruno Genova P'17 and Maria Genova P'17
Albert N. Gentry III P'10 and Mary L. Gentry P'10
John J. Geverd P'08 and Teresa M. Geverd P'08
Rahman N. Ghadimi P'03 and Pantea Fiuzi P'03'20
Jim A. Gianelos P'19 and Anastasia Gianelos P'19
James E. Gilbert P'18 and Maureen D. Gilbert P'18
Kevin R. Gill P'17 and Rita L. Gill P'17 v
Daniel P. Gillis P'99 and Betsy W. Gillis P'99
Kevin Giovanucci P'17 and Bridget Giovanucci P'17
Lorne Giroux P'18 and Stephanie Giroux P'18
Hugh J. Glazer '77 P'13 and Linda Glazer P'13 v
Roger P. Glovsky P'20 and Sue Y. Wang P'20
Patrick Godfrey P'20 and Linda Godfrey P'20 v
Josette J. Goff P'79'83
Richard Henry Goihman '87 P'20 and Ivonn P. Goihman P'20
David B. Golder P'20
Marc Goldschmidt P'17 and Ann Goldschmidt P'17
Antonio D. Gonzalez Cortes P'20 and Tere Wagner P'20
Wanda Gonzalez P'18
Judith Goodman P'20
Gerald K. Goodwin MBA'84 P'98 and Noreen Goodwin P'98
Murray Goralnick '56 P'89 and Elaine Goralnick P'89
Pamela Gordon P'19
William L. Gordon P'14 and Victoria A. Gordon P'14
Brenda Goscha P'06
Raymond F. Gouley P'92
Constantinos A. Gounarakis P'20 and Kirra Gontika P'20
Sunil Goyal P'13'16'19 and Hina Goyal P'13'16'19 v
Dennis H. Grant P'20 and Tonya A. Grant P'20
John Gravallese P'16 and Deborah Gravallese P'16
Robert Graybill P'19 and Kimberly A. Graybill P'19 v
John M. Grayson MBA'97 P'20 and Lori A. Grayson P'20
Mr. and Mrs. Allan S. Green P'92
Peter W. Greenbacker P'08 and Joy Greenbacker P'08 ••
Richard J. Greene P'14 and Mary T. Greene P'14 •
David C. Greenfield P'17 and Kathryn M. Greenfield P'17
Elaine C. Greenfield P'20 and Susan D. Bleiwise-Greenfield P'20
Andrew M. Greenspan P'17 and Karen S. Greenspan P'17
Anthony J. Gruenling P'18 and Annemarie Gruenling P'18
Keith Grumer P'16 and Penny Grumer P'16
Ralph A. Guadagno P'20 and Christeen Guadagno P'20
Remir Guardazzi P'16 and Maria Guardazzi P'16 •
Joseph D. Guerette P'20 and Susan J. Guerette P'20
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Gunning, Sr. P'91 •
Kenneth I. Guscott P'20 and Valerie F. Whitmore-Guscott P'20
Jean-Paul Gut P'19
David F. Gwynn P'89 ••
Muhammad H. Habib '81 P'09 and Farah F. Habib P'09 •• v
Jeffery D. Hackett P'17 and Lauren E. Hackett P'17
James H. Haddad P'17 and Ricci Haddad P'17
James R. Hagerott P'17 and Karen A. Hagerott P'17
Elizabeth Moore Hagopian MBA'72 MP'05 and Robert W. Hagopian
Pliny Haislip P'17 and Debra Haislip P'17
Douglas S. Hall P'18 and Joanne Hall P'18
Jeffrey C. Hall P'11 and Lynda B. Hall P'11 •
Patrick F. Halpin P'13 and Patricia M. Halpin P'13
Andrew Ham P'17 and Karen Ham P'17
Frederic C. Hamilton '48 H'98 MP'82 *
Gwang H. Han P'19 and Mi K. Jung P'19
Michael J. Haney P'20 and Frances Haney P'20
Kathleen M. Hanwright P'20
Peter Harrigan P'18 and Gia Harrigan P'18
Sean J. Harrington P'20 and Laura L. Harrington P'20
Amy O. Haugen P'18
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Hayes P'05
Robert G. Heath P'05'12 and Linda V. Heath P'05'12
Kenneth S. Heatley P'17 and Camille R. Heatley P'17
Alvaro J. Heilbron P'17'19 and Tanya M. Heilbron P'17'19 v
Bruce W. Heller P'20 and Anna Vagin P'20
Edward Heller '61 P'91 and Beverly A. Heller P'91
Lisa Hellmuth Thomas P'17
Kirsten Arnhold Henderson MBA'95 P'20 and Blake M. Henderson
Michael J. Hennigan P'20 and Christine P. Hennigan P'20
Jason S. Henris P'17 and Sarah C. Henris P'17
William K. Henry P'19 and Anna Marie Henry P'19
Charles Hermanowski P'17 and Marla Hermanowski P'17
Marc Herrmann P'20'20 and Jill Herrmann P'20'20
Curt J. Hess P'20 and Ann Marie Hess P'20 v
Robert Heywood P'17 and Renee Heywood P'17
Todd J. Hinton P'17 and Theresa A. Hinton P'17
Emin Hitay P'18 and Cigdem Hitay P'18
O. Wayne Hodges MBA'70 P'14 and Robin Carter P'14 ••
R. Christopher Hoehn-Saric P'17 and Pamela Hoehn-Saric P'17
Pope Hoffman '69 P'96 •
Robert S. Hoffman III '60 P'00 and Susan G. Hoffman P'00
Richard Holman P'20 and Jodi K. Holman P'20
Elaine Coombs Holmes P'16 and Garry R. Holmes P'16 • v
Allison Holtzman P'19
David K. Hood P'19 and Michaela A. Hood P'19
Andrew P. Horbowy P'18 and Lynda T. Talbot P'18
Robert W. Horgan '66 P'14
John Howard P'16 and Elizabeth Howard P'16 •
Richard E. Howe P'03 and Anne L. Howe P'03
Wen-Lin Hsieh P'20 and Chia-Tze Lee P'20
Lori Hull-Grommesh P'20
James J.K. Hung MBA'71 P'99'01 and Daisy Hung P'99'01 • v
Mr. and Mrs. Everest C. Hunter P'92
Thieu Huynh P'20 and Kim Huynh P'20
Massimo Iacono '83 P'15 and Ginevra Carraro Iacono P'15 •
Marc R. Iacovelli P'13 and Carol A. Iacovelli P'13
Paul J. Iantosca '74 P'00
Raveendra Ika P'19 and Gayatri Ika P'19 v
Krassimir Iliev P'18 v
Fausto Innamorati P'20 and Maria R. Ciccia P'20
Ron D. Innes P'18 and Michelle N. Innes P'18
Lauri Isbrandtsen P'94
Jorge Quilodran Israel C'03 P'20 and Daniella P. Rodriguez P'20
Salah Izzedin P'20 and Diane Izzedin P'20
Anthony C. Jacks P'18 and Sharon K. Mays Jacks P'18
Laura Solowski Jacobi '75 P'14 and William R. Jacobi P'14 ••
Melvin S. Jacobs '70 P'95 •
Vivek Jain MBA'83 P'07 and Meeta Jain P'07 v
Elaine Orszak Jamison P'93 •
Steven Jarecki P'20
Gregory J. Jaun P'19 and Cynthia P. Jaun P'19
Eric Jensen P'20 and Marie Jensen P'20
Deepak Jethwani P'20 and Deeni D. Jethwani P'20 v
Patricia Jimenez P'16
Kobchai Jitsakula P'19 and Jongratnaree Jitsakula P'19
Eric G. Johnson '72 P'08 • v
Brian K. Jones P'19 and Sherry A. Jones P'19
Jeffrey D. Jones P'17 and Rebecca A. Jones P'17
Christopher Jordan P'16 and Sandra Jordan P'16
Francis M. Jozefick P'20 and Kelley A. Jozefick P'20
Sung Jung P'20 and Susan Kim P'20
Laura A. Jurkiewicz P'21
William P. Juzwiakowski P'94 and Jocelyn B. Juzwiakowski P'94
Francics Kane P'18 and Karen l. Kane P'18
Hyunjung D. Kang P'19
Teresa R. Kaplan P'18
Rajiv Kapur P'18 and Bela Kapur P'18
Armen Karozichian P'20 and Kathleen Karozichian P'20
Ricardo Kassin '87 MBA'89 P'17'19 and Vera N. Kassin P'17'19
Naveen Kathuria P'20 and Sanjana Kathuria P'20
Leonardo Katz P'17'21'21 and Pearl Lynn Katz P'17'21'21
Douglas Slavin Kaufman '85 P'18 and Elizabeth B. Kaufman P'18 • v
Stuart I. Kaufman '64 P'93 and Mary Ann Kaufman P'93
John P. Keating P'18 and Ingrid E. Keating P'18
John R. Keeler P'19 and Erika Boom P'19
Costas Kellas P'18 and Kim Kellas P'18
Bruce F. Kelley P'18 and Louise E. Kelley P'18
John J. Kelley III P'18 and Barbara A. Kelley P'18
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene V. Kelly P'84 ••
Kevin L. Kelly P'20 and Manuela Kelly P'20
Christopher Kent P'09 and Brenda Sprague Kent P'09
Robert Keys P'18 and Sandra Keys P'18
Sakate Khaitan P'19 and Pratibha Khaitan P'19 v
Rajesh R. Khemlani P'18 and Lavisha R. Khemlani P'18
Christopher J. Knoedler P'17 and Ellen L. Abeln P'17
James T. Kohan P'08 and Pamela L. Kohan P'08
Eric L. Kohlmeier P'18 and Elizabeth A. Galderisi-Kohlmeier P'18
Boris Komm P'10 and Valentina Komm P'10 ••
Bernard J. Kosicki P'19 and Margo P. Kosicki P'19
Joseph W. Kotulich P'17 and Ileana C. Kotulich P'17
Lauri Jo L. Kotzen P'14
Markus T. Krautli '81 P'12 and Melissa Krautli P'12 •• v
Vladislav Krichevskiy P'19 and Olga Krichevskaya P'19
Velmanikandan Krishnaswami P'18 and Kavitha Velmanikandan P'18
Anne M. Krueger P'10 •
Kristen Kruse P'20
Michael R. Kubik P'19 and Suzanne B. Kubik P'19 v
Helena R. Lademo P'15 •
Jean R. Lafleur P'18 and Mirianne M. Lafleur P'18
Mr. and Mrs. James LaFreniere P'06
Jeff Lai P'19 and Shirley Lai P'19
Vincent J. Lamoriello P'17 and Nancy I. Lamoriello P'17
Samuel A. Landy P'17 and Laurie G. Landy P'17 v
Robert B. Lane P'19 and Nancy B. Lane P'19
Pimjai Leeissaranukul P'13 and Apichat Laochinda P'13 • v
Ana C. Larrea MBA'87 P'16 and Artur Jotic P'16
Robert Laurenzo P'15 and LeeAnn Laurenzo P'15
David Laverty P'20 and Cathleen Laverty P'20
Flavio Leao P'17 and Monica Leao P'17
John G. Legg, Jr. '49 MP'03 *
Charles E. Lehr P'19 and Lora A. Lehr/Scharlau P'19
Bruce Lehrman P'18 and Kim Lehrman P'18
David M. Lennon P'18 and Helenia A. Lennon P'18
Damaris Leon P'20
Vicente Leon P'20 and Lorena Wiese P'20
Martin J. Leonard P'19 and Diana M. Leonard P'19
Seth H. Lerner '86 P'17 and Marci Jo Soreff Lerner '86 MBA'91 P'17 •
Theodore I. Les '76 P'10 and Jane K. Les P'10 •
Stephen V. Lewis III '69 MP'03 and Joan G. Lewis MP'03
William A. Lewis P'18 and Julie A. Lewis P'18
Ning Li '80 P'18 and Margaret Lee P'18
Xiaofeng Li P'19 and Ping Chen P'19
Michael Licata P'19 and Catherine Licata P'19
Gary P. Lidington P'18 and Carol A. Lidington P'18
Joseph A. Lima MBA'76 MP'01 ••
Jeffrey A. Liskov P'19 and Tricia P. Liskov P'19
Ricardo J. Litvak MBA'87 P'20 and Neda Meghnot Litvak MBA'87 P'20
Gang Liu P'18 and Amy L. Yi P'18
Zhi Su Liu P'18 and Hai Yin Zeng P'18
David C. Lockwood P'19 and Rosamond Lockwood P'19
Suchitra Lohia P'06'15 and Aloke P. Lohia P'06'15 v
Daniel M. Lomba P'17
Elizabeth M. Lorusso P'15
Gilbert E. Losi P'19 and Julie A. Losi P'19
Dennis J. Lowry P'18 and Maureen W. Lowry P'18
Richard E. Lucas '51 MP'10
Michael Lucero P'20 and Macs Lucero P'20
Darcie A. Lugus P'20
Andronico C. Luksic, Jr. '76 H'04 P'04'06'11'14 •• v
Peter H. Lunder P'86'90 and Paula Crane Lunder P'86'90 ••
John C. Lundy '65 P'89 and Linda S.D. Lundy P'89
Arline A. MacCormack MP'16 v
Ann H. MacCune P'12'14'20
David B. MacDonald '78 MP'07
Josef Macicek P'12 and Olyana Matsichkova P'12 •
John S. Mackiewicz P'17 and Poline L. Mackiewicz P'17
Mark Maclay '73 P'05
Phil J. Madden P'17 and Mary E. Madden P'17
Marty R. Maddox P'17 and Shree L. Maddox P'17
Vincent A. Maetta P'20
Joel S. Magolnick P'18 and Elena M. Magolnick P'18
John L. Maguire '82 P'16 and Brenda Maguire P'16
Bradford M. Maher '86 P'16 •• v
Ganeshan Maheshwaran P'19 and Jeyachithra Maheshwaran P'19
John P. Majewski P'20 and Lisa M. Majewski P'20
Theodore P. Malek P'04 and Patricia S. Fritzsche P'04 ••
Frederick J. Maley P'17 and Elizabeth M. Maley P'17
John M. Malloy P'20 and Kendra L. Malloy P'20
Monica S. Malo P'12
Hyman Mamiye P'16 and Marlene Mamiye P'16
Anthony Mampilly P'18 and Asha Mampilly P'18
Stanley Mandel P'17
Susan Mandel P'17
Peter F. Mangan '78 P'14 and Sharon R. Mangan P'14 ••
Kevin E. Mankouski P'20 and Roxann L. Mankouski P'20
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome J. Manning P'93
David W. Marchetti P'18 and Kathleen A. Marchetti P'18
Karla Markin P'17
David M. Marks '75 and Margaret Marks v
Frank F. Marmorek '65 P'06 and Kathleen B. Marmorek P'06
Melissa C. Marsted P'17
Grant E. Martin P'18 and Lisa A. Martin P'18
Pedro A. Martin P'17 and Magala M. Martin P'17 • v
Gherlin C. Martinez P'18
John A. Martino P'19 and Christine C. Martino P'19 v
Guillermo Mascarenas '76 P'06
Joseph A. Mascaro P'09 and Kathleen M. Mascaro P'09
Jeff Masingill P'17 and Beth Masingill P'17
Ronald P. Masnicki P'97'00 and Virginia A. Masnicki P'97'00
Deron Matsuoka P'15 and Carol Matsuoka P'15
Charles Matthews P'18 and Brunetta Matthews P'18
Carlos J. Mattos MBA'76 P'17'20 • v
Jaime E. Mayol P'18 and Lenora A. Mayol P'18 v
Mr. and Mrs. David McAndrew P'05
Polly McCabe P'20 and Michael McCabe P'20
Tim G. McCahan P'19 and Elizabeth R. Mccahan P'19
Jan McCarthy-Gill P'19
John Joseph McCauley III '76 MP'17
Edward J. McCormack P'18 and Cheryl A. McCormack P'18
Peter P. McDermott II '76 P'10 and Charlotte B. McDermott P'10 ••
Andrew L. McDonald P'19 and Sharon S. McDonald P'19
Andrew F. McDougle P'17 and Carol E. Sullivan P'17
Robert McEachern P'18 and Mary McEachern P'18
Lisa Gonnella McGlinn '91 P'20 and John F. McGlinn III P'20 •
Timothy C. McGuinness P'18 and Tracy M. McGuinness P'18
William J. McHale P'19 and Donna L. McHale P'19
Angus P. McIntyre, Jr. P'04 and Jannett McIntyre
Edward F. McKenna P'17 and Susan W. McKenna P'17
Mary McManus P'94
James O. McMorrow P'18 and Mary P. McMorrow P'18
James T. McVey P'20 and Kelly E. McVey P'20
Joseph M. McWeeney P'17'19 and Dorothy M. McWeeney P'17'19
Saket S. Mehta '94 P'20 and Meenti S. Mehta P'20
Swathanthra K. Melekote P'19 and Gayethri Narayanswamy P'19
Paul S. Mellen P'20 and Karen M. Mellen P'20
Ramon A. Mendiola '86 P'20 and Marion Beutel P'20 v
Ruth Mendoza P'19
Kristen Mensing '98
Dave J. Merrigan P'18 and Katherine D. Merrigan P'18
Peter V. Merullo P'17 and Suzanne R. Merullo P'17
Lawrence J. Metz '71 P'05 and Paula Metz P'05
Paul W. Meyer '53 P'80 and Elise Meyer P'80 ••
George Michalke, Jr. P'19 and Kathleen Michalke P'19
Lawrence W. Milas '58 H'06 MP'90
Elie Milhem '84 MBA'85 P'12'15'18 and Helen Milhem P'12'15'18 v
Gary C. Miller '72 P'07 and Arlene P. Miller P'07 •• v
Richard K. Miller P'02 and Beth Miller P'02 • v
Robert H. Miller, Jr. '78 P'14 and Barbara R. Miller P'14
Jose Minana P'17 and Vivien Minana P'17
Sharon Nagin Mintz P'19 and Lloyd Mintz P'19 •
David Mitchell P'20 and Kileen Mitchell P'20
Walter C. Mitchell P'05 and Sylvia M. Mitchell P'05 ••
Madhav Mohan P'18 and Rohini Mohan P'18
Chandler J. Moisen '58 MBA'72 P'77'84'06 and Dolores Moisen P'77'84'06 ••
James T. Molina P'20 and Janice L. Molina P'20
Marc A. Montanari MBA'86 P'16 and Lynne Montanari P'16 •
Gonzalo Montenegro P'20 and Monica Nieme P'20 v
Nancy Morganstern MP'83 ••
Jeffry M. Morrison '86 P'19 and Mary Powers P'19
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Morrissey P'99 ••
John Mortimer P'18 and Dorine Mortimer P'18
Michael J. Morton P'17 and Gloria J. Morton P'17
Todd Mosenthal P'19 and Patricia Mosenthal P'19
Matthew Mosher P'16
Joyce Moss P'19
Steve N. Moutopoulos P'18 and Sheila A. Moutopoulos P'18
Michael D. Mowles P'13
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Mullin P'05 ••
John B. Murdock P'15 and Lynn J. Murdock P'15 •
Donna M. Murphy MBA'86 P'08 and Richard J. Murphy P'08 •
Kathleen Murphy P'19
Ronald V. Musto P'10 and Michele A. Musto P'10 ••
James Mycock P'19 and Linda Mycock P'19
David Myers P'19 and Heather Myers P'19
Srinivasa R. Nagalla P'19 and Sandhya V. Koppula P'19
Michael Nakahara P'20 and Lisa Nakahara P'20
Jeff Nanfelt P'20 and Diane Nanfelt P'20
Lori Nash P'20
Jane M. Neal P'18
Lenworth A. Nelson P'17
Pierre Neury P'06 and Christina Neury P'06 ••
John D. Nichols, Jr. '82 P'11 and Nancy M. Nichols P'11 v
James H. Nilsson, Jr. '74 P'02
Joseph W. Nocchi P'20 and Donna M. Nocchi P'20
Richard S. Nohelty MBA'92 P'18 and Tammy Nohelty P'18 v
David S. Notkin MBA'88 P'18'18 and Beth Notkin P'18'18 •
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. O'Brien, Jr. P'05 ••
Gregory G. O'Brien M'83 P'07'11 and Christine M. O'Brien • v
Jack O'Donoghue P'18 and Lisa O'Donoghue P'18
Kevin M. O'Halloran P'18 and Julie R. O'Halloran P'18
David R. Ojerholm '83 P'18 and Darlene E. Ojerholm P'18 ••
Russell M. Oki P'20 and Lisa N. Oki P'20
Juan R. Olea P'20 and Florina J. Lezama P'20
David B. Oliger P'20 and Kathleen M. Oliger P'20
Joseph N. Olivere '95 P'13 and Jayne H. Olivere P'13
Ming T. Ongkwan P'20 and Sunjijati Kurniawan P'20
Alfred V. Pace P'20 and Karen C. Pace P'20 v
David C. Page '88 P'20 and Hope Page MBA'99 P'20
Donald B. Page P'83 ••
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Page III P'88 •
John W. Paine P'04'07 and Martha C. Paine P'04'07
Carlos E. Palacios '70 P'96 and Monica Palacios P'96
Lisa Papel P'19
Nayan S. Parekh P'20 and Purvi N. Parekh P'20
Vance J. Parente P'19 and Jacqueline Parente P'19
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Parker P'96
Roberto L. Parra P'20 and Claudia V. Builes P'20
Pavel Pascaru P'21 and Svetlana Pascaru P'21
Mayur B. Patel P'09 and Kalpana M. Patel P'09 •
Keith A. Patriquin '86 MBA'00 P'18 and Margaret L. Patriquin P'18 ••
Cheryl R. Paulson P'19 v
Julie Paver P'20
Robert L. Paver P'20
Anthony Pavlo P'18 and Lydia Pavlo P'18
Samuel A. Peal P'18 and Michelle P. Peal P'18
Javier Perez-Abreu P'13'17 and Dulce M. Perez-Abreu P'13'17
Alan L. Perlman P'17 and Michele V. Perlman P'17
Raffaele V. Perna P'11 and Mariella G. Perna P'11 ••
Joanne Perreault P'19
Donald H. Peterson P'18 and Julia E. Croft P'18
Glenn E. Petillo P'18 and Irene D. Petillo P'18
Kay Phelan P'20
Steven P. Phillips P'17 and Maria C. Phillips P'17
William C. Phillips P'17 and Patricia D. Phillips P'17
Jill Piispanen P'18
Richard K. Pilavin P'14 and Anneke Pilavin P'14
Fernando Pinera, Sr. P'20
George L. Place '62 MP'93 and Carolyn A. Langdon-Place
Richard J. Pollard P'20 and Helene P. Keyzer P'20
Daniel Pompa P'19 and Christina Pompa P'19
William W. Post P'19 and Kelly A. Post P'19
Elizabeth P. Powell MBA'76 MP'01 and David G. Powell MP'01 •• v
Ingrid Prasatya P'19 v
Jesse M. Putney '56 MBA'59 P'90 and Sue Putney P'90 •
Dat Quach P'15 and Lang Ngo P'15
Tracey J. Quade P'20
James Quine P'19 and Crystal Quine P'19
Brian R. Quinlan P'20 and Pamela R. Quinlan P'20
John P. Quinn P'15'19 and Alissa M. Quinn P'15'19 •
Rudolph Raffone P'19 and Andrea Raffone P'19
Bhaskar N. Raju P'20 and Arathi B. Raju P'20 v
Jitendra T. Ramani P'18 and Roshini Ramani P'18
Roy Ramsarran P'20 and Francina Ramsarran P'20
Peyman Rashtchi P'19 and Mia M. Rashtchi P'19 v
Charles H. Ratner P'20 and Mindi Ratner P'20
Daniel M. Ravetier P'15 and Christine M. Ravetier P'15
Bhaskar Ray P'18 and Poonam Ray P'18 v
John P. Reagan P'20 and Lisa A. Reagan P'20
Amanda G. Reed P'19
Kathryn J. Regan P'92'00 and John J. Regan P'92'00
Michael Regan P'19
Artur Regen P'20 and Giedre M. Regen P'20
Robert S. Reisman MBA'73 MP'06 and Maria Reisman MP'06 ••
Terry R. Reisner P'17 and Glenna C. Reisner P'17
Kevin W. Remley P'20 and Claudia P. Remley P'20
David W. Rezendes P'20 and Dolores M. Rezendes P'20
Diego X. Ribadeneira '66 P'98 and Helena R. Ribadeneira P'98
Francisco J. Riberas P'13'15
Glenn Ricciardelli '79 P'09 and Karin L. Ricciardelli P'09 •• v
Joe M. Ricciardi P'18 and Barbara H. Ricciardi P'18
John A. Ricciardi, Jr. '92 P'17
Robert J. Rice P'17 and Julia B. Rice P'17 •
Stephen C. Richards P'14 and Christine A. Richards P'14 • v
Lynford M. Richardson '58 MBA'70 P'87 and Rose Marie B. Richardson P'87 •
Robert L. Riemer '62 MP'97 and Stepheny Riemer MP'97
Gina P. Rios P'20
Alan Rippe P'20 and Patricia G. Rippe P'20
Peter Rispoli P'14 and Donna M. Di Ianni P'14
Allison Robinson P'20
Larry J. Rocha P'14 and Candace F. Rocha P'14 •
Daniel A. Roche P'20 and Pamela M. Roche P'20
John M. Rochford P'17 and Virginia L. Rochford P'17
David F. Rodriguez P'20 and Stefania E. Rodriguez P'20
Elena P. Rodriguez P'11 •
Philip Roeper P'20 and Robin L. Roeper P'20
Derrick A. Roman '85 P'18 and Chevelle A. Roman P'18
Regis A. Romero Villalba P'18 and Paola M. Robertti Arambulo P'18 v
Thomas W. Rooke '78 P'08 and Alice F. Rooke P'08 ••
Sean T. Rorke P'20
Timothy J. Rosa P'20 and Deborah A. Rosa P'20
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas F. Rose P'06 •
Timothy A. Roseen P'19 and Catherine A. Swalec Roseen P'19
John B. Rothenberger '66 P'01 and Gloria B. Rothenberger P'01 ••
Kenneth J. Rotunno P'17 and Deborah A. Rotunno P'17
Thomas K. Rubeck P'19 and Melanie M. Downie-Rubeck P'19
Leon Ruben P'20 and Diana Sutton de Ruben P'20
Terry Rubenfeld P'18 and Carrie Rubenfeld P'18
Lawrence K. Rubin P'17 and Melissa P. Rubin P'17
John M. Ryan and Patricia S. Ryan
Robert L. Ryan P'20 and Susanna Ryan P'20
Richard F. Ryon '72 P'01 and Catherine T. Ryon P'01
Gabriel R. Safdie MBA'86 P'09'15 and Sally Safdie P'09'15 v
Phyllis Sagan P'87
Devesh S. Sahney P'17 and Aarti D. Sahney P'17
Nadine Salem P'20
Manjini Saminathan P'13 and Thamarai Saminathan P'13
Carthell Sanders P'19 and Renee L. Sanders P'19
Jose M. Sandoval P'18 and Amy L. Peterson P'18
Jorge Sangurima P'20 and Esthela C. Chumbi P'20
Wanda Y. Santana P'20
Raghu Santhanam P'18 and Chand Gidwani P'18 v
Pedro J. Sarabia P'20 and Carlina Sarabia Ramirez P'20
David W. Sargent '82 P'12 v
Scott S. Scarpato MBA'83 P'10 and Patricia A. Scarpato P'10 ••
Garry Schechner P'17 and Eileen Schechner P'17
Anita C. Schirm P'17
James Schoenadel P'18 and Kimberly Lucey P'18
Robert E. Schofield '58 P'82 and Penelope P. Schofield P'82 •• v
Thomas H. Schrette P'19 and Elizabeth A. Schrette P'19
Fred L. Schuster P'20 and Maura S. Schuster P'20 v
Daniel B. Scott P'20 and Michele L. Scott P'20 v
Ronald J. Searles P'17 and Ritamarie E. Searles P'17
Drue D. Secrist P'15 and Debbie R. Secrist P'15
Winit Sereeyothin P'20'21 and Napak Sereeyothin P'20'21
Rudyval Serna P'20 and Gail Serna P'20
Maria Serpentino '78 P'05 ••
Juan C. Serrano P'18'18'21 and Maria Cecilia Paez P'18'18'21 v
Somchit Sertthin '74 P'05 and Piyaratana S. Sertthin P'05
Atul Sethi P'20 and Sunita Sethi P'20
Chockchai Sethiwan P'18 and Porntip Sethiwan P'18 v
Richard A. Sette P'20 and Jeanmarie Sette P'20
Sharon S. Sewall P'19
Christine Seward P'19
Nadim M. Shabout P'19 and Azmeena V. Shabout P'19
Charles Shapiro P'18 and Beth Shapiro P'18
Francis P. Shea P'17 and Carolyn M. Shea P'17
William T. Shea '73 MBA'80 P'99 and Sandra Shea P'99
William Sheldon P'16 and Joanne Sheldon P'16 •
Scott D. Sherman P'17 and Karen B. Sherman P'17
Michael J. Shimoko P'16
Marc B. Shipon P'19 and Sima Karpel-Shipon P'19
Mark F. Shippee P'19 and Karen M. Shippee P'19
Kathy G. Shiroki P'20
Michael E. Shivers P'17 and Catherine M. Shivers P'17
Deepak P. Shivnani P'18 and Lavina G. Moorjani P'18
Glenn Shorette P'14 and Jodie Shorette P'14
Joel M. Shulman P'12'14'20
David H. Sigl P'19 and Kada M. Sigl P'19
Jerry L. Silberman P'20 and Denise A. Silberman P'20
Salvatore B. Simeone '48 MP'90 and Mary Simeone MP'90
Michael R. Simmons P'03 and Jane F. Simmons P'03 •
James R. Simpson MBA'75 P'01 and Lynn G. Simpson P'01
Roy Simpson P'18 and Sharon Schultz P'18
Stephen L. Sinsheimer P'20 and Jayne Sinsheimer P'20
Eugene S. Sirbaugh P'20 and Leslie L. Sirbaugh P'20
James E. Sklar P'17 and Valerie H. Sklar P'17
Naomi N. Skoler MP'96
Anita J. Slater P'19
Gerald D. Smith P'20 and Kimberly P. Smith P'20
Greg Smith P'19 and Susan Smith P'19
Katharine K. Smith P'08 ••
Ronald B. Smith, Jr. '60 P'05 and Joan G. Smith P'05
Pamela A. Snyder P'04 ••
Richard J. Snyder '60 H'94 P'93'01 and Marilyn B. Snyder MBA'80 P'93 •• v
Anne E. Sofronas P'85'90
Paul Solano
Hatem Soliman MP'17
Ronald Alan Soly P'12'18 and Karen Soly P'12'18
Peng Song P'20 and Haily Ng P'20
Sandeep Soni P'20 and Ekta Soni P'20 v
Richard W. Sorenson MBA'68 P'97'00 and Sandra L. Sorenson P'97'00 ••
Rafael Sosa P'20 and Guilaine Sosa P'20
Wesley W. Sparks '77 MBA'80 P'09 and Pamela Anderson Sparks '78 P'09 ••
Arthur P. Spilios '61 MP'03
Andrew J. Spinnell P'20 and Natalie K. Spinnell P'20
Steven C. Spirito P'20 and Nancy R. Spirito P'20
Anthony Spitz P'18 and Marina Spitz P'18
Burton T. Spottiswoode '55 P'95
Gerald F. Sprague '72 P'07
James St. Jean P'20 and Cynthia St. Jean P'20
Dwinal E. St. Peter P'17 and Lisa M. St. Peter P'17
Scott Stauffer P'17 and Jill Stauffer P'17
John P. Stearns P'81 and Winifred Anthony Stearns P'81 ••
James T. Stento, Jr. '80 P'13 and Carol Hasenfus Stento '80 P'13 •
Michael D. Sternweiler P'16 and Vivian S. Sternweiler P'16
Craig E. Stetson P'19 and Yoko Moriya P'19
Anne H. Stickney '74 MBA'78 P'11
Clark A. Straight '69 P'95 and Veronica Straight P'95
Austin Su P'10 and Czarina Su P'10
Rajesh Subramaniam P'18 and Uma Rajesh P'18
Lori A. Sullivan P'16 and Steven J. Sullivan P'16
Mark L. Sullivan MBA'70 MP'15
Robert M. Sullivan '88 P'19 and Cheryl A Sullivan P'19
Thomas S. Sullivan, Sr. P'06'11 and Carolyn A. Sullivan P'06'11
Edmund James Sun P'16 and Maria Veronica Sun P'16
Steven M. Surdell P'19 and Jennifer T. Nijman P'19 v
Larry Sutikno P'18 and Anastasia M. Sutikno P'18
Aaron Sutton P'19 and Melinda Roberto P'19
Paul E. Sveen P'19 and Lauren M. Sveen P'19
Suzanne C. Swain P'18
Linda Brown Swallow '83 P'17 and Albert G. Swallow P'17
Elizabeth Swanson P'19
Jonathan H. Sweeney P'17 and Barbara A. Sweeney P'17
Nancy B. Sweeney P'20
Michael S. Symanski P'10 and Bernadette M. Symanski P'10 ••
Slawomir Szymanski P'19 and Monika Szymanska P'19
Christian Tabet P'18'19 and Lara Farha P'18'19 v
David A. Takami P'18 and Mary W. Packard P'18
Tracy J. Taleck P'19
Daniel M. Talman P'20 and Susan LM Talman P'20
Michael J. Talotta P'14 and Tammy L. Talotta P'14
Richard Tamulionis P'20
Jee Lim Tan P'20 and Sow Mai Chay P'20
Ross Tannenbaum P'19 and Eileen Tannenbaum P'19
Beth Tarantino P'93
Bruce W. Taylor '77 MP'15 • v
Marcel Telles P'15 •
Douglas B. Tendler '66 P'98 and Jane Tendler P'98
Bryan Erwin Tenorio P'17 and Kristel T. Tenorio P'17
Laura E. Teran '89 P'19 and Benito Zapata '90 P'19 v
Rawat Thamparanon P'19 and Kanchana Thamparanon P'19
David M. Theriault '85 P'20
Kathleen Theriault P'20
Jane A. Thompson P'19
John R. Thorbahn P'19 and Jana B. Thorbahn P'19
Dennis A. Tighe P'15 and Leslie V. Tighe P'15
Mary S. Timpany P'20
Alan R. Titelbaum P'10 and Deborah A. Titelbaum P'10
James F. Titus MBA'59 P'83'84 and Janice S. Titus P'84
Danny A. Tomassini P'19 and Nancy A. Tomassini P'19
Giuseppe F. Torre '62 P'93
Richard F. Torre '72 MBA'80 P'07'08 and Patricia B. Torre P'07'08
David S. Towers P'18 and Lisa L. Towers P'18
Ricardo N.C. Tracewski P'06 ••
David M. Tracht '63 P'07 and Anne M. Tracht P'07 ••
Ernesto Traulsen P'19 and Barbara Traulsen P'19 v
Serge Troyanovsky P'19 and Yelena Yoffe P'19
Peter E. Tryhane P'13 and Diane E. Martin-Tryhane P'13 •
James R. Tucker P'11'12 and Judith A. Tucker P'11'12
Robert M. Turner P'07 and Leslie S. Turner P'07 •• v
William W. Turpin P'15 and Ann L. Leavesley-Turpin P'15
Wolodymyr Tymkiv P'20 and Tanya Tymkiv P'20
Tierry Tzau P'16 and Susanna Tzau P'16
Yodjin Uahwatanasakul '60 H'94 P'99 and Supanya Uahwatanasakul P'99
Santiago M. Ulloa P'19'21 and Giulietta M. Ulloa P'19'21
Gretchen Ulrickson P'20
John Urisko P'17 and Karen C. Urisko P'17
Naresh V. Uttamchandani P'20 and Jaishrie N. Uttamchandani P'20
Matthew A. Vacaro P'14 and Paula Screnci-Vacaro P'14 • v
Guillermo Vadell P'19 and Mylene Caballero-Vadell P'19
Thomas Valente P'20 and Deirdre LS Valente P'20
John Van Amsterdam P'20 and Kristine Van Amsterdam P'20 v
Brenda van den Berg P'20
Robert W. Vandervalk P'19 and Jane M. Vandervalk P'19
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas E. Vaream P'91
Serge Varsano P'15'17 and Katarzyna Varsano P'15'17 •
George Vasiliades P'19 and Eva N. Vasiliades P'19
Haresh J. Vaswani P'20 and Simmie H. Vaswani P'20
Ravi H. Vazirani P'11 and Jyoti R. Vazirani P'11
Rosa J. Vazquez P'01
Stephen C. Veilleux P'04 and Kathryn S. Veilleux P'04
Richard B. Ventura, Jr. '88 P'20 and Kristine Hilton Ventura '91 P'20
Victor G. Ventura P'14'18 and Patricia A. Ventura P'14'18 •
Peter M. Villari P'17 and Jeanine M. Villari P'17 v
German Vite P'20 and Mariela Vite P'20
Khalid S. Vohra P'17 and Farhana K. Vohra P'17 v
Vibul Vongsiridej P'10'13 and Patcharin Vongsiridej P'10'13
Hans M. Wagner P'19 and Joanna G. Wagner P'19
Christopher J. Walker P'17 and Susan T. Walker P'17
Gregory Walsh P'15 and Mary Theresa Walsh P'15
James M. Walsh P'13 and Kimberly A. Walsh P'13
Michael C. Walsh P'09 and Betty J. Walsh P'09
Shizhen Wang P'20
Yeying Shi Wang P'19
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Waters P'05 ••
Queta M. Watson P'21
Paul O. Webber P'18 and Judith M. Webber P'18
David B. Weden '80 P'20 and Sheryl L. Weden P'20
Robert E. Weissman '64 H'94 P'87'90 and Janet Weissman P'87'90 •• v
Chuan Ming Wen P'20 and Shi Fen Li P'20
Scott Jay Wendell '88 P'20 and Michele Wendell P'20
Paul B. Wendler P'13 and Rebecca R. Wendler P'13
Joan E. Whalen MP
Scott D. Wheeler P'20 and Cynthia B. Wheeler P'20
John B. Whelan P'18 and Francesca M. Iaconi P'18
Charles Edwin White '76 P'05 and Katherine P. White P'05 •
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert E. White P'90 ••
Lisa Wilkins Doran P'20
Melanie Will P'18
Alan B. Williams P'13 and Diane P. Leonard P'13 •
John Roger Williams MP'03 ••
Robert G. Williams '56 P'82 and Rosalind W. Williams P'82
Tracey Williams P'20
Danielle T. Wilson P'20
Michael A. Wilson P'20 and Diana B. Wilson P'20
Bruce R. Wimperis P'10 and Deborah H. Wimperis P'10 ••
Bruce D. Winer '81 P'11 and Barbara P. Winer P'11 ••
Joseph L. Winn MBA'74 MP'15 and Gail Winn •• v
Theodore J. Wojnar, Jr. P'09'12 and Susan O. Wojnar P'09'12
Steven B. Wolfberg P'17 and Jennifer N. Wolfberg P'17
Jonathon Wolfson P'20 and Stephanie K. Wolfson P'20 v
Leonard S. Wollins '63 P'90 and Sheila R. Wollins P'90 •
John A. Wood P'10 and Katherine C. Wood P'10 ••
Allyn C. Woodward, Jr. '63 P'88'93 and Lois H. Woodward P'88'93 ••
Alfred F. Wright, Jr. '81 P'14 and Victoria Wright P'14
Henry Wu P'18 and Bi Hui Wu P'18
Shuyun Wu P'18 and Rachel Zhang P'18
Wade Wu P'19 and Shirley M. Wu P'19
Yan Wu P'19 and Hong Zhang P'19 v
Allyn Ming Yan P'20
Meijia Yang P'17 and Xuemei Cao P'17
Cheryl Yarter P'16
Nina Piken Yarus MBA'81 P'08 and Gary J. Yarus P'08 ••
Jacob Yasgur P'18 and Randi Yasgur P'18
Emanuel Yashari P'17 and Ramesh T. Yashari P'17
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome P. Yeasted P'05
William E. Yeo '68 P'00'02 and Cynthia F. Yeo P'00'02 ••
Chung H. Yim MBA'79 P'14 and Karen A. Yim P'14 v
John Yorio P'20 and Sheila Yorio P'20
Richard C. Young '63 P'92'94 and Deborah Young P'92'94
Thomas H. Young III P'89 and Susan Babson Young ••
Jun Yun P'19 and Yachin Bao P'19
Gina Zangrillo P'18
Allen G. Zaring III '63 P'91 and Anne Zaring P'91
John F. Zazyczny P'19 and Victoria W. Zazyczny P'19
David M. Zephyr P'19 and Elena M. Zephyr P'19
Yunya Zhang P'20 and Jiangtao Cai P'20
Juan Zhao P'17
Wuxin Zheng and Fang Fang
Gary L. Zwerling P'06 and Marie Zwerling P'06 •• v

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