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Parents and Friends

We recognize and thank parents of current students, and alumni and friends of the College who made gifts to Babson from July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015.

Jacques S. Abrams ••
Willam C. Ackerman P'18 and Lisa Allis P'18
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Adamczyk P'05 ••
Timothy Ahearn P'16
Issam Al Tawari P'15 and Khanssa Al Abdulkarim P'15
Joyce T. Nishio Alarcon P'02
Crystal J. Albert
Peter Alevizos P'16 and Nancy Alevizos P'16
Lenora Cole Alexander
Ejaz Ali P'12 and Femina Ali P'12
Jose M. Altgelt '77 P'08 and Diana M. Peet P'08
Sunhee An P'17
Sharon L. Andelman
Bruce W. Anderson '74 P'06 and Susan J. Anderson P'06 ••
Frohman Anderson P'16 and Kimberley Anderson P'16 v
Hodell Anderson M'70 P'92 and Virginia T. Anderson P'92 ••
Jon C. Anderson '75 P'04'08'13'13 and Lynn J. Anderson P'04'08'13'13
Richard S. Anderson
Shawn P. Andrew '86 P'14'19 and Ann Bishop Andrew '86 P'14'19
Anonymous (8)
Michael F. Anthony P'18
Wayne E. Anthony P'18 and Renee C. Anthony P'18
Gloria W. Appel *
Ruben E. Aranzabe P'17 and Carol Vega P'17
Rita Arendal
James D. Aronson '77 P'08
Kenneth R. Arthur P'18 and Jill S. Arthur P'18
Prasad R. Atluri P'18 and Radha R. Atluri P'18
Allen H. Attaway
Paquita Attaway
Tom M. Atwood P'18 and Pamela A. Atwood P'18
Audrey N. Austin
Bruce F. Avery '57 P'89 and Shirley S. Avery P'89 •
Deborah E. Babson •
Donald P. Babson * and Susan A. Babson *
Richard L. Babson •
Susan A. Babson * and Donald P. Babson *
Jose Baez P'10 and Almanda de la Cruz P'10
Mazaline H. Baird
Jeffrey Baker P'16'18 and Laurie Baker P'16'18 v
Mr. and Mrs. Morgan E. Baker
Wayne R. Baldelli P'09 and Colleen J. Baldelli P'09
Matthew Balic *
Stephen J. Balicki '76 and Judy N. Balicki
Steven Bandel P'16 and Minnie Bandel P'16 v
William E. Bankert
David J. Barber '81 P'16'17 and Dorie S. Barber P'16'17 v
Eduardo Barco '82 P'18 and Angela M. Tafur P'18 v
Todd Bard P'16 and Barbara Bard P'16
Brian M. Barefoot '66 H'09 MP'01 and Pamela P. Barefoot MP'01 v
Andrew N. Barr P'11 and Nancy Barr P'11 •
Thomas Barry P'17 and Erin Barry P'17
Donald Barsalou P'15 and Tina Barsalou P'15
Dana Bartholomew P'18 and Sophia Bartholomew P'18
Maurice B. Bastarache P'15 and Leslie J. Bastarache P'15
Arthur A. Bayer P'88 ••
Lillian McLean Beard
Terrence A. Beaton '83 P'11'19 and Lisa A. Beaton P'11'19
Darryl M. Beech P'17 and Marlene C. Beech P'17
Lee J. Belitsky M'93 P'17 and Janice A Belitsky P'17 ••
Mr. and Mrs. David Belka
Izzet I. Benadrete P'17
Carl Bender
Randall I. Benderson P'03'16 and Lori Benderson P'03'16
Gadi Benhamo P'17 and Victoria S. Benhamo P'17
Nicole Benoit P'16
Wayne A. Bergeron P'13 and Janine M. Bergeron P'13 •
Bernard G. Berkman '52 P'79 and Nancy J. Berkman P'79
Bret Bero P'14 and Joan Bero P'14
Angela McAlister Berry
Alan Beshansky P'17
Laura S. Beshansky P'17
David A. Bettles P'13 and Tracy O. Bettles P'13
Amit Bhatia
Slawomir Bialon P'16'19 and Malgorzata Bialon P'16'19
Polly Bidwell P'87 and Bennett E. Bidwell '52 H'74 P'87 *
Mykola Bilonog P'16 and Olena Bilonog P'16
Edith M. Bishop
Peter M. Black H'02 ••
Huntington Blatchford '63 P'89 and Sharon Blatchford P'89
Samuel W. Bodman
Mark M. Boe P'14 and Barbara J. Boe P'14
Herbert C. Boehm P'18 and Brenda A. Boehm P'18
Jeffrey T. Bogert '67 P'94 and Nancy C. Bogert P'94
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Bohsack P'98
Manuel G. Bonitatibus P'07 and Susan A. Bonitatibus P'07 ••
Phoebe Boone
John J. Borwick P'18 and Ingrid M. Borwick P'18
Marian C. Boullon P'10
Richard D. Bowman P'12 and Margaret A. Kiley P'12 •• v
Shirley L Bowser
Thelma R. Boykin
Tracine Bradstreet P'17
Brenton S. Brasher P'15 and Gabriela Kaiser Brasher P'15
Joseph P Brennan and Elizabeth Jane Brennan
Russell D. Brennen
David L. Brewer III
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bronner
Scott Brown P'18 and Jill V. Brown P'18
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Brunelle P'06 •
David J. Bucci P'17 and Lisa B. Mullins P'17
Steven M. Bunick P'15
Lowell R. Burk P'15 and Faith E. Burk P'15
Benjamin H. Burka P'08 and Ruth A. Burka P'08 •
W. Gregory Burrill P'04'04'06 and Elsie Burrill P'04'04'06 •• v
Andrew S. Burstiner P'17 and Michele L. Jacobson P'17 v
Steven M. Bushong M'89 P'16 and Isabelle P. Vuldy-Bushong M'89 P'16 • v
John E. Butler '52 P'84 and Alice L. Butler P'84 ••
M. Jean Butler
Sebastian Cabrera P'17
Robert A. Caggiano P'15 and Lea M. Caggiano P'15
James X. Cai P'17 and Emily H. Chen P'17
Ricardo E. Cajigas P'17 and Aleida S. Cajigas P'17
Richard D. Calmas P'17 and Ellen Cutler Calmas P'17
John C. Campbell P'11 and Wilma G. Campbell P'11
Anne Campisi
James L. Cantoni P'17 and Jacqueline A. Cantoni P'17
Mildred S. Carrethers
Cynthia S Carter
Daniel F. Casey P'17 and Sandra C. Casey P'17
Michael John Caslin III M'14 P'07 and Irene Caslin
Michael J. Caso P'13 and Jeanne A. Caso P'13
Mark E. Cassen P'10 •
Eric Castellar P'14
Robert H. Castellini P'92'94 and Susan Castellini P'92'94
Jeffrey G. Castle '75 M'76 P'01'03 and Suzanne D. Castle P'01'03 ••
Avery W. Catlin M'76 MP'11
Guy A. Cattaruzza P'15'17 and Lisa M. Cattaruzza P'15'17
Sarah Catz P'17
David S. Chadwick P'74
Robert C. Chamberlain P'04 and Diane T. Chamberlain P'04
Steve Chao P'11'12
K. Paul Chase '49 MP'84 *
Neil F. Chatterton P'10 and Joanne L. Chatterton P'10
Ji W. Chen P'15 and Zhuo Y. Guo P'15
Jian P. Chen P'18
Li C. Chen P'18
Haim Chera
Srinivasulu Chereddy P'16 and Sreedevi Chereddy P'16
Peter C. Chick M'71 P'92
Kannan Chidambaram P'16 and Geeta Kannan P'16
Raman K. Chitkara P'14 and Sabina Chitkara P'14 •
Chong Choi P'16
Sung Choi P'16 and Mi Choi P'16
Chauncey Chu, Jr. P'04 and Barbara G. Chu P'04
Rex G. Ciavola P'18 and Carol R. Ciavola P'18
Lawrence Cicchetti P'16 and Karen Cicchetti P'16
Salvatore Civello P'18 and Susan Civello P'18
Robert Clemence P'16 and Denise Clemence P'16
Sheila M. Cleworth and Charles W. Cleworth '55 *
Brenda B Coakley
Michael Coan P'16 and Patricia Coan P'16
Idelle W. Boone Cobb MP'73 *
Eduardo J. Coca P'18 and Blanca E. Richmond-Coca P'18
Meir Cohen P'16'19 and Glori Cohen P'16'19
Kevin A. Colaco P'18 and Kristy L. Colaco P'18
Joe F. Coleman
Yolanda R. Coleman
Paul J. Collins P'10 and Susan L. Collins P'10
John A. Comery P'15 and Lori A. Comery P'15
Frank Condon P'81'86 and Louise V. Condon P'81'86
Thomas L. Conley P'16 and Rita G. Conley P'16
Benjamin Conner P'16 and Carmen Bonmati P'16
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Conroy
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Conroy P'00'05'06 •
Fermin Contreras P'16 and Maria Quintana P'16
John S. Cookson M'68 P'93 and Marylin J. Cookson P'93 ••
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin L. Cooley
Sheila Copland P'78 and Raibeart Y. Copland M'70 P'78 *
Willie M. Coram
Daniel P. Corcoran, Jr. M'89 P'17 and Ann M. Corcoran P'17
Roy G. Cornelius P'11 and Sharon Cornelius P'11
Russell V. Corsini, Jr. M'67 MP'03 and Althea H. Corsini MP'03 •• v
Alberto F. Cosio P'17 and Magdalena S. Cosio P'17
Timothy Costa P'16
Julie A. Courey P'15
Linda R. Coutts P'05
Cathy A. Cowan P'08
Judith Wright Cox '84 P'18 and Daniel J. Cox P'18
Mark Cropanese P'17 and Cheryl A. Cropanese P'17
Michael J. Crosby '87 P'12 and Laura D. Crosby P'12
Juan J. Cruz P'15
Daniel R. Cudgma P'17 and Colleen A. Cudgma P'17
Zhiliang Cui P'18 and Lili Huang P'18
Ronald E. Cuneo P'07 and Ursula M. Cuneo P'07
Kevin Curran P'15 and Claudine Curran P'15
Jose F. Da Costa Gomez P'17 and Annelies H. Da Costa Gomez P'17
Robert P. Dainesi P'15 and Nancy B. Dainesi P'15
Thomas Daly P'17 and Cathy Daly P'17
David H. Dalzell P'12 and Kathleen D. Dalzell P'12
Stanley B. Danzig P'17 and Suzanne M. McNamara Danzig P'17 v
Said S. Darwazah P'15 and Mariana F. Melhem P'15 v
Mary E. Daury P'03
David J. Decker P'18 and Carin L. Decker P'18
Lawrence Defiore P'15 and Karen DeFiore P'15
Brian J. DeLacey M'84 P'13'15 and Lynn W. DeLacey P'13'15
Mark A. deLeon P'14'16 and Ivelisse A. deLeon P'14'16
Kyriaco A. Demascus P'13 and Pamela G. Demascus P'13
Timothy A. DeMello '81 P'18 v
Robert A. Dempsey M'75 MP'13 ••
Hugh Denison and Mary Ross Denison
Alex F. DeNoble P'18 and Amy J. DeNoble P'18
Stephane J. Dermond P'18 and Samantha A. Dermond P'18
John A. Dernavich '54 P'76 and Dorothy R. Dernavich P'76
Scott Derouin
Joyce H. Deroy
Robert Devaney P'18 and Judith Devaney P'18
John F. Dewey, Sr. '49 MP'80 ••
Andrew Dewire P'08'13 and Dawna Travis Dewire P'08'13
Stephen W. DeWitt '88 P'18
Piero D. Di Capua P'15'17 and Laura Di Capua P'15'17
Walter Diaz P'17 and Mary Jane Skoff P'17
David Diaz-Barriga P'16 and Caroline Diaz-Barriga P'16
Gary T. DiCamillo • v
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis G. DiGangi P'94 •
Keith Diggans P'18 and Marie Diggans P'18
Brian D. DiGiovanna P'10 and Martha L. DiGiovanna P'10
Ellen M. Dill P'17
John R. DiMatteo '53 P'81'84 and Patricia H. DiMatteo P'81'84 ••
Robert A. DiMuccio P'11 and Renamarie DiMuccio P'11 •
William Dinaso P'16 and Kathleen Bradshaw P'16
Peter H. Dinsmore '64 P'88 and Elizabeth Dinsmore P'88
Joseph L. DiPietro P'15 and Jean M. DiPietro P'15
Polly Ditch P'18
Bhavna Dodani P'17
Frank H. Dodge P'86 and Simone Dodge P'86
Stephen Donato P'16 and Kathleen Donato P'16
Diego Donoso '90 P'18 and Sandra Donoso P'18
Walter C. Donovan M'81 P'16 and Maureen Donovan P'16
Patrick Dorgan P'02 and Rita R. Dorgan P'02 •
Naren R. Doshi P'12 and Nishi N. Doshi P'12
Philip R. Doucette M'81 P'92 and Candace H. Doucette P'92
Bruce A. Douglas and Donna Douglas •
Donald Douglass MP'87 and Helen Douglass MP'87
Curtis Dowd P'16 and Susan Dowd P'16
Paul T. Driscoll P'15 and Jacqueline B. Driscoll P'15
Sandra P. Driver
Mario Dubovoy P'14 and Nina Dubovoy P'14 •
Fred B. Duckloe P'13 and Joan M. Duckloe P'13 •
Dolores D. Duke
Paul Dunay P'16 and Isabel Dunay P'16
Philip L. Dunmire P'05
Marian C. Dunn and Donald F. Dunn '49 *
Xenia A. Duris P'18
Paul Duseau P'16 and Renee Duseau P'16
Crosley M. Duson P'08 and Mary L. Duson P'08 ••
Kimberly Alice Dwyer
Elizabeth Dybiec * and Maxwell Dybiec '51 *
Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus J. Dziuba, Jr. P'06
Robert Ebling
Richard P. Edick P'08 and Georganne T. Goldblum P'08
George L. Edson '65 P'94 and Jill Edson P'94 ••
James G. Egnatchik P'03 and Denise M. Egnatchik P'03
Steven A. Eisenman MP'15 and Elaine Eisenman MP'15 ••
David Ekman P'17 and Paula Ekman P'17
Peyton Ekman
David G. Elcock P'18 and Laura E. Elcock P'18
Kenneth D. Elgart '53 MP'90 •
Greg M. Eliasen P'18 and Susan L. Eliasen P'18 v
David Ellis P'15
John Ellis P'18 and Molly Ellis P'18
Miled Ellis P'18 and Adriana Ellis P'18
Jonathan M. Endow P'17 and Tamie K. Endow P'17
Juan Carlos Escotet MP'14
Fernando Espinosa P'17 and Claudia Espinosa P'17
Michael Esposito P'15 and Karen Esposito P'15
Estate of Charles D. Thompson P'81'82 *
Michael A. Euele P'17
Seto Eurdekian P'10 and Silva Eurdekian P'10
Douglas B. Evans P'09 and Elizabeth D. Evans P'09 •
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Ewer P'00 ••
David A. Fabel P'18 and Melissa S. Fabel P'18
Harish M. Fabiani P'17 and Roopa H. Fabiani P'17 v
Stanley C. Fabianski, Jr. P'99'01
Cosme W. Fagundo P'07 and Dania Fagundo P'07
Jorge A. Faraj P'09'15'17'19 and Elena E. Faraj P'09'15'17'19
Joseph Farina P'16 and Kathleen Farina P'16
Jeff Feingold
Lenard Feldman P'17
Mark H. Felix P'17 and Nancy E. Felix P'17
Margot D. Ferguson
Jesus E. Fernandez P'14 and Carolina B. Fernandez P'14 •
Gary J. Fernquist '72 P'98
Dominic A. Ferrari P'15 and Cristina G. Ferrari P'15
Rodrigo Ferrer P'08 and Barbara B. Ferrer P'08 ••
Frederick J. Fessenden III M'73 P'07 and Susan L. Fessenden P'07 ••
James V. Fetchero
A. Fields
Jacqueline Fields
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Finch
John W. Finik P'18 and Terri A. Finik P'18
Paul Fireman H'94 MP'00 and Phyllis Fireman MP'00
Frank M. Fischer MP'06 and Jeanne Fischer MP'06 • v
John P. Fischer P'17 and Susan W. Fischer P'17
James F. Fisher '83 P'14 and Christina A. Fisher P'14
Miles Mark Fisher IV
Robert Fishman •
Elaine Walker Fiske M'85 P'96
Patrick J. Flaherty P'17
John M. Floegel P'18 and Christine Floegel P'18
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Flood P'05
Eli B. Florence P'14 and Donna M. Florence P'14
Dale J. Florio P'12 and Leslie S. Florio P'12
Robert Ford P'18 and Lauren Ford P'18
Simon J. Foster P'17 and Nikki L. Sorum P'17 v
Cristina Fragni P'18 and Marco Prete P'18 v
Vivianna Franchy P'14 •
David L. Franco P'17 and Sophia J. Franco P'17
Ralph A. Frankel M'70 MP'03 and Bonnie Frankel MP'03 ••
Jeffrey Franklin P'16 and Tammy Franklin P'16
Julie Q. Fredlund P'11
Barry M. Freedman '64 P'89
Bruce H. Freedman '70 MP'14 • v
Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Fried
David H. Gabriel P'08
William H. Gahagan P'15 and Christine D. Gahagan P'15
Richard J. Gallagher P'15 and Deborah L. Gallagher P'15
Carlos Fernandez Gallardo P'15 v
Kenneth S. Gamer P'17 and Paula H. Gamer P'17
Peter B. Garland M'96 P'19 and Valerie C. Garland '91 P'19
Bruce M. Garvin '60 M'66 P'94 and Sandra J. Garvin P'94
Zafer G. Gedeon Achi P'17 and Anne A. Van Gheluwe P'17
Ann C. Gee
Gary S. Gee P'17 and Audrey Tom P'17
James P. Gensch P'17
Meredith Gerrish P'75 * and Richard D. Gerrish '49 P'75 *
Richard D. Gerrish '49 P'75 * and Meredith Gerrish P'75 *
John J. Geverd P'08 and Teresa M. Geverd P'08
Gregory Gibbs
Kristen Gibbs
Steven Gibbs and Kathleen R. Gibbs
Jeff M. Gietzen P'14 and Sheryl A. Gietzen P'14
Kevin R. Gill P'17 and Rita L. Gill P'17 v
Stephen Gill
Daniel P. Gillis P'99 and Betsy W. Gillis P'99
Bruce Ginsberg
Kevin Giovanucci P'17 and Bridget Giovanucci P'17 v
William F. Glavin H'99 and Cecily M. Glavin H'97
Josette J. Goff P'79'83 and Howard C. Goff '49 P'79'83 *
Pentosha Golconda P'15 and Radha Golconda P'15
Richard D. Goldberg
Bernard S. Goldman P'15 and Yvonne C. Goldman P'15
Diego Goni P'16 and Rosana Goni P'16
Ronald Gonzalez P'16 and Kelly Gonzalez P'16
Javier Gonzalez-Mora P'16 and Monica Gonzalez-Mora P'16
Susan H. Goodridge
Gerald K. Goodwin M'84 P'98 and Noreen Goodwin P'98
Murray Goralnick '56 P'89 and Elaine Goralnick P'89
Melvin P. Gordon '61 MP'99
William L. Gordon P'14 and Victoria A. Gordon P'14
David F. Gorter P'10 and Lauren A. Gorter P'10 •
Jack B. Gould P'12 and Diana S. Gould P'12
Raymond F. Gouley P'92 ••
Thomas Goya P'15 and Barbara Goya P'15
Donald C. Graham
Ellen Grant
Steven H. Grant P'18 and Kristine M. Grant P'18
Michael Greeley
Peter W. Greenbacker P'08 and Joy Greenbacker P'08 ••
Edward Greenberg P'16 and Donna Greenberg P'16
Steven P. Greenberg P'99
John Greenberger '68 M'69 P'97 and Gail Greenberger P'97 *
Kenneth Greene P'08 and Patricia Greene P'08
Richard J. Greene P'14 and Mary T. Greene P'14 •
David C. Greenfield P'17 and Kathryn M. Greenfield P'17
Martin Grenier P'14 and Kelly Grenier P'14
Robert E. Griffin, Jr. P'10 and Cathleen A. Griffin P'10
Jacqueline Grimes P'95
Leona B. Grinnell *
Carl Gross P'10 and Mary Gross P'10
Ruth L. Grossman MP'02
Anthony J. Gruenling P'18 and Annemarie Gruenling P'18
Remir Guardazzi P'16 and Maria Guardazzi P'16
Yorenny Guillen P'18
Angappa A. Gunasekaran P'12 and Latha P. Gunasekaran P'12
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Gunning, Sr. P'91
Sarah Gurry
Glenn Gutwillig
David F. Gwynn P'89 ••
Muhammad H. Habib '81 P'09 and Farah F. Habib P'09 •• v
Jeffery D. Hackett P'17 and Lauren E. Hackett P'17
Julia Hackim P'17
Elizabeth Moore Hagopian M'72 MP'05 and Robert W. Hagopian MP'05
Pliny Haislip P'17 and Debra Haislip P'17
Della Ellis Hale
Jeffrey C. Hall P'11 and Lynda B. Hall P'11
Christopher Halligan P'16 and Jill Halligan P'16
Patrick F. Halpin P'13 and Patricia M. Halpin P'13
Andrew Ham P'17 and Karen Ham P'17
Frederic C. Hamilton '48 H'98 MP'82 and Jane Hamilton MP'82 ••
Ki D. Han P'08
John Robert Hand P'02 ••
Mr. and Mrs. Mark M. Harmeling MP'14
Mark Harrington P'09 and Joanne Harrington P'09
Michael Harrington P'17
Dale Harrison P'16
Melinda Harrison
Albert M. Hartig P'74 and Linda D. Hartig P'74 ••
Mike Harvey
Martha L. Hasak •
Stephanie Haskins P'18
Phillip Hatzopoulos P'17 and Rebecca Hatzopoulos P'17
Peter J. Hayes P'15 and Nancy A. Hayes P'15 v
James C. Hays P'04
Robert G. Heath P'05'12 and Linda V. Heath P'05'12 •
William B. Heavey M'89 P'14 and Nicolette N. Heavey P'14 v
Karen Hebert-Maccaro
Patrick Hegarty
Alvaro J. Heilbron P'17'19 and Tanya M. Heilbron P'17'19 v
Mary Frawley Heiser '90 P'16 and Thomas Heiser P'16 • v
Edward Heller '61 P'91 and Beverly A. Heller P'91
Michele Helmar
Jason S. Henris P'17 and Sarah C. Henris P'17
Karen M. Henry P'18
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Herbert
Charles Hermanowski P'17 and Marla Hermanowski P'17
Anibal J. Hernandez P'17 and Mayela E. Hernandez P'17
Michael Hickey P'15 and Elaine Pers Hickey P'15 v
Elizabeth H. Hicks
Monica A. Higgins P'17
Todd J. Hinton P'17 and Theresa A. Hinton P'17
Emin Hitay P'18 and Cigdem Hitay P'18
O. Wayne Hodges M'70 P'14 ••
R. Christopher Hoehn-Saric P'17 and Pamela Hoehn-Saric P'17
Pope Hoffman '69 P'96
Dwight G. Hollister, Sr. *
Garry R. Holmes P'16 and Elaine Coombs Holmes P'16 •• v
Joan Money Holmes
Roger William Holmes and Sarah Francis Holmes
Robyn I. Holzman and Sharon M. Liszanckie
Andrew P. Horbowy P'18 and Lynda T. Talbot P'18
John H. Hovsepian P'18 and Karen Hovsepian P'18
John Howard P'16 and Elizabeth Howard P'16
Lee R. Howard P'15
Norman Howard P'16 and Shelia Pitts-Howard P'16
Anne L. Howe P'03 •
Christine Huang P'16
Harry E. Humphries '54 P'81 *
James J.K. Hung M'71 P'99'01 and Daisy Hung P'99'01 • v
Hunter L. Hunt and Stephanie Hunt
Alice W. Hurley
Patrick T. Hynes P'17 and Amy B. Hynes P'17
Massimo Iacono '83 P'15 and Ginevra Carraro Iacono P'15 • v
Peter Ierardi P'16 and Sandra Ierardi P'16
Krassimir Iliev P'18
Ron D. Innes P'18 and Michelle N. Innes P'18
Anthony C. Jacks P'18 and Sharon K. Mays Jacks P'18
Laura Solowski Jacobi '75 P'14 and William R. Jacobi P'14 ••
Melvin S. Jacobs '70 P'95 • v
Richard Jaffe P'16 and Amy Jaffe P'16
Elaine Orszak Jamison P'93
Luisella Jaques Deraney P'16
Amanda M. Jarolimek P'15
Surya K. Jhunjhnuwala P'09'11'14 and Ritu Jhunjhnuwala P'09'11'14 • v
Joanna H. Jiang P'18
David J. Joffe P'18 and Hillary R. Joffe P'18
Eric G. Johnson '72 P'08 • v
Jenny E. Johnson P'15
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Johnston P'84
Edna Robinson Jones
Jeffrey D. Jones P'17 and Rebecca A. Jones P'17
Joyce M. Jones P'95
Lisa A. Jones
Tim Jones P'17 and Michele Rushworth P'17
Christopher Jordan P'16 and Sandra Jordan P'16
Deborah Juzwiakowski
Daniel Kadisha P'17
Peter Kaindl P'08'11'12 and Erika Kaindl P'08'11'12
Bryan K. N. Kam P'18 and Teri Y. Kam P'18
Francics Kane P'18 and Karen l. Kane P'18
James A. Kasch '67 P'95'02 and Robin Kasch P'95'02
Ricardo Kassin '87 M'89 P'17'19 and Vera N. Kassin P'17'19
Douglas Slavin Kaufman '85 P'18 and Elizabeth B. Kaufman P'18 v
Todd Keeney
Lucinda L. Keith P'14
Costas Kellas P'18 and Kim Kellas P'18
Bruce F. Kelley P'18 and Louise E. Kelley P'18
John J. Kelley III P'18 and Barbara A. Kelley P'18
Brendan G. Kelly P'11 and Charlotte O. Kelly P'11
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene V. Kelly P'84 ••
Robert N. Kervick P'81'84 *
Gloria S. Key
Robert Keys P'18 and Sandra Keys P'18
Mohamed Khafif P'16 and Toni Khafif P'16
Rajesh R. Khemlani P'18 and Lavisha R. Khemlani P'18
Carleton F. Kilmer M'69 MP'09 and Mary Ellen Kilmer MP'09 v
Jung Dong Kim P'18
Tae Mo Kim P'14 and Yisoon L. Kim P'14 •
Carmella R. Kletjian v
Daniel Kliska P'16 and Jean Kliska P'16
Christopher J. Knoedler P'17 and Ellen L. Abeln P'17
Richard W. Kohl P'18 and Teresa A. Kohl P'18
Eric L. Kohlmeier P'18 and Elizabeth A. Galderisi-Kohlmeier P'18
Boris Komm P'10 and Valentina Komm P'10 •
Andrew C. Korinis P'15
Brenda O'Sullivan Kostyk
Joseph W. Kotulich P'17 and Ileana C. Kotulich P'17
Lauri Jo L. Kotzen P'14
Siriluck Kovitchindachai P'09
Thamnai Kraichok P'16 and Nongluck Kraichok P'16
Markus T. Krautli '81 P'12 and Melissa Krautli P'12 •• v
Howard M. Kravitz P'14 and Susan O. Kravitz P'14
Velmanikandan Krishnaswami P'18
Christopher Kristian P'16 and Martha Kristian P'16
Anne M. Krueger P'10
Janet LaBella
Albert A. Laboz P'14 and Renee M. Laboz P'14 • v
Charles M. LaCascia M'88 P'18 and Patricia O'Leary LaCascia P'18
Helena R. Lademo P'15
Jean R. Lafleur P'18 and Mirianne M. Lafleur P'18
James Lamb and Stephanie Lamb
Samuel A. Landy P'17 and Laurie G. Landy P'17 v
Eugene T. Lane P'17 and Allison M. Lane P'17
Kurt A. Lange '76 P'03'06 and Donna M. Lange P'03'06 ••
Robert M. Lantz P'18
Apichat Laochinda P'13 and Pimjai Laochinda P'13 •
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Laster
Robert Laurenzo P'15 and LeeAnn Laurenzo P'15
Thomas B. Laursen P'17 and Francine D. Laursen P'17
Flavio Leao P'17 and Monica Leao P'17
James D. LeGacy P'18 and Wende J. LeGacy P'18
John G. Legg, Jr. '49 MP'03
Bruce Lehrman P'18 and Kim Lehrman P'18
Frederick L. Leighton '58 MP'98 ••
Mario Lemieux P'15 and Nathalie Lemieux P'15
David M. Lennon P'18 and Helenia A. Lennon P'18
Seth H. Lerner '86 P'17 and Marci Jo Soreff Lerner '86 M'91 P'17 •
Theodore I. Les '76 P'10 and Jane K. Les P'10 •
Abe R. Levine P'18
Alan E. Lewis •
Julie A. Lewis P'18
Stanley M. Lewis *
Ning Li '80 P'18
David K. Lim P'17 and Myong H. Lim P'17
Bin Lin P'15 and Aizhen Liu P'15
Willy S.M. Lin '81 P'10'13 and Bongkot N. Lin P'10'13 v
Marco Liquori
Gang Liu P'18 and Amy L. Yi P'18
Zhi Su Liu P'18 and Hai Yin Zeng P'18
Pin On Lo P'18 and Esther Waworuntu P'18
Douglas R. Locke P'13 and Patricia Locke P'13
Janet S. Lockwood * and Boardman F. Lockwood '38 *
Troy Logan P'17 and Caroline Logan P'17
Daniel M. Lomba P'17
Charles A. Long P'17 and Ellen W. Long P'17
Marco C. Longinotti-Buitoni P'11'14'19 and Bettina Beckhoff de Longinotti-Buitoni P'11'14'19
Antonio Lopes P'16 and Etelvina Lopes P'16
Elizabeth M. Lorusso P'15
Michael Loughlin P'16 and Catherine Loughlin P'16
Stephen Low P'09'16 and Donna Low P'09'16
Dennis J. Lowry P'18 and Maureen W. Lowry P'18
David Lucchino v
Andronico C. Luksic, Jr. '76 H'04 P'04'06'11'14 •
Peter H. Lunder P'86'90 and Paula Crane Lunder P'86'90 ••
John C. Lundy '65 P'89 and Linda S.D. Lundy P'89
David B. MacDonald '78 MP'07
Josef Macicek P'12 and Olyana Matsichkova P'12 •
John S. Mackiewicz P'17 and Poline L. Mackiewicz P'17
John MacLean P'16 and Maire MacLean P'16
Peter E. Madden '64 P'04
Phil J. Madden P'17 and Mary E. Madden P'17
Robert E. Madden H'97 P'93 and Terry Madden P'93
Ruth Ellen Madison P'14
Stacy Madison
Joel S. Magolnick P'18 and Elena M. Magolnick P'18
Bradford M. Maher '86 P'16 •• v
Anil Majumdar P'16 and Dolly Majumdar P'16
Fadi H. Malas P'18 and Ismat Mahmassani P'18 v
Jack Maleh P'18 and Michelle Maleh P'18
Theodore P. Malek P'04 and Patricia S. Fritzsche P'04 ••
Frederick J. Maley P'17 and Elizabeth M. Maley P'17
Gregory Malloy P'16 and Marie Malloy P'16
James B. Malloy '51 P'85 *
Monica S. Malo P'12
John L. Malone, Jr. '82 P'15
Kevin O. Maloney P'18 and Mary M. Maloney P'18
Richard B. Maloy
Hyman Mamiye P'17 and Marlene Mamiye P'17
Jose Manent P'15 and Carmen Manent P'15
Peter F. Mangan '78 P'14 and Sharon R. Mangan P'14 ••
Stephanie Jones Marioneaux
David M. Marks '75 P'15 and Margaret Marks P'15 v
Frank F. Marmorek '65 P'06 and Kathleen B. Marmorek P'06
Grant E. Martin P'18 and Lisa A. Martin P'18
Lois M. Martin MP'82 ••
Pedro A. Martin P'17 and Magala M. Martin P'17 • v
Gherlin C. Martinez P'18
Jeff Masingill P'17 and Beth Masingill P'17
Charles Matthews P'18 and Brunetta Matthews P'18
Paul J. Matvichuk P'13 and Patricia C. Matvichuk P'13
Freda Mauban P'15
Jaime E. Mayol P'18 and Lenora A. Mayol P'18 v
Mr. and Mrs. David McAndrew P'05
Lillian D. McCarthy P'78 and Charles J. McCarthy '50 P'78 *
Don McCauley
Belma L. McClaskey
Edward J. McCormack P'18 and Cheryl A. McCormack P'18
Anne E. McCormick
Virginia R. McCourt and Richard A. McCourt M'74 *
Peter P. McDermott II '76 P'10 and Charlotte B. McDermott P'10 ••
Andrew F. McDougle P'17 and Carol E. Sullivan P'17
Robert McEachern P'18 and Mary McEachern P'18
Timothy C. McGuinness P'18 and Tracy M. McGuinness P'18
Rita J. McGuire P'18
Edward F. McKenna P'17 and Susan W. McKenna P'17
Paul J. McMahon P'10 and Sheila M. McMahon P'10
Mary McManus P'94
James P. McPartlon P'09 and Christina M. McPartlon P'09
Thomas J. McQuaid '75 M'76 P'06 and Susan W. McQuaid P'06 v
Joseph M. McWeeney P'17'19 and Dorothy M. McWeeney P'17'19
Gayle Snavely Medill
Moise Medine P'15 and Laura Medine P'15
Phillip C. Megna P'03 and Virginia E. Megna P'03
Michael Mendelsohn P'18
David Mendes P'18 and Coleen Mendes P'18
Dave J. Merrigan P'18 and Katherine D. Merrigan P'18
Zdravko Mesaric P'18 and Sylvia J. Rice Mesaric P'18
Lawrence J. Metz '71 P'05 and Paula Metz P'05
G. Dale Meyer
Paul W. Meyer '53 P'80 and Elise Meyer P'80 ••
Lawrence W. Milas '58 H'06 MP'90
Selmo Milhem P'13'16 and Liliana Milhem P'13'16
Alan B. Miller P'18 and Judith-Grace Miller P'18
Gary C. Miller '72 P'07 and Arlene P. Miller P'07 ••
Richard K. Miller P'02 and Beth Miller P'02 v
Robert H. Miller, Jr. '78 P'14
Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Miller
William Miller P'16 and Amy Miller P'16 v
Hahn Min P'16 and Hyejung Min P'16
Sharon Nagin Mintz P'19 v
Howard I. Mirkin and Rena P. Mirkin ••
Walter C. Mitchell P'05 and Sylvia M. Mitchell P'05 ••
Madhav Mohan P'18 and Rohini Mohan P'18
Chandler J. Moisen '58 M'72 P'77'84'06 and Dolores Moisen P'77'84'06 ••
Marc A. Montanari M'86 P'16 and Lynne Montanari P'16 •
Burl J.F. Moone III
Robert E. Moore P'10'15 and Carolyn C. Moore P'10'15
Nancy Morganstern MP'83 ••
Mr. and Mrs. David Morin •
Ruth Ann Morrell and Louis R. Morrell '58 * •
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Morrissey P'99 ••
Melba S. Morrow
John Mortimer P'18 and Dorine Mortimer P'18
Michael J. Morton P'17 and Gloria J. Morton P'17
Padraic Morton
Davina Mosher P'16
Matthew Mosher P'16
Steve N. Moutopoulos P'18 and Sheila A. Moutopoulos P'18
Michael D. Mowles P'13
Henry M. Mukasa P'13 and Mildred M. Mukasa P'13
John H. Muller, Jr. H'96 P'79 *
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Mullin P'05 ••
John B. Murdock P'15 and Lynn J. Murdock P'15
Donna M. Murphy M'86 P'08 and Richard J. Murphy P'08
Sean E. Murphy P'17 and Lucyanne B. Murphy P'17
Thomas Murray P'16 and Maryellen Murray P'16
Ronald V. Musto P'10 and Michele A. Musto P'10 •
Michael Myerow
Janice Myers
Lloyd S. Nakamaejo P'17 and Kyung Yea Nakamaejo P'17
David A. Napolitan P'12 and Debra A. Napolitan P'12
Geoffrey J. Narlee P'13'17
Vincent J. Nascone P'17 and Patricia A. Nascone P'17
Jane M. Neal P'18
William J. Needham P'01
Pierre Neury P'06 and Christina Neury P'06 ••
Lang Ngo P'15
John D. Nichols, Jr. '82 P'11 and Nancy M. Nichols P'11 v
Richard M. Nichols H'73 *
James H. Nilsson, Jr. '74 P'02
Paul K. Ninan P'15 and Ivy S. Mathew P'15
John P. Nixon, Jr. '59 P'89 and Jane P. Nixon P'89
Kimberly F. Nogueira P'17
Tae Noh P'16 and Sungmi Noh P'16
Richard S. Nohelty M'92 P'18 and Tammy Nohelty P'18 v
Sondra Norrell-Thomas
David S. Notkin M'88 P'18'18 and Beth Notkin P'18'18 v
Ejikeme Obasi P'16 and Nneka Obasi P'16
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. O'Brien, Jr. P'05 ••
Gregory G. O'Brien M'83 P'07'11 and Christine M. O'Brien P'07'11 v
Edgar Ocana P'16 and Griselda Ocana P'16
John O'Donoghue P'18 and Lisa O'Donoghue P'18
Karen S. O'Donovan P'10
Kevin M. O'Halloran P'18 and Julie R. O'Halloran P'18
David R. Ojerholm '83 P'18 and Darlene E. Ojerholm P'18 ••
James M. Olivier III '83 M'06 P'17 and Julie Devlin Olivier M'92 P'17
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Olsen P'85
John O'Malley
David B. Ordway P'15 and Sigrid E. Ordway P'15
Susan O'Reilly P'06 ••
Douglas Otto P'12 and Rita Otto
Donald B. Page P'83 ••
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Page III P'88 •
John W. Paine P'04'07 and Martha C. Paine P'04'07
Brian E. Palazini P'14 and Nancy F. Palazini P'14
Alan L. Pang P'17 and Jeannie H. Pang P'17
Prajogo Pangestu P'96 and Harlina Pangestu P'96
Seung Bong Park P'18 and Eul Nyun Choi P'18
Peter D. Parker
Mayur B. Patel P'09 and Kalpana M. Patel P'09 •
Jean Patiky
Keith A. Patriquin '86 M'00 P'18 and Margaret L. Patriquin P'18 ••
Benjamin J. Paul P'18 and Loni J. Paul P'18
Cheryl R. Paulson P'19 v
Anthony Pavlo P'18 and Lydia Pavlo P'18
Raymond R. Pawlicki P'17 and Marianne Pawlicki P'17
Samuel A. Peal P'18 and Michelle P. Peal P'18
Stephen Peck
Charlie C. Penta P'18 and Susan L. Penta P'18
Peter Perera P'15 and Wai Bak Lee P'15
Jean-Marc F. Perez P'15 and Gilda S. Perez P'15
Roberto Perez P'16 and Pilar Olivera Cominero P'16
Javier Perez-Abreu P'13'17 and Dulce M. Perez-Abreu P'13'17 •
Alan L. Perlman P'17 and Michele V. Perlman P'17
Raffaele V. Perna P'11 and Mariella G. Perna P'11 •
Mr. and Mrs. H. Bradlee Perry
John B. Perry II '42 P'76 * and Virginia Perry P'76 *
Virginia Perry P'76 * and John B. Perry II '42 P'76 *
Jean C. Peters
Donald H. Peterson P'18 and Julia E. Croft P'18
Glenn E. Petillo P'18 and Irene D. Petillo P'18
Kevin C. Phelan •• v
Kenneth Phelps P'18
William C. Phillips P'17 and Patricia D. Phillips P'17
Ervin Pietz *
Jill Piispanen P'18
Margo D. Pinson
George L. Place '62 MP'93 and Carolyn A. Langdon-Place
Romaine B. Thomas Pod
Alberto I. Poleo P'18 and Beatriz E. Poleo P'18
Richard J. Pope P'18 and Jill Pope P'18
Elizabeth P. Powell M'76 MP'01 and David G. Powell MP'01 •• v
James F. Powers M'69 P'85 and Joanne Powers P'85
John C. Prescott '79 P'02 and Gail Tully Prescott '80 P'02
Gordon D. Prichett and Jill Prichett v
Estate of Harriet B. Prindle *
Anatoly Pronichenko P'17 and Marina Roussova P'17
Steven C. Prykucki P'07 and Deborah A. Prykucki P'07 ••
Kathryn Pryles P'17
Jesse M. Putney '56 M'59 P'90 and Sue Putney P'90
Louis Putze P'74'76 *
John P. Quinn P'15'19 and Alissa M. Quinn P'15'19
David Quisenberry P'16 and Jennifer Quisenberry P'16
Lars Rafeldt P'15 and Lili Rafeldt P'15
Ashfaque Rahman P'18 and Mahween Rahman P'18 v
Asha Ramnath P'15
Hugo Rams P'17 and Maria T. Rams P'17
Alan J. Rappoport P'14 and Barbara P. Rappoport P'14
Daniel M. Ravetier P'15 and Christine M. Ravetier P'15
Bhaskar Ray P'18 and Poonam Ray P'18
William B. Ray
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Redd, Jr.
John J. Regan P'92'00 and Kathryn J. Regan P'92'00
Donald H Reimann and Christine G Reimann
Joseph B. Reis P'13 and Anne S. Reis P'13
Robert S. Reisman M'73 MP'06 and Maria Reisman MP'06 ••
Michael B. Renzi P'17 and Deborah A. Renzi P'17
Nannette S. Reynolds
Francisco J. Riberas P'13'15 •
Glenn Ricciardelli '79 P'09 and Karin L. Ricciardelli P'09 •• v
Joe M. Ricciardi P'18 and Barbara H. Ricciardi P'18
Robert J. Rice P'17 and Julia B. Rice P'17 v
Stephen C. Richards P'14 and Christine A. Richards P'14 • v
Lynford M. Richardson '58 M'70 P'87 and Rose Marie B. Richardson P'87
Thomas P. Rimsa P'15 and Helen Rimsa P'15
Anna Ring and Daniel S. Ring
William L. Rivellini P'14 and Nikki A. Rivellini P'14 •
Raul E. Riveros P'14 and Ximena Y. Barrera P'14 v
Hector J. Rizek Sued P'13'16 and Bethania Guerrero de Rizek P'13'16 v
Samuel J. Rizzitano P'10 and Marianne J. Rizzitano P'10
Gerald Roan P'16 and Marianne Roan P'16
William Robbins P'18 and Mary Robbins P'18
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Robbins P'05
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Roberts
Sylvia K. Robinson
Larry J. Rocha P'14 and Candace F. Rocha P'14 •
Elena P. Rodriguez P'11
Jose A. Rodriguez P'12 and Teresita J. Valcarcel P'12
Piya Rojanapiensatith P'18 and Soh Fan Lei P'18
Regis A. Romero Villalba P'18 and Paola M. Robertti Arambulo P'18
Thomas W. Rooke '78 P'08 and Alice F. Rooke P'08 ••
Robert F. Roscigno P'14 and Nancy Roscigno P'14 v​
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas F. Rose P'06 •
Robert M. Rosenberg H'97 MP'94
Mr. and Mrs. William Rosenberg
Harvey Rosenthal
James Joseph Rosso '16
Sheldon R. Roth '58 P'82 and Maddy Roth P'82
John B. Rothenberger '66 P'01 and Gloria B. Rothenberger P'01 •
Kenneth J. Rotunno P'17 and Deborah A. Rotunno P'17
Bruce Rowledge P'16 and Patricia Rowledge P'16
Stephanie A. Royal P'18
Terry Rubenfeld P'18 and Carrie Rubenfeld P'18
Lawrence K. Rubin P'17 and Melissa P. Rubin P'17
Felipe A. Rubio P'16 and Adriana Rubio P'16
Philip Russo P'15 and Marisa J. Russo P'15
Richard F. Ryon '72 P'01 and Catherine T. Ryon P'01
Maria Saavedra P'17
Linda M. Sabo P'10
Gabriel R. Safdie M'86 P'09'15 and Sally Safdie P'09'15 v
Phyllis Sagan P'87
Paul D. Salnikow P'18 and Suzan C. Salnikow P'18
Manjini Saminathan P'13 and Thamarai Saminathan P'13 •
John Sanchez P'16 and Kelly Sanchez P'16 v
Stephen Sandler and Deborah Sandler
Raghu Santhanam P'18 and Chand Gidwani P'18 v
Silvia Santiago P'15
David W. Sargent '82 P'12 v
Fouad A. Sattar P'07 and Maria L. Sattar P'07 •
Brian J. Scanlon P'10 and Diane M. Scanlon P'10
Scott S. Scarpato M'83 P'10 and Patricia A. Scarpato P'10 •
Garry Schechner P'17 and Eileen Schechner P'17
Howard A. Schneider P'11'12 and Karen A. Schneider P'11'12
James Schoenadel P'18 and Kimberly Lucey P'18
Robert E. Schofield '58 P'82 and Penelope P. Schofield P'82 ••
Bernard A. Schulz P'17 and Kathleen M. Schulz P'17
Marnie B. Schulz and William S. Schulz '51 * •
Marc Schwartz P'17 and Deborah Schwartz P'17
Colleen Seal
J. Paul Secord
Drue D. Secrist P'15 and Debbie R. Secrist P'15
John M. Segreti P'18 and Martha A. Segreti P'18
Oscar Seikaly P'16 and Carole Seikaly P'16
Susan Seinjet P'18
Jaclyn Selle
Maria Serpentino '78 P'05 ••
Chockchai Sethiwan P'18 and Porntip Sethiwan P'18 v
Rajesh R. Shah P'17 and Shweta R. Shah P'17
Sachin S. Shah P'15 and Rajul S. Shah P'15
Nachum Shamir P'17 and Holly Hutcher-Shamir P'17
Charles Shapiro P'18 and Beth Shapiro P'18
Francis P. Shea P'17 and Carolyn M. Shea P'17
William T. Shea '73 M'80 P'99 and Sandra Shea P'99
William Sheldon P'16 and Joanne Sheldon P'16
Tun-Li Shen P'12 and Dai-Hua Shen P'12
Don Shi P'15 and Seth Shi P'15
Michael J. Shimoko P'13 •
John Shinkwin P'16 and Sandra Shinkwin P'16
Michael E. Shivers P'17 and Catherine M. Shivers P'17
Glenn Shorette P'14 and Jodie Shorette P'14
Kimberly Shortt P'16
Kristen L. Shulman '98 P'12 and Joel M. Shulman P'12'14
Allen Shum P'16'19 and Virginia Shum P'16'19
Heather Siegel
Steven Silva P'16 and Carol Tinkham P'16
Michael R. Simmons P'03 and Jane F. Simmons P'03
Robert A. Simms, Sr.
Mary Simonson P'16
Thomas Simonson P'16
James R. Simpson M'75 P'01 and Lynn G. Simpson P'01 ••
John I. Simpson, Jr. '74 P'09 and Deborah S.V. Simpson '74 M'75 P'09
Anil K. Singh P'15 and Vibha Singh P'15
Naomi N. Skoler MP'96 and Maurice J. Skoler '61 MP'96 * •
Suzanne Slye P'82 and George E. Slye '53 P'82 *
Althea R. Smith
Bryden D. Smith '84 P'19
David T. Smith P'17 and Denise M. Smith P'17
Jocelyn Smith P'18
Katharine K. Smith P'08 •
Lamel Smith and Sonia Pecco-Smith
Ronald B. Smith, Jr. '60 and Joan G. Smith
Pamela A. Snyder P'04 •
Richard J. Snyder '60 H'94 P'93'01 and Marilyn B. Snyder M'80 P'93 •• v
Donna Sola and Anthony F. Sola M'70 *
Paul Solano v
Ronald Alan Soly P'12'18 and Karen Soly P'12'18
Ralph Z. Sorenson H'85 and Charlotte Sorenson ••
Richard W. Sorenson M'68 P'97'00 and Sandra L. Sorenson P'97'00 •
Robert C. Spang P'12 and Linda J. Spang P'12
Konnetta Sparks
Wesley W. Sparks '77 M'80 P'09 and Pamela Anderson Sparks '78 P'09 ••
Lillie C. Speed
Virginia S. Speller
Diana Davis Spencer ••
Arthur P. Spilios '61 MP'03
Anthony Spitz P'18 and Marina Spitz P'18
Michael T. Spofford P'14'17 and Diane Cocca-Spofford P'14'17
Burton T. Spottiswoode '55 P'95 and Merrily K. Spottiswoode P'95
Symra Spottswood
Gerald F. Sprague '72 P'07 and Laurie A. Sprague P'07
Jonathan E. Squire P'15 and Linda C. Squire P'15
Dwinal E. St. Peter P'17 and Lisa M. St. Peter P'17
Thomas T. Stallkamp ••
John P. Stearns P'81 and Winifred Anthony Stearns P'81 ••
Pete Steer P'18
James T. Stento, Jr. '80 P'13 and Carol Hasenfus Stento '80 P'13 •
Michael D. Sternweiler P'17 and Vivian S. Sternweiler P'17
Jay J. Stiklickas P'15 and Debra A. Stiklickas P'15
Adam M. Stoll P'18 and Anita K. Stoll P'18
Arleen Stoller P'76'76 * and Richard Stoller P'76'76 *
Richard Stoller P'76'76 * and Arleen Stoller P'76'76 *
Austin Su P'10 and Czarina Su P'10
Charles W. Sullivan '49 P'79'81 *
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Sullivan P'00
Patrice Sullivan P'16
Steven J. Sullivan P'16 and Lori A. Sullivan P'16
Carlos S. Sultan P'18 and Jordana Sultan P'18 v
Linda Brown Swallow '83 P'17 and Albert G. Swallow P'17
Michael S. Symanski P'10 and Bernadette M. Symanski P'10 •
David A. Takami P'18 and Mary W. Packard P'18
Janet Rabalais Tallerine P'05
Michael J. Talotta P'14 and Tammy L. Talotta P'14
Aras J. Tamoshunas P'15 and Vida J. Tamoshunas P'15
Danny Tanaka P'16 and Doreen Tanaka P'16
Ida R. Tate
Bruce W. Taylor '77 MP'15 •
Natalie T. Taylor *
Marcel Telles P'15
Lee J. Tesconi and Carol S. Tesconi
James P. Theodore P'95 and Melinda L. Theodore P'95
Candace Giselle Thomas
Charles C. Thomas, Jr. MP'77 *
Sharon Nash Thomas
Barbara N. Thompson P'10 •
Ingemar Thylen P'16 and Deborah Wecselman P'16
Dennis A. Tighe P'15 and Leslie V. Tighe P'15
David Tigner
Peter Tigner
Jeffry A. Timmons *
James F. Titus M'59 P'83'84 and Janice S. Titus P'84
Angelo Tomasso, Jr. P'78'88 and Joy Tomasso P'78'88
William J. Tomasso *
Giuseppe F. Torre '62 P'93
Richard F. Torre '72 M'80 P'07'08 and Patricia B. Torre P'07'08
Michael A. Toth P'08 and Janice E. Toth P'08
Peter T. Tourso P'13 and Denise M. Tourso P'13
David S. Towers P'18 and Lisa L. Towers P'18
Akio Toyoda M'82 MP'14 v
Shoichiro Toyoda H'94 MP'82
Ricardo N.C. Tracewski P'06 ••
David M. Tracht '63 P'07 and Anne M. Tracht P'07 ••
Jean E. Traver *
George H. Troughton •
Peter E. Tryhane P'13 and Diane E. Martin-Tryhane P'13 •
Peter Tsai P'16 and Suchun Tsai P'16
Stephen S. Tsang P'18 and Pamela M. Tsang P'18
Zoltan B. Tuba P'82 and Joy Tuba P'82 •
James R. Tucker P'11'12 and Judith A. Tucker P'11'12 •
Robert M. Turner P'07 and Leslie S. Turner P'07 •• v
Sarah P. Turner
William W. Turpin P'15 and Ann L. Leavesley-Turpin P'15
Richard L. Twellman P'18 and Susan D. Twellman P'18
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Tyler P'05 ••
M.R. Underdue
Subbarao V. Uppaluri P'09 and Anita C. Uppaluri P'09
John Urisko P'17 and Karen C. Urisko P'17
Matthew A. Vacaro P'14 and Paula Screnci-Vacaro P'14
Mary Van Cleef
Adelaide Van Winkle and Arthur D. Van Winkle '32 *
Serge Varsano P'15'18 and Katarzyna Varsano P'15'18
Ravi H. Vazirani P'11 and Jyoti R. Vazirani P'11
Nasser Vaziri P'14 and Sholeh Vaziri P'14
Rosa J. Vazquez P'01 •
Richard B. Ventura, Jr. '88 P'19 and Kristine Hilton Ventura '91 P'19
Victor G. Ventura P'14'18 and Patricia A. Ventura P'14'18 •
Mario Vicente P'16 and Cecilia Vicente P'16
Cheryl A Villari
Peter M. Villari P'17 and Jeanine M. Villari P'17 v
Lauren Vollmin P'16
Patrick Wade P'17 and Linda Wade P'17
Brandon Walker
Christopher J. Walker P'17 and Susan T. Walker P'17 v
Jean Walters P'18
Kenny Wang P'18 and Sally Tong P'18
Pattamavadee Waranimman P'15'15
David B. Washington
Juanita A. Washington-Lampkin P'09
Jack Wasserman P'18 and Jodi Wasserman P'18
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Waters P'05 ••
Paul J. Waxman P'14 and Cynthia W. Waxman P'14
Raymond J. Wean, Jr. P'71 *
Allison Rhodes Wentzell
Thomas Werthan P'18 and Carol Werthan P'18 v
Joseph A. Wheeling P'17 and Jennifer J. Wheeling P'17
John B. Whelan P'18 and Francesca M. Iaconi P'18
Charles S. Whitaker '78 P'14 and Julie A. Whitaker P'14
Charles Edwin White '76 P'05 and Katherine P. White P'05
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert E. White P'90 ••
Margaret Batchelor White
Sharon E. White
Henry Widrow and Suzanne M. Saletan
Mabel Carter Wilks
Heidi Will P'16
Alan B. Williams P'13 and Diane P. Leonard P'13 •
Alease T. Williams
John H. Williams P'10 and Audrey A. Williams P'10
John Roger Williams MP'03 •
Robert G. Williams '56 P'82 and Rosalind W. Williams P'82 •
Bruce R. Wimperis P'10 and Deborah H. Wimperis P'10 •
Bruce D. Winer '81 P'11 and Barbara P. Winer P'11 ••
Joseph L. Winn M'74 MP'15 and Gail Winn •• v
Charles B. Wolf P'01 and Sallie Wolf P'01 •
Kevin R. Wolf P'15'19 and Pamela N. Wolf P'15'19 v
Steven B. Wolfberg P'17 and Jennifer N. Wolfberg P'17 v
Betty L. Wolfe
Ruth Wolfe P'53 *
Leonard S. Wollins '63 P'90 and Sheila R. Wollins P'90 •
John A. Wood P'10 and Katherine C. Wood P'10 •
Michael I. Woodhouse P'15 and Michele C. Woodhouse P'15
Allyn C. Woodward, Jr. '63 P'88'93 and Lois H. Woodward P'88'93 ••
Anthony J. Woodworth '61 M'62 P'90 and Virginia W. Woodworth P'90
Henry Wu P'18 and Bi Hui Wu P'18
Shuyun Wu P'18 and Rachel Zhang P'18
Wen Zi Wu P'16 and Zhi Ying Wu P'16
Loran S. Wurdeman P'12 and Cynthia L. Wurdeman P'12
Malcolm C. Wynn P'13 and Rayna J. Wynn P'13
Barbara J. Yancey
Meijia Yang P'17 and Xuemei Cao P'17
Cheryl Yarter P'16
Nina Piken Yarus M'81 P'08 and Gary J. Yarus P'08 ••
Jacob Yasgur P'18 and Randi Yasgur P'18
Emanuel Yashari P'17 and Ramesh T. Yashari P'17
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome P. Yeasted P'05 ••
William E. Yeo '68 P'00'02 and Cynthia F. Yeo P'00'02 •
Frances Camille Young
Kevin S. Young P'17 and Gail A. Young P'17
Kaixu Adam Yuan P'15 and Wenqi Wang P'15
Alan Takeshi Yuasa P'15 and Lynn Yuasa P'15
Frank B. Yunes
Donald M. Zabinski P'18 and Gina M. Zabinski P'18
Gloria Zaldivar P'16
Joseph F. Zanca P'15 and Lisa A. Zanca P'15
Gina Zangrillo P'18
Benito Zapata '90 P'19 and Laura E. Teran '89 P'19
Juan Zhao P'17
Monica Zimmerman
Sheila B. Zimmerman
Joseph L. Zink '84
Xiaowei Zuo P'16 and Yan Liu P'16
Gary L. Zwerling P'06 and Marie Zwerling P'06 •• v

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