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Parents and Friends

We recognize and thank parents of current students and alumni and friends of the College who made gifts to Babson in 2012–2013.

* deceased
v volunteer
• donor to Babson for five or more consecutive years
•• donor to Babson for 10 or more consecutive years

This list reflects gifts to Babson from July 1, 2012, to June 30, 2013.

Miguel J. Abed P'14 and Lila Ruiz de Abed P'14
Jacques S. Abrams ••
Chiana Adair P'16
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Adamczyk P'05 ••
Timothy Ahearn P'16 and Pamela Ahearn P'16
Michael S. Aizenstadt P'11 and Patricia L. Aizenstadt P'11
Ryan Meir Akiba '13
Issam Al Tawari P'15
Ejaz Ali P'12 and Femina Ali P'12
Richard B. Allen P'15
Hannah An P'16
Bruce W. Anderson '74 P'06 and Susan J. Anderson P'06 ••
Frohman Anderson P'16 and Kimberley Anderson P'16
Hodell Anderson M'70 P'92 •
John C. Anderson '74 P'13 and Karen M. Anderson P'13 •
Jon C. Anderson '75 P'04'08'13'14 and Lynn J. Anderson P'04'08'13'14
Gloria W. Appel *
Fernando A. Arimon P'14
Harry Armand P'10 and Dawn Armand P'10
Sharon Arnold P'16
James D. Aronson '77 P'08 and Nancy Gelin Aronson P'08
Sanjay V. Arora P'14 and Sameetaa S. Arora P'14
Philip A. Artz P'10 and Mauri A. Artz P'10
Bruce F. Avery '57 P'89 and Shirley S. Avery P'89 •
Deborah E. Babson
Donald P. Babson * and Susan A. Babson *
Richard L. Babson •
Susan A. Babson * and Donald P. Babson *
Jose Baez P'10 and Almanda de la Cruz P'10
Ben Bailey III '71 • v
Jeffrey Baker P'16 and Laurie Baker P'16
Diane G. Balavoine P'14
Matthew Balic *
Charles M. Ballard P'13 and Kimberly A. Ballard P'13
Ruth Connor Baltzer
Steven Bandel P'16 and Minnie Bandel P'16 v
William E. Bankert
Lizabeth A. Barclay P'13
Susan Bardaro P'16
Brian M. Barefoot '66 H'09 P'01 and Pamela P. Barefoot P'01
Hilary Barnes P'16
Andrew N. Barr P'11 and Nancy Barr P'11 •
Brendan Q. Barry P'14 and Jill A. Barry P'14
Michael Basile P'16 and Susan Basile P'16
Roy Bassette P'16 and Bonnie Bassette P'16
Kent J. Batcheller '58 P'93 and Mary A. Batcheller P'93 ••
Ram Bathija P'14 and Reshma Bathija P'14
Arthur A. Bayer P'88 •
Emil C. Beck
Lee J. Belitsky M'93 P'17 •• v
Richard L. Beneduci P'13 and Elaine J. Beneduci P'13
Rodney Bensadon P'13'15 and Miriam Mitrani P'13
Bonita Bergen
Wayne A. Bergeron P'13 and Janine M. Bergeron P'13
Bernard G. Berkman '52 P'79 and Nancy J. Berkman P'79 •• v
Bret Bero P'14 and Joan Bero P'14
Carlos R. Bethencourt P'12 and Ana M. Bethencourt P'12
David A. Bettles P'13 and Tracy O. Bettles P'13
Kent E. Beyeler P'09 and Elena Beyeler P'09
Ashish Bhardwaj P'16 and Tanuja Bali P'16
Ceyda Bicakci
Polly Bidwell P'87 and Bennett E. Bidwell '52 H'74 P'87 *
Mykola Bilonog P'16 and Olena Bilonog P'16
Mr. and Mrs. Martin K. Birmingham
Peter M. Black H'02 ••
Samuel T. Blatchford '89 P'12 and Anne-Marie Dutil Blatchford '89 P'12 •
Samuel W. Bodman v
Mark M. Boe P'14 and Barbara J. Boe P'14
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis E. Boike
Manuel G. Bonitatibus P'07 and Susan A. Bonitatibus P'07 ••
Alfred N. Bonnabel
Kenneth A. Botelho P'13
Marian C. Boullon P'10
Jean-Luc G. Boulnois
John V. Bouyoucos
Richard D. Bowman P'12'16 and Margaret A. Kiley P'12'16 •• v
Alfred G. Boylan and Mildred C. Boylan
Charles S. Brauer P'09'11 and Laura J. Brauer P'09'11 •
Sara Brazda
Louis J. Breitenother, Jr. P'08 and Susan M. Breitenother P'08 •
Francis M. Breuninger P'13 and Katharine B. Breuninger P'13
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bronner
Donald M. Brooks P'09 and Kimberly A. Brooks P'09
Marlene A. Browne P'06 ••
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Brunelle P'06
Mark S. Buchholz P'10 and Elizabeth A. Buchholz P'10
Margaret Buckley
Steven M. Bunick P'15 v
Benjamin H. Burka P'08 and Ruth A. Burka P'08
William G. Burke '82 P'16 and Janene Burke P'16 •
Catherine M. Burns
W. Gregory Burrill P'04'04'06 and Elsie Burrill P'04'04'06 ••
Sammy Burstyn and Anita Burstyn
Yonatan Bursztyn P'09 and Diana Perez P'09 •
Steven M. Bushong M'89 P'16 and Isabelle P. Vuldy-Bushong M'89 P'16 • v
Catherine Butler v
John E. Butler '52 P'84 and Alice L. Butler P'84 ••
Michael A. Butler P'09 and Patricia D. Butler P'09
Elizabeth S. Bynum
Robert A. Caggiano P'15 and Lea M. Caggiano P'15
John B. Caliendo P'13 and Frances Caliendo P'13
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis S. Campbell
Ricardo Campollo P'13 and Ellen A. Buchanan P'13
Carlos Carlos P'16 and Nancy Carlos P'16
Steven Carollo P'16
Lawrence P. Carr P'97 and Sandra L. Carr P'97 •
John B. Carruthers P'12 and Shari S. Carruthers P'12 •
Andrew J. Cary P'13
Dino C. Casali '51
Michael John Caslin III M'14 P'07 and Irene Caslin v
Michael J. Caso P'13 and Jeanne A. Caso P'13
Mark E. Cassen P'10 •
Robert H. Castellini P'92'94 and Susan Castellini P'92'94 v
Jeffrey G. Castle '75 M'76 P'01'03 and Suzanne D. Castle P'01'03 ••
Avery W. Catlin M'76 P'11
David S. Chadwick P'74
D. Black H. Chaffe III
Colleen Chandler P'14
K. Paul Chase '49 P'84 *
Srinivasulu Chereddy P'16 and Sreedevi Chereddy P'16
Richard J. Chiapperini
Peter C. Chick M'71 P'92
David Chin P'14 and Judy Ng-Chin P'14
Raman K. Chitkara P'14 and Sabina Chitkara P'14
Suhak Choi P'15 and Meesuk Kang P'15
Mr. and Mrs. John Christopher
Chauncey Chu, Jr. P'04 and Barbara G. Chu P'04
Lawrence Cicchetti P'16 and Karen Cicchetti P'16
Edward A. Citro P'15 and Debra A. Citro P'15
Clyde R. Claus M'58 •
Anthony B. Clement P'12 and Michele F. Clement P'12
Sheila M. Cleworth and Charles W. Cleworth '55 *
Idelle W. Boone Cobb P'73 *
William F. Cohen P'14 and Anne B. Cohen P'14
Gordon R. Cole '59 P'84 and Rebecca B. Cole P'84 •
John A. Comery P'15 and Lori A. Comery P'15
Frank Condon P'81'86 and Louise V. Condon P'81'86
Thomas Conley P'16 and Rita Conley P'16
Alfred L. Connell '64 P'90'98 and Elizabeth Connell P'90'98
Benjamin Conner P'16 and Carmen Bonmati P'16
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Conroy P'00'05'06 •
Vincent P. Conroy P'15 and Darlene A. Conroy P'15
Fermin Contreras P'16 and Maria Quintana P'16
John S. Cookson M'68 P'93 and Marylin J. Cookson P'93 •
William P. Cooney M'79 P'94 and M. Donna Cooney P'94 •
Peter A. Cooper '80 P'10 and Karen Cooper P'10 •
Sheila Copland P'78 and Raibeart Y. Copland M'70 P'78 *
Daniel P. Corcoran, Jr. M'89 P'17
Roy G. Cornelius P'11 and Sharon Cornelius P'11
Russell V. Corsini, Jr. M'67 P'03 and Althea H. Corsini P'03 •• v
Lynore J. Costilla P'11
Robert A. Cotier P'12 and Janice P. Cotier P'12 •
Linda R. Coutts P'05 •
Tracy Cranley
Rose Ann Crisci P'15
Michael J. Crosby '87 P'12 and Laura D. Crosby P'12 v
Paul M. Crowley '78 M'81 P'12 and Katharine Kelly Crowley '78 M'88 P'12 •• v
Juan J. Cruz P'15
Ronald E. Cuneo P'07 and Ursula M. Cuneo P'07
Kevin Curran P'15 and Claudine Curran P'15
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Cyr
John M. Daigle '54 H'84 P'82 and Dolores Daigle P'82 v
David H. Dalzell P'13 and Kathleen D. Dalzell P'13 •
Said S. Darwazah P'15
Mary E. Daury P'03
Linda W. Davey
Charles S. Davis P'15 and Susan E. Davis P'15 v
Lupo M. del Bono '79 P'09 • v
Henry N. Deneault '70 M'72 P'90 and Lola A. Deneault P'90 ••
Hugh Denison
Brian Denning
John A. Dernavich '54 P'76 and Dorothy R. Dernavich P'76
Mark D. Dery P'10'13 and Diane M. Dery P'10'13 •
John F. Dewey, Sr. '49 P'80 ••
Susan S. DeWitt P'13
Piero D. Di Capua P'15'17 and Laura Di Capua P'15'17
David Diaz-Barriga P'16 and Caroline Diaz-Barriga P'16
Gary T. DiCamillo • v
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis G. DiGangi P'94 •
William R. Dill H'91 v
John R. DiMatteo '53 P'81'84 and Patricia H. DiMatteo P'81'84 •
Robert A. DiMuccio P'11 and Renamarie DiMuccio P'11 •
Peter C. Diplock P'15 and Kathy Y. Zeiben P'15
Frank H. Dodge P'86 and Simone Dodge P'86
Neil E. Doherty P'13 and Vivian S. Doherty P'13
Patrick Dorgan P'02 and Rita R. Dorgan P'02 •
Bruce A. Douglas and Donna Douglas
Donald Douglass P'87 and Helen Douglass P'87
Curtis Dowd P'16 and Susan Dowd P'16
Victor P. Drake P'13 and Heidi H. Drake-Cho P'13
Mario Dubovoy P'14 and Nina Dubovoy P'14
Fred B. Duckloe P'13 and Joan M. Duckloe P'13
Terri L. Duff P'13'14
Robert A. Dulac P'09'12 and Mary C. Dulac P'09'12 •
Hugh A. Dunlap P'91 and Mary Dunlap P'91
Phong P. Duong P'13 and Veth Ham P'13
Wesley H. Durant, Jr. M'61 P'99
Paul Duseau P'16 and Renee Duseau P'16
Crosley M. Duson P'08 and Mary L. Duson P'08 •
Janet Gray Dwight
Elizabeth Dybiec * and Maxwell Dybiec '51 *
Saxon Eastman
Robert Ebling
Ben Edobor P'16 and Theresa Edobor P'16
George L. Edson '65 P'94 and Jill Edson P'94 ••
Mr. and Mrs. David Egan
Kenneth D. Elgart '53 P'90 v
Albert A. Elian P'14 and Zouhaida S. Elian P'14
Estate of Charles D. Thompson P'81'82 *
Seto Eurdekian P'10 and Silva Eurdekian P'10
Douglas B. Evans P'09 and Elizabeth D. Evans P'09
Edward Evarts v
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Ewer P'00 •
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley C. Fabianski, Jr. P'99'01
Robert Fain '61 P'98 and Toby L. Fain P'98 * v
Gabrielle Falconeiri
Stephen G. Farina P'15 and Pamela M. Slater P'15
Jesus E. Fernandez P'14 and Carolina B. Fernandez P'14
Delia Fernandez-McDonald P'11
Gary J. Fernquist '72 P'98
Rodrigo Ferrer P'08 and Barbara B. Ferrer P'08 •
Frederick J. Fessenden III M'73 P'07 and Susan L. Fessenden P'07 ••
Victor P. Filippini, Jr. P'11
Craig L. Fine P'06 and Ginny P. Fine P'06
Paul Fireman H'94 P'00 and Phyllis Fireman P'00
Frank M. Fischer P'06 and Jeanne Fischer P'06 • v
Robert Fishman
Michael F. Flaherty III P'14 and Emily C. Flaherty P'14
Eli B. Florence P'14 and Donna M. Florence P'14
Dale J. Florio P'12 and Leslie S. Florio P'12 •
Michael F. Flynn M'67 P'98 and Priscilla A. Flynn P'98
Vivianna Franchy P'14
Ralph A. Frankel M'70 P'03 and Bonnie Frankel P'03 ••
Ian Franson
Barry M. Freedman '64 P'89 and Phyllis N. Freedman P'89
Richard W. Friedman P'03'07 and Ivy C. Friedman P'03'07 •
Michael Frieze
Masahiro Fuchino P'14 and Yumi Fuchino P'14
Robert W. Fusick P'09 and Elizabeth L. Fusick P'09 •
Santiago Galaz Diaz P'14 and Beatriz Cancio Segurola P'14
Kennison N. Gale '49 P'81 and Judith P. Gale P'81
Richard J. Gallagher P'15 and Deborah L. Gallagher P'15
Thomas Gallagher P'16 and Rebecca Gallagher P'16
Todd Galusha
Howard Gardner
Bruce M. Garvin '60 M'66 P'94 and Sandra J. Garvin P'94
Clifford A. Gaysunas, Sr. '64 P'87 and Lorraine Gaysunas P'87
Albert N. Gentry III P'10 and Mary L. Gentry P'10 •
Meredith Gerrish P'75 * and Richard D. Gerrish '49 P'75 *
Richard D. Gerrish '49 P'75 * and Meredith Gerrish P'75 *
John J. Geverd P'08 and Teresa M. Geverd P'08
Charles J. Gibson
Sushil M. Gidwani P'12'14 and Naaz S. Gidwani P'12'14 •
Jeff M. Gietzen P'14 and Sheryl A. Gietzen P'14
Daniel P. Gillis P'99 and Betsy W. Gillis P'99
Matthew S. Gilman
Sherri A. Gilmore P'15
Constance C. Gilson and Lester Gilson '49 * •
Peter F. Given P'13 and Annette M. Given P'13
William F. Glavin H'99 and Cecily M. Glavin H'97 •• v
Hugh J. Glazer '77 P'13 and Linda Glazer P'13 v
Gregory A. Godi
Josette J. Goff P'79'83 and Howard C. Goff '49 P'79'83 *
Bernard S. Goldman P'15 and Yvonne C. Goldman P'15
Ricardo Gomez-Acebo Calparsoro P'12 and Paloma Botin P'12
Diego Goni P'16 and Rosana Goni P'16
Javier Gonzalez-Mora P'16 and Monica Gonzalez-Mora P'16
Murray Goralnick '56 P'89 and Elaine Goralnick P'89
Melvin P. Gordon '61 P'99
William L. Gordon P'14 and Victoria A. Gordon P'14
David F. Gorter P'10 and Lauren A. Gorter P'10 •
Raymond F. Gouley P'92 ••
Laura L. Govoni
Scott Govoni
Marlene M. Graf
Donald C. Graham
Marie G. Graham
Kevin J. Gray P'13 and Cheryl A. Gray P'13
Randy Gray P'16 and Suzanne Gray P'16
Barbara J. Greeley
Peter W. Greenbacker P'08 and Joy Greenbacker P'08 •
Edward Greenberg P'16 and Donna Greenberg P'16
John Greenberger '68 M'69 P'97 and Gail Greenberger P'97 *
Richard J. Greene P'14 and Mary T. Greene P'14
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Greenwood
Dhruv Grewal ••
Robert E. Griffin, Jr. P'10 and Cathleen A. Griffin P'10
Leona B. Grinnell *
Lester Grinspoon
Carl Gross P'10 and Mary Gross P'10
Theodore Grossman P'02 *
Brent R. Grover P'14 and Candace R. Grover P'14
Remir Guardazzi P'16 and Maria Guardazzi P'16
Gherardo Guarducci '88 P'17
Joseph J. Guarnieri M'73 P'92 and Andrea Guarnieri P'92
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Gunning, Sr. P'91
Naomi Guttman P'04
David F. Gwynn P'89 ••
Muhammad H. Habib '81 P'09 and Farah F. Habib P'09 • v
Elizabeth Moore Hagopian M'72 P'05 and Robert W. Hagopian P'05
Jeffrey C. Hall P'11
Frederic C. Hamilton '48 H'98 P'82 and Jane Hamilton P'82 •
John Robert Hand P'02 •
Steven Hansen P'12 and Valerie Hansen P'12 •
Mark Harrington P'09 and Joanne Harrington P'09 •
Dale Harrison P'16 v
Albert M. Hartig P'74 and Linda D. Hartig P'74 ••
Martha L. Hasak
Fallon Hauser
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Hayes P'05
Peter J. Hayes P'15 and Nancy A. Hayes P'15
James C. Hays P'04
Daofeng He P'13 and Yang Cui P'13
Robert G. Heath P'05 and Linda V. Heath P'05
Bonny E. Hebden * and Robert K. Hebden '37 *
Mary Frawley Heiser '90 P'16 and Thomas Heiser P'16 •
Edward Heller '61 P'91 and Beverly A. Heller P'91
Ronald I. Heller
Brian W. Hickey P'14 and Joanne E. Hickey P'14
Michael Hickey P'16 and Elaine Pers Hickey P'16
Pope Hoffman '69 P'96
Robert S. Hoffman III '60 P'00 and Susan G. Hoffman P'00 •
Dwight G. Hollister, Sr. *
Garry R. Holmes P'16 and Elaine Coombs Holmes P'16 •• v
Joan Money Holmes
Roger William Holmes and Sarah Francis Holmes
Yoshito Hori
Gijsbert E. Houwer P'11'13 and Analia B. Houwer P'11'13
John Howard P'16 and Elizabeth Howard P'16
Lee R. Howard P'15
Richard E. Howe P'03 and Anne L. Howe P'03 •
Victoria M. Howe P'13
John Hughes P'14 and Heather McKenzie P'14
Harry E. Humphries '54 P'81 *
James J.K. Hung M'71 P'99'01 and Daisy Hung P'99'01
Maryann H. Hurley
Massimo Iacono '83 P'16 v
Robert Iacono v
Matthew B. Irmas P'14 and Deborah L. Irmas P'14
Mark Jackson P'16 and Patricia Jackson P'16
Laura Solowski Jacobi '75 P'14 and William R. Jacobi P'14 ••
Melvin S. Jacobs '70 P'95 and Susan Jacobs P'95
Robert M. Jacques P'10 and Cheryl A. Jacques P'10 •
Jeet Jaikissoon P'16
Amar J. Jain P'10'13 and Rita Jain P'10'13
Vivek Jain M'83 P'07 and Meeta Jain P'07 v
Robert B. Jamieson '68 P'08 and Judith A. Jamieson P'08 •
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Jamison, Sr. P'93
Julia G. Janes
Gregory Jankilevitsch P'12 •
Andrew Janower
Luisella Jaques Deraney P'16
Surya K. Jhunjhnuwala P'09'11'14 and Ritu Jhunjhnuwala P'09'11'14
Eric G. Johnson '72 P'08 v
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Johnson
Jenny E. Johnson P'15
Deborah Juzwiakowski
Roger Kahn P'12 and Pam Kahn P'12
Daniel Kaner P'16 and Sonia Kashuk P'16
Shelley Kaplan v
Stuart E. Karu P'16 and Tamara Karu P'16
Ricardo Kassin '87 M'89 P'17
Stuart I. Kaufman '64 P'93 and Mary Ann Kaufman P'93 •
Timothy G. Kelleher P'15
Kevin Kelley P'09 and Theresa Kelley P'09
Stella I. Kelley
Kimberly Ann Kellogg
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene V. Kelly P'84 ••
Anne C. Kennedy
Katherine F. Kenney P'03 •
Christopher Kent P'09 and Brenda Sprague Kent P'09 •
Robert N. Kervick P'81'84 *
Edward C. Kesell
Ara P. Keusseyan P'13 and Muriel M. Keusseyan P'13
Charles F. Kiefer, Jr. and Carolyn L. Kiefer
Tae Mo Kim P'14 and Yisoon L. Kim P'14
Francis E. King P'14 and Marion A. King P'14
Warren L. King and Elizabeth R. Cooke-King
Suzanne Kisiday
Albert S. Klauber
Stuart R. Klein P'14 and Amy B. Klein P'14
Carmella R. Kletjian v
Arielle Klinetsky
Peter Knobel P'16 and Patrice Knobel P'16
James T. Kohan P'08 and Pamela L. Kohan P'08 •
Steven Koltai
Boris Komm P'10 and Valentina Komm P'10 •
Waclaw G. Komornicki P'14 and Barbara S. Komornicki P'14
Kay Koplovitz v
Andrew C. Korinis P'15
Bruce J. Koziol P'03 and Deborah A. Koziol P'03
Thomas Kralovenec P'13 and Nancy Kralovenec P'13
Markus T. Krautli '81 P'12 and Melissa Krautli P'12 •
John F. Kreckler
Christopher Kristian P'16 and Martha Kristian P'16
Anne M. Krueger P'10
Manfred Kruger '72 P'16 and Alessandra Kruger P'16
Jack Ku P'13 and Elaine Tao P'13
Ellen Y. Kwame Corkrum P'15
Mary C. Kyne P'15
Albert A. Laboz P'14 and Renee M. Laboz P'14
Edward T. Lack P'13 and MaryKay Lack P'13
Helena R. Lademo P'15
Thomas D. Lancaster P'13 and Marianne K. Lancaster P'13
Kurt A. Lange '76 P'03'06 and Donna M. Lange P'03'06 ••
Louis A. Langie
Apichat Laochinda P'13 and Pimjai Laochinda P'13 •
Isaac E. Larian P'12'17 and Angela L. Larian P'12'17
Robert Laurenzo P'15 and LeeAnn Laurenzo P'15
Louis J. Lavigne, Jr. '69 P'92 v
Kamel Lazaar P'13
Mr. and Mrs. R. Gregory Lazar
John G. Legg, Jr. '49 P'03 ••
Frederick L. Leighton '58 P'98 ••
Mario Lemieux P'15 and Nathalie Lemieux P'15
Theodore V. Lenthe P'12 and Alice Lenthe P'12
Seth H. Lerner '86 P'17 and Marci Jo Soreff Lerner '86 M'91 P'17
Theodore I. Les '76 P'10 and Jane K. Les P'10
Pamela A. Leve
Iliana Levy P'08'15
Alan E. Lewis •
Stanley M. Lewis *
Zhipeng Li
Sarah C. Libbey
Rush B. Lincoln III P'13 and Patricia A. Lincoln P'13
Richard Linehan P'16 and Lynn LaFond-Linehan P'16
Yie Ling
Janet S. Lockwood * and Boardman F. Lockwood '38 *
Antonio Lopes P'16 and Etelvina Lopes P'16
Elizabeth M. Lorusso P'15
Rafael A. Loson
Sandra P. Lovell
Gary W. Loveman
Emily Lowe
Justin P. Lowenstein '13
David D. Lu P'14
Richard E. Lucas '51 P'10 •
Andronico C. Luksic, Jr. '76 H'04 P'04'06'11'14 • v
Peter H. Lunder P'86'90 and Paula Crane Lunder P'86'90 •• v
Josef Macicek P'12 and Olyana Matsichkova P'12 •
Peter E. Madden '64 P'04 v
Robert E. Madden H'97 P'93 and Terry Madden P'93
Brian J. Magner P'12 and Maureen L. Magner P'12 •
John L. Maguire '82 P'16 and Brenda Maguire P'16
Kevin A. Maguire M'75 P'06 and Noreen T. Maguire P'06 v
Patrick J. Maguire P'08 and Jean A. Rieke P'08
Bradford M. Maher '86 P'16 •• v
Douglas H. Mainiero P'15 and Martha B. Mainiero P'15
Anil Majumdar P'16 and Dolly Majumdar P'16
Theodore P. Malek P'04 and Patricia S. Fritzsche P'04 ••
Kurt Malkoff
Thomas V. Mallon P'12 and Mary A. Mallon P'12 •
Gregory Malloy P'16 and Marie Malloy P'16
James B. Malloy '51 P'85 *
Peter F. Mangan '78 P'14 and Sharon R. Mangan P'14 ••
Salil P. Manilal P'14 and Nina S. Manilal P'14
Paul S. Maregni P'08 and Linda J. Maregni P'08 •
Joseph S. Mariani P'01
Steven Mariotti
Frank F. Marmorek '65 P'06 and Kathleen B. Marmorek P'06
Bradford L. Martin P'14 and Albine K. Martin P'14
Mr. and Mrs. J. Douglas Martin
Lois M. Martin P'82 ••
Pedro A. Martin P'17
John A. Mastroianni P'10 and Jennie Mastroianni P'10
Deron Matsuoka P'14 and Carol Matsuoka P'14
Carlos J. Mattos M'76 P'17 v
Phyllis M. Mays M'96 P'86
Charles J. McCarthy '50 P'78 and Lillian D. McCarthy P'78 v
Kathleen A. McCarthy P'13
John B. McClung P'15 and Diane S. McClung P'15
William McCurdy P'09'11'12 and Mary E. McCurdy P'09'11'12 •
Peter P. McDermott II '76 P'10 and Charlotte B. McDermott P'10 ••
Angus P. McIntyre, Jr. P'04 and Carol L. McIntyre P'04
Wendi McKenna
Mr. and Mrs. John E. McLaughlin, Sr. P'89
James M. McMackin P'04 and Mary McMackin P'04 ••
Naresh R. Mehta P'15 and Sujata N. Mehta P'15 v
Pedro Henrique Mellao P'15
Alexandra Metz
Lawrence J. Metz '71 P'05 •
Paul W. Meyer '53 P'80 and Elise Meyer P'80 ••
Beth Miller
Gary C. Miller '72 P'07 and Arlene P. Miller P'07 ••
Richard K. Miller P'02 and Beth Miller P'02 v
Robert Miller P'16 and Lorri Miller P'16
Robert H. Miller, Jr. '78 P'14 •
William Miller P'16 and Amy Miller P'16
William Miller P'12 and Debra Miller P'12
David M Milton
Hahn Min P'16 and Hyejung Min P'16
Howard I. Mirkin and Rena P. Mirkin ••
Walter C. Mitchell P'05 and Sylvia M. Mitchell P'05 •
Hiroyasu Mizuno
Chandler J. Moisen '58 M'72 P'77'84'06 and Dolores Moisen P'77'84'06 ••
Marc A. Montanari M'86 P'16 and Lynne Montanari P'16
Rajan Moorjani P'16 and Sheela Moorjani P'16
Maureen Moran
Nancy Morganstern P'83 •
Mr. and Mrs. David Morin
Ruth Ann Morrell and Louis R. Morrell '58 *
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Morrissey P'99 ••
Henry M. Mukasa P'13 and Mildred M. Mukasa P'13
John H. Muller, Jr. H'96 P'79 and Taffy Muller P'79 •• v
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Mullin P'05 ••
John B. Murdock P'14 and Lynn J. Murdock P'14
Donna M. Murphy M'86 P'08 and Richard J. Murphy P'08
Michelle D. Murphy
Patricia A. Murphy P'12 •
Shawn H. Murphy P'13 and Linda M. Murphy P'13
Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Murray
Ronald V. Musto P'09 and Michele A. Musto P'09 •
Paul R. Neelon M'73 P'87 ••
Pierre Neury P'06 and Christina Neury P'06 ••
Gilberto Neves and Carmen Neves
Thach Nguyen P'12 and Nhu Hoa T. Nguyen P'12 •
James R. Nichols and Elizabeth Dunn Nichols ••
Richard M. Nichols H'73 *
Thomas H. Niehoff P'11 and Nancy A. Niehoff P'11
James H. Nilsson, Jr. '74 P'02
John P. Nixon, Jr. '59 P'89 and Jane P. Nixon P'89
Justin T. Nolan P'14 and Tracy H. Nolan P'14
Ejikeme Obasi P'16 and Nneka Obasi P'16
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. O'Brien, Jr. P'05 ••
Gregory G. O'Brien M'83 P'07'11 and Christine M. O'Brien P'07'11 v
Kevin M. O'Connor P'15 and Kathryn G. O'Connor P'15
Kivanc Oktay P'14'16 and Meltem Demiroren Oktay P'14'16
Barry O'Laughlin P'14
Elizabeth Olin
Joseph N. Olivere '95 P'13 and Jayne H. Olivere P'13
James M. Olivier III '83 M'06 P'17 and Julie Devlin Olivier M'92 P'17
Daniel O'Neill P'14 and Bonnie J. O'Neill P'14
David B. Ordway P'15 and Sigrid E. Ordway P'15
Susan O'Reilly P'06 ••
James Orrok P'16 and Tamara Orrok P'16
David Oston P'13
Doug Otto P'12 and Rita Otto
Kurt R. Packer P'11'14 and Tammie L. Packer P'11'14 •
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Paganelli
Donald B. Page P'83 ••
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Page III P'88
John W. Paine P'04'07 and Martha C. Paine P'04'07
Alberto Palatchi P'13
Mary Anne Palermo
Candice Palson P'09
Lorraine A. Palucci
Prajogo Pangestu P'96 and Harlina Pangestu P'96
Dominick L. Paragano P'10 and Lisa Paragano P'10
Junsuk Park P'16 and Sujin Lee P'16
Pamela Lahey Parker
Mayur B. Patel P'09 and Kalpana M. Patel P'09
Patricia Patrick
Michael A. Peggs P'08 and June V. Peggs P'08
David J. Pellegrini M'87 P'16 and Maureen Pellegrini P'16 v
Marvin D. Percival P'14 and Lisa M. Percival P'14
Peter Perera P'15 and Wai Bak Lee P'15
Jean-Marc F. Perez P'15 and Gilda S. Perez P'15
Javier Perez-Abreu P'13'17 and Dulce M. Perez-Abreu P'13'17
Raffaele V. Perna P'11 and Mariella G. Perna P'11 •
John B. Perry II '42 P'76 * and Virginia Perry P'76 *
Virginia Perry P'76 * and John B. Perry II '42 P'76 *
Enrico Petrillo P'16 and Denise Petrillo P'16
Kevin C. Phelan • v
David A. Pierce P'13 and Karen P. Pierce P'13
Ervin Pietz *
Richard K. Pilavin P'14 and Anneke Pilavin P'14
Patricia A. Pineda P'12'16
Rodolfo Pittaluga, Jr. P'13 and Ibis R. Pittaluga P'13
George L. Place '62 P'93 and Carolyn A. Langdon-Place ••
Michael F. Pochini P'14
Richard J. Pope P'12
Elizabeth P. Powell M'76 P'01 ••
Owen H. Powell P'13 and Jennifer R. Ziegler P'13
James F. Powers M'69 P'85 and Joanne Powers P'85 ••
John J. Powers, Jr.
Alan N. Prag P'04 ••
Estate of Harriet B. Prindle *
Steven C. Prykucki P'07 and Deborah A. Prykucki P'07 ••
Scott J. Pugliese
Jesse M. Putney '56 M'59 P'90 and Sue Putney P'90 v
Louis Putze P'74'76 *
Dat Quach P'15 and Lang Ngo P'15
Patti Quigley
John P. Quinn P'15 and Alissa M. Quinn P'15
Davar W. Rad '81 P'05
Lars Rafeldt P'15 and Lili Rafeldt P'15
Kelvin Ramnath P'15 and Asha Ramnath P'15
Alan J. Rappoport P'14 and Barbara P. Rappoport P'14
Christy Refojo
Mark J. Regan P'15 and Maria K. Regan P'15
Fred Reichardt P'15 and Patricia A. Reichardt P'15
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Reimann
Robert S. Reisman M'73 P'06 and Maria Reisman P'06 ••
Peter A. Remy P'11 and Linda L. Remy P'11
Marilynn Reynolds P'91 and Gary H. Reynolds '65 P'91 *
Dennis G. Rezendes P'15 and Noreen M. Rezendes P'15
Francisco J. Riberas P'13'15
Glenn Ricciardelli '79 P'09 and Karin L. Ricciardelli P'09 •• v
John A. Ricciardi, Jr. '92 P'17
Robert J. Rice P'17 and Julia B. Rice P'17
Stephen C. Richards P'14 and Christine A. Richards P'14
Lynford M. Richardson '58 M'70 P'87 and Rose Marie B. Richardson P'87
Thomas P. Rimsa and Helen Rimsa
Jeffrey L. Ringer P'13 and Wendy G. Ringer P'13
William L. Rivellini P'14 and Nikki A. Rivellini P'14
Raul E. Riveros P'14 and Ximena Y. Barrera P'14
Gerald Roan P'16 and Marianne Roan P'16
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Robbins P'05
Patrick A. Robertson P'13 and Marilyn J. Robertson P'13
Larry J. Rocha P'14 and Candace F. Rocha P'14
Elena P. Rodriguez P'11
Paul F. Rogers P'14 and Lisa M. Rogers P'14
Gerard Ronan P'16 and Nancy Ronan P'16 v
Thomas W. Rooke '78 P'08 and Alice F. Rooke P'08 ••
Robert F. Roscigno P'14 and Nancy Roscigno P'14
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas F. Rose P'06
Stephen G. Rosen P'13
Robert M. Rosenberg H'97 P'94 v
Sheldon R. Roth '58 P'82 and Maddy Roth P'82
John B. Rothenberger '66 P'01 and Gloria B. Rothenberger P'01 •
Frank V. Rovirosa P'10'14 and Ana M. Rovirosa P'10'14 •
Kenne Ruan P'14 and Jennifer Hu P'14
Rochelle Rubera
George J. Rudnick '67 P'97 and Judith Rudnick P'97
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Rummler
Andrew J. Rutberg P'13 and Lori A. Rutberg P'13
Richard F. Ryon '72 P'01 and Catherine T. Ryon P'01
Jennifer Sabo
Gabriel R. Safdie M'86 P'09'16 and Sally Safdie P'09'16 v
Phyllis Sagan P'87
Mark E. Salomone '76 P'06'07 ••
Manjini Saminathan P'13 and Thamarai Saminathan P'13
Gavin P. San Diego P'15 and Eileen M. San Diego P'15
Santos Sanchez P'13 and Luz A. Martinez-Sanchez P'13
Deborah Sandler
David W. Sargent '82 P'12 v
Kenneth F. Sarpu '83 P'17 and Ann Fagan Sarpu '84 P'17
Fouad A. Sattar P'07 and Maria L. Sattar P'07 •
S. Sandy Satullo P'05
Mr. and Mrs. Philip K. Savage
James R. Scanlin P'14 and Dorothy A. Scanlin P'14
Scott S. Scarpato M'83 P'10 and Patricia A. Scarpato P'10 •
Roger Schenkel
Robert E. Schofield '58 P'82 and Penelope P. Schofield P'82 •• v
Patricia Schroth
Marnie Schulz and William S. Schulz '51 * •
Virginia Scott
J. Paul Secord
Drue D. Secrist P'15 and Debbie R. Secrist P'15
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Selman P'91
Maria Serpentino '78 P'05 •• v
Gary S. Shaddock P'13 and Kathy A. Shaddock P'13
William T. Shea '73 M'80 P'99 and Sandra Shea P'99
William Sheldon P'16 and Joanne Sheldon P'16
Don Shi P'15 and Seth Shi P'15
Michael J. Shimoko P'13
John Shinkwin P'16 and Sandra Shinkwin
Steven K. Shirley P'15 and Theresa M. Angelo P'15
Sundeep Sibal P'14 and Atula Sibal P'14
Mr. and Mrs. Steve J. Silverman P'05
Michael R. Simmons P'03 and Jane F. Simmons P'03
Robert A. Simms, Sr.
John G. Simon
Mary Simonson P'16
James R. Simpson M'75 P'01 and Lynn G. Simpson P'01 •
John I. Simpson, Jr. '74 P'09 and Deborah S.V. Simpson '74 M'75 P'09 ••
Robert B. Simpson '79 P'11 •
Naomi N. Skoler P'96 and Maurice J. Skoler '61 P'96 * •
Paul E. Slye
Suzanne Slye P'82 and George E. Slye '53 P'82 *
Carol C. Smith
Jeran Smith
Katharine K. Smith P'08 •
Michael Hall Smith P'12 and Patricia Dube Smith P'12 •
Pamela A. Snyder P'04 •
Richard J. Snyder '60 H'94 P'93'01 and Marilyn B. Snyder M'80 P'93 •• v
Anne E. Sofronas P'85'90 •
Paul Solano • v
Shirley Sontheimer ••
Ralph Z. Sorenson H'85 and Charlotte Sorenson •• v
Richard W. Sorenson M'68 P'97'00 •
Wesley W. Sparks '77 M'80 P'09 and Pamela Anderson Sparks '78 P'09 ••
Diana Davis Spencer ••
Jonathan E. Squire P'15 and Linda C. Squire P'15
Thomas T. Stallkamp • v
Robert B. Staples P'13 and Debra G. Staples P'13
John P. Stearns P'81 and Winifred Anthony Stearns P'81 •
Carl F. Stenman P'07 and Carol G. Stenman P'07
Daniel R. Stern
Howard H. Stevenson P'03 and Fredericka Stevenson P'03
Sam L. Stolbun P'11 and Alana R. Spiwak P'11 •
Arleen Stoller P'76'76 * and Richard Stoller P'76'76 *
Richard Stoller P'76'76 * and Arleen Stoller P'76'76 *
Michael D. Stowe P'15 and Elaine M. Stowe P'15 v
Charles W. Sullivan '49 P'79'81 *
Hwa-Yu Sun P'16 and Siew Lien Wong P'16
Samson Sun
Albert Sutton P'16 and Susan Sutton P'16
Ariel Sutton
Carol C. Sweeney
Michael J. Sweeney P'12 and Elizabeth G. Sweeney P'12
Michael S. Symanski P'10 and Bernadette M. Symanski P'10 •
Aras J. Tamoshunas P'15 and Vida J. Tamoshunas P'15
Danny Tanaka P'16 and Doreen Tanaka P'16
Dinesh Tanna P'09'13 and Ketki Tanna P'09'13
Marcel Telles P'15
Gregory Temkin P'14 and Ludmilla Lazareva P'14
Justin A. Testa P'13 and Donna L. Testa P'13 v
Pamela C. Thayer P'13
Jean Theriault P'14 and Michele Bergeron P'14
Charles C. Thomas, Jr. P'77 *
Roberto M. Thompson Motta P'11 •
Barbara N. Thompson P'10 •
Bina H. Thompson M'91 P'04 •• v
Kevin N. Thorsgaard P'14 and Marybeth Thorsgaard P'14
Ingemar Thylen P'16 and Deborah Wecselman P'16
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Tighe P'93 •
Jeffry A. Timmons *
Alan R. Titelbaum P'10 and Deborah A. Titelbaum P'10 •
James F. Titus M'59 P'83'84 and Janice S. Titus P'84
Angelo Tomasso, Jr. P'78'88 and Joy Tomasso P'78'88
William J. Tomasso *
John Tomlin P'16 and Holly Tomlin P'16
Giuseppe F. Torre '62 P'93
Richard F. Torre '72 M'80 P'07'08 and Patricia B. Torre P'07'08
Peter T. Tourso P'13 and Denise M. Tourso P'13
Polly J. Townsend
Akio Toyoda M'82 P'14 v
Shoichiro Toyoda H'94 P'82
Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo N.C. Tracewski P'06 ••
David M. Tracht '63 P'07 and Anne M. Tracht P'07 ••
Jean E. Traver *
George H. Troughton •
Peter E. Tryhane P'13 and Diane E. Martin-Tryhane P'13
Peter Tsai P'16 and Suchun Tsai P'16
Zoltan B. Tuba P'82 and Joy Tuba P'82 •
Steven Tucci P'16 and Christine Tucci P'16
Robert M. Turner P'07 and Leslie S. Turner P'07 •• v
William W. Turpin P'15 and Ann L. Leavesley-Turpin P'15
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Tyler P'05 ••
Yodjin Uahwatanasakul '60 H'94 P'99 and Supanya Uahwatanasakul P'99 v
Scott G. Uhrick P'13 and Kreszenz Uhrick P'13
Craig Underwood
Subbarao V. Uppaluri P'09 and Anita C. Uppaluri P'09 •
Mehmet M. Uyan P'15 and Nurdan Uyan P'15
Matthew A. Vacaro P'14 and Paula Screnci-Vacaro P'14
Arvindkumar Vaish P'12 and Mala Vaish P'12
Lindsay Valladares
Adelaide Van Winkle and Arthur D. Van Winkle '32 * •• v
Theodore F. VanZandt
Serge Varsano P'15 and Katarzyna Varsano P'15
Nasser Vaziri P'14 and Sholeh Vaziri P'14
Rosa J. Vazquez P'01 •
Stephen C. Veilleux P'04 and Kathryn S. Veilleux P'04
Fabiola Maria Velez
Victor G. Ventura P'14 and Patricia A. Ventura P'14
Aaron Viau
Mario Vicente P'16
Jeffery Vick P'16 and Denise Vick P'16
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Rocko Vitale P'03
Lauren Vollmin P'16
Michael C. Walsh P'09 and Betty J. Walsh P'09
Wendy Walsh
Lili Wang P'16 and Jiwei Huang P'16
Yaping Wang and Chunhong Wang
Christopher Warner P'16 and Paula Warner P'16
Dell D. Warren, Jr. P'14 and Deborah D. Brown P'14
Juanita A. Washington-Lampkin P'09
Kenneth I. Watchmaker
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Waters P'05 ••
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Watts
Raymond J. Wean, Jr. P'71 *
George H. Weaver and Natalie T. Taylor *
Anne Webber
Robert E. Weissman '64 H'94 P'87'90 and Janet Weissman P'87'90 •• v
Stacey Welsh P'16
Paul B. Wendler P'13 and Rebecca R. Wendler P'13
James L. Whalen P'13 and Melinda M. Whalen P'13
Charles Edwin White '76 P'05 and Katherine P. White P'05
Charles L. White, Jr. M'69 P'76 •
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert E. White P'90 •
Ruth White
Thomas A. Wilde '84 P'16 and Loralee Wilde P'16
John D. Wilkie P'12 and Linda L. Wilkie P'12
Alan B. Williams P'13 and Diane P. Leonard P'13 v
John H. Williams P'10 and Audrey A. Williams P'10
Mr. and Mrs. John Roger Williams P'03 •
Robert G. Williams '56 P'82 and Rosalind W. Williams P'82 •
Bruce R. Wimperis P'10 and Deborah H. Wimperis P'10 •
Bruce D. Winer '81 P'11 and Barbara P. Winer P'11 ••
Peter J. Wojda P'14 and Lisa D. Wojda P'14
Charles B. Wolf P'01 •
Kevin R. Wolf P'15 and Pamela N. Wolf P'15
Ruth Wolfe P'53
Leonard S. Wollins '63 P'90 and Sheila R. Wollins P'90 v
John A. Wood P'10 and Katherine C. Wood P'10 •
Allyn C. Woodward, Jr. '63 P'88'93 and Lois H. Woodward P'88'93 • v
Alfred F. Wright, Jr. '81 P'14 and Victoria Wright P'14 •
Wen Zi Wu P'16 and Zhi Ying Wu P'16
Matthew T. Wutka '83 P'16 and Tracey S. Wutka P'16
John S. Yancey '71 P'02 •
Nina Piken Yarus M'81 P'08 and Gary J. Yarus P'08 ••
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome P. Yeasted P'05 ••
William E. Yeo '68 P'00'02 and Cynthia F. Yeo P'00'02 •
Kim Nah Young
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Young III P'89 •
Nils Youngwall P'16 and Debroah Youngwall P'16
Alan Takeshi Yuasa P'15 and Lynn Yuasa P'15
Aleksander A. Yudin P'14 and Olga N. Yudin P'14
Anna Zegna
Bernard Zeifang
John C. Zelaya P'15 and Ana M. Zelaya P'15
Natalia Zhiglinskaya '04
Bridget F. Zukas P'11'14
Xiaowei Zuo P'16 and Yan Liu P'16
Gary L. Zwerling P'06 and Marie Zwerling P'06 •• v