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Parents and Friends

We recognize and thank parents of current students, and alumni and friends of the College who made gifts to Babson in 2013–2014.

This list reflects gifts to Babson from July 1, 2013, to June 30, 2014.

Margaret L. Abbate P’88
Jacques S. Abrams ••
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Adamczyk P’05 ••
Mohamed Adatia P’16 and Naina Adatia P’16
Michael S. Aizenstadt P’11 and Patricia L. Aizenstadt P’11
Issam Al Tawari P’15 and Khanssa Al Abdulkarim P’15
Joyce T. Nishio Alarcon P’02
Allison Allmendinger
Todd Allmendinger
Sunhee An P’17
Bruce W. Anderson ’74 P’06 and Susan J. Anderson P’06 •• v
Frohman Anderson P’16 and Kimberley Anderson P’16
Hodell Anderson M’70 P’92 and Virginia T. Anderson P’92 •
Jon C. Anderson ’75 P’04’08’13’13 and Lynn J. Anderson P’04’08’13’13 v
Shawn P. Andrew ’86 P’14 and Ann Bishop Andrew ’86 P’14
Everett Andrews P’16
Gloria W. Appel *
James D. Aronson ’77 P’08
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Attias
Peter Avenarius P’15 and Maria Avenarius P’15
Bruce F. Avery ’57 P’89 and Shirley S. Avery P’89 •
Donald P. Babson * and Susan A. Babson *
Richard L. Babson •
Susan A. Babson * and Donald P. Babson *
Jose Baez P’10 and Almanda de la Cruz P’10
Ben Bailey III ’71 • v
Jeffrey Baker P’16’18 and Laurie Baker P’16’18 v
Diane G. Balavoine P’14
Matthew Balic *
Steven Bandel P’16 and Minnie Bandel P’16 v
William E. Bankert
David J. Barber ’81 P’16’17 and Dorie S. Barber P’16’17 v
Eduardo Barco ’82 P’18 and Angela M. Tafur P’18 v
Susan Bardaro P’16
Brian M. Barefoot ’66 H’09 P’01 and Pamela P. Barefoot P’01 v
Andrew N. Barr P’11 and Nancy Barr P’11 •
J. Robert Barrett P’09 and Catherine Kraus P’09
Brendan Q. Barry P’14 and Jill A. Barry P’14
Thomas Barry P’17 and Erin Barry P’17
Terri L. Bartlett
Gene T. Barton, Jr.
Maurice B. Bastarache P’15 and Leslie J. Bastarache P’15
Mary A. Batcheller P’93 and Kent J. Batcheller ’58 P’93 * ••
Otto R. Becker von Sothen P’14 and Ana Paula von Sothen P’14
Darryl M. Beech P’17 and Marlene C. Beech P’17
Patricia R. Beecher
Abdi Behjat P’15 and Fariba Javaherchi P’15
Lee J. Belitsky M’93 P’17 and Janice A Belitsky P’17 ••
Izzet I. Benadrete P’17
Gadi Benhamo P’17 and Victoria S. Benhamo P’17
Wayne A. Bergeron P’13 and Janine M. Bergeron P’13 •
Bernard G. Berkman ’52 P’79 and Nancy J. Berkman P’79 ••
Andrew S. Bermant P’17 and Cindy Bermant P’17
Christopher Bernier
Laura S. Beshansky P’17
David A. Bettles P’13 and Tracy O. Bettles P’13
Amit Bhatia
Slawomir Bialon P’16 and Malgorzata Bialon P’16
Polly Bidwell P’87 and Bennett E. Bidwell ’52 H’74 P’87 *
Peter M. Black H’02 ••
Huntington Blatchford ’63 P’89 and Sharon Blatchford P’89
Samuel T. Blatchford ’89 P’12 and Anne-Marie Dutil Blatchford ’89 P’12 • v
John Bodenmann and Linda Bodenmann
Samuel W. Bodman
Mark M. Boe P’14 and Barbara J. Boe P’14
Manuel G. Bonitatibus P’07 and Susan A. Bonitatibus P’07 ••
Howard E. Boone, Jr. and Bethany Boone
Walter T. Boone
Paul M. Bortolotti P’14 and Susan C. Bortolotti P’14
Marian C. Boullon P’10
Richard D. Bowman P’12 and Margaret A. Kiley P’12 ••
Kevin M. Boyce M’94 P’13
Peter Andrew Boyce II
John J Boyle III and Mary Boyle
Tracine Bradstreet P’17
Ruth Bramson P’87 v
Charles S. Brauer P’09’11 and Laura J. Brauer P’09’11 •
Sally Braunstein
Jim Brewer and Susie Brewer
James Broderick and Pamela W. Broderick
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bronner
Paul S. Brown M’85 P’02 and E. Lisa Brown P’02
Scott Brown P’18 and Jill V. Brown P’18
Marlene A. Browne P’06 ••
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Brunelle P’06
Michael E. Bruno P’17 and Karen A. Bruno P’17
Carol Bucci
Steven M. Bunick P’15 v
Benjamin H. Burka P’08 and Ruth A. Burka P’08 •
Diane Burke
W. Gregory Burrill P’04’04’06 and Elsie Burrill P’04’04’06 •• v
Andrew S. Burstiner P’17 and Michele L. Jacobson P’17
Steven M. Bushong M’89 P’16 and Isabelle P. Vuldy-Bushong M’89 P’16 • v
Catherine Butler v
John E. Butler ’52 P’84 and Alice L. Butler P’84 ••
Michael A. Butler P’09 and Patricia D. Butler P’09
Sebastian Cabrera P’17
Philip Cadorette P’16 and Karen Cadorette P’16
Robert A. Caggiano P’15 and Lea M. Caggiano P’15
Ricardo E. Cajigas P’17 and Aleida S. Cajigas P’17
Richard D. Calmas P’17 and Ellen Cutler Calmas P’17
Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. Campbell
James L. Cantoni P’17 and Jacqueline A. Cantoni P’17 v
John S. Capecelatro P’14 and Ann M. Capecelatro P’14 v
John H. Carlson
Lawrence P. Carr P’97 and Sandra L. Carr P’97 •
Joseph Carroll P’17 and Karen Carroll P’17
Jerry L. Carson and Dana E. Carson
Andrew J. Cary P’13
Michael John Caslin III M’14 P’07 and Irene Caslin v
Michael J. Caso P’13 and Jeanne A. Caso P’13
Mark E. Cassen P’10 •
Eric Castellar P’14
Robert H. Castellini P’92’94 and Susan Castellini P’92’94
Jeffrey G. Castle ’75 M’76 P’01’03 and Suzanne D. Castle P’01’03 ••
Mr. and Mrs. Don M. Casto
Avery W. Catlin M’76 P’11
David S. Chadwick P’74
Robert C. Chamberlain P’04 and Diane T. Chamberlain P’04
Simon S. Chan P’12 and Lai Ming Mui P’12
Liana Charter
K. Paul Chase ’49 P’84 *
Ralph W. Chase, Jr. ’58 P’79 and Katharine N. Chase P’79
Shaoyuan Chen P’17 and Yubo Yang P’17
Ruth R. Cheswick
Rajesh Chhabria P’17 and Sneha Chhabria P’17 v
Peter C. Chick M’71 P’92
David Chin P’14 and Judy Ng-Chin P’14
Raman K. Chitkara P’14 and Sabina Chitkara P’14
Chong Choi P’16
Chauncey Chu, Jr. P’04 and Barbara G. Chu P’04
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ciatto
Lawrence Cicchetti P’16 and Karen Cicchetti P’16
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Clarke P’01
Clyde R. Claus M’58 •
Robert Clemence P’16 and Denise Clemence P’16
Sheila M. Cleworth and Charles W. Cleworth ’55 *
Idelle W. Boone Cobb P’73 *
Meir Cohen P’16 and Glori Cohen P’16
William F. Cohen P’14 and Anne B. Cohen P’14
Anthony J. Collier P’09 and Pamela Collier P’09
Elfriede Collis
Frank Condon P’81’86 and Louise V. Condon P’81’86
Thomas L. Conley P’16 and Rita G. Conley P’16
Benjamin Conner P’16 and Carmen Bonmati P’16
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Conroy P’00’05’06 •
Vincent P. Conroy P’15 and Darlene A. Conroy P’15
Fermin Contreras P’16 and Maria Quintana P’16
Kathleen Conway P’16
John Cooke P’17 and Deborah Cooke P’17
John S. Cookson M’68 P’93 and Marylin J. Cookson P’93 ••
Sheila Copland P’78 and Raibeart Y. Copland M’70 P’78 *
Daniel P. Corcoran, Jr. M’89 P’17 and Ann M. Corcoran P’17
Roy G. Cornelius P’11 and Sharon Cornelius P’11
Russell V. Corsini, Jr. M’67 P’03 and Althea H. Corsini P’03 •• v
Nancy Cosimini P’17
Alberto F. Cosio P’17 and Magdalena S. Cosio P’17
Timothy Costa P’16
Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Cote P’94
Robert A. Cotier P’12 and Janice P. Cotier P’12 •
Donna Cowan
Jacqueline A. Cox
Rose Ann Crisci P’15
Daniel R. Cudgma P’17 and Colleen A. Cudgma P’17
Kevin Curran P’15 and Claudine Curran P’15
Jose F. Da Costa Gomez P’17 and Annelies H. Da Costa Gomez P’17
Thomas Daly P’17 and Cathy Daly P’17
Michael D’Amelia P’17 and Michelle D’Amelia P’17
Jon C. Dangler P’11 and Edith Dangler P’11
Stanley B. Danzig P’17 and Suzanne M. McNamara Danzig P’17
Said S. Darwazah P’15 and Mariana F. Melhem P’15 v
Mary E. Daury P’03
Frank F. Davidson IV M’92 P’18
Zeke Davisson
Lupo M. del Bono ’79 P’09 •• v
Brian J. DeLacey M’84 P’13’16 and Lynn W. DeLacey P’13’16
Ada Delfino
John Delfino
Kyriaco A. Demascus P’13
Timothy A. DeMello ’81 P’18 v
Robert A. Dempsey M’75 P’13 ••
Hugh Denison and Mary Ross Denison
Michele Dery
Mary-Ellen M. Devlin P’08
John F. Dewey, Sr. ’49 P’80 ••
Stephen W. DeWitt ’88 P’18
Piero D. Di Capua P’15’17 and Laura Di Capua P’15’17 v
David Diaz-Barriga P’16
Gary T. DiCamillo • v
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis G. DiGangi P’94 •
Brian D. DiGiovanna P’10 and Martha L. DiGiovanna P’10
William R. Dill H’91
John R. DiMatteo ’53 P’81’84 and Patricia H. DiMatteo P’81’84 ••
Robert A. DiMuccio P’11 and Renamarie DiMuccio P’11 •
Joseph L. DiPietro P’15
Frank H. Dodge P’86 and Simone Dodge P’86
Neil E. Doherty P’13 and Vivian S. Doherty P’13 •
Daniel J. Donovan P’17 and Nicole V. Donovan P’17
David Donovan
Kreag Donovan
Patrick Dorgan P’02 •
Naren R. Doshi P’12 and Nishi N. Doshi P’12
Bruce A. Douglas and Donna Douglas
Donald Douglass P’87 and Helen Douglass P’87
Curtis Dowd P’16 and Susan Dowd P’16
Victor P. Drake P’13 and Heidi H. Drake-Cho P’13
Mario Dubovoy P’14 and Nina Dubovoy P’14 v
Fred B. Duckloe P’13 and Joan M. Duckloe P’13 •
Terri L. Duff P’13’14 •
Pallavi Duggal
Robert A. Dulac P’09’12 and Mary C. Dulac P’09’12 •
Alice Duncan
Philip L. Dunmire P’05 and Linda Sue Dunmire P’05
Marian C. Dunn and Donald F. Dunn ’49 *
Stephen T. Dupre P’17 and Joann M. Dupre P’17
Paul Duseau P’16 and Renee Duseau P’16
Crosley M. Duson P’08 and Mary L. Duson P’08 ••
Kimberly Alice Dwyer
Elizabeth Dybiec * and Maxwell Dybiec ’51 *
Robert Ebling
Richard P. Edick P’08 and Georganne T. Goldblum P’08
George L. Edson ’65 P’94 and Jill Edson P’94 ••
Mr. and Mrs. George D. Edwards
James G. Egnatchik P’03 and Denise M. Egnatchik P’03
Paula J. Eichner
David Ekman P’17 and Paula Ekman P’17
Peyton Ekman
Kenneth D. Elgart ’53 P’90 •
Gary E. Enos P’13 and Margaret A. Enos P’13 v
Christopher Eoyang
Elyass Eshaghian P’17
Kambiz Eslami P’09 and Eva Eslami P’09
Fernando Espinosa P’17 and Claudia Espinosa P’17
Gabriell Esposito
Estate of Charles D. Thompson P’81’82 *
Michael A. Euele P’17 and Diann M. Oster P’17
Seto Eurdekian P’10 and Silva Eurdekian P’10
Betty Evans
Douglas B. Evans P’09 and Elizabeth D. Evans P’09
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Ewer P’00 ••
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley C. Fabianski, Jr. P’99’01
Robert Fain ’61 P’98
John S. Falcone P’08 and Carol A. Falcone P’08
Marguerite M. Fallon
Jeff Feingold
Mark H. Felix P’17 and Nancy E. Felix P’17
Eric N Ferguson
Gary J. Fernquist ’72 P’98
Dominic A. Ferrari P’15 and Cristina G. Ferrari P’15
Rodrigo Ferrer P’08 and Barbara B. Ferrer P’08 •
Frederick J. Fessenden III M’73 P’07 and Susan L. Fessenden P’07 ••
Martha B. Festa M’93 P’13 and Michael A. Festa P’13 v
Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Field P’94
Craig L. Fine P’06 and Ginny P. Fine P’06
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Finn
Paul Fireman H’94 P’00 and Phyllis Fireman P’00
Frank M. Fischer P’06 and Jeanne Fischer P’06 • v
Fernando Fischmann P’16’18
James F. Fisher ’83 P’14 and Christina A. Fisher P’14
Robert Fishman •
Elaine Walker Fiske M’85 P’96
Michael F. Flaherty III P’14 and Emily C. Flaherty P’14
Eli B. Florence P’14 and Donna M. Florence P’14
Garrett Flynn and Julie Ann Flynn
K. Richard Ford, Jr. ’84 P’15 and Kristine F. Ford P’15
Simon J. Foster P’17 and Nikki L. Sorum P’17
Vivianna Franchy P’14
David L. Franco P’17 and Sophia J. Franco P’17
Ralph A. Frankel M’70 P’03 and Bonnie Frankel P’03 ••
Ian Franson
Barry M. Freedman ’64 P’89
Bruce H. Freedman ’70 P’14 • v
Marc S. Freedman ’89 P’18 and Laura Freedman P’18
Joseph Freeman P’15 and Alison Freeman P’15
Marilyn Froysa
Masahiro Fuchino P’14 and Yumi Fuchino P’14
James Fussell
William H. Gahagan P’15 and Christine D. Gahagan P’15
Santiago Galaz Diaz P’14 and Beatriz Cancio Segurola P’14
Richard J. Gallagher P’15 and Deborah L. Gallagher P’15
Kenneth S. Gamer P’17 and Paula H. Gamer P’17
Jian Rong Gao P’16 and Fei Fei Feng P’16
Ellise Garber P’12
Bruce M. Garvin ’60 M’66 P’94 and Sandra J. Garvin P’94
Betty C. Gaskins P’87
Clifford A. Gaysunas, Sr. ’64 P’87 and Lorraine Gaysunas P’87 v
Gary S. Gee P’17 and Audrey Tom P’17
Charles P. Gendron P’14 and Theresa M. Gendron P’14
Albert N. Gentry III P’10 and Mary L. Gentry P’10 •
John George P’15 and Reena George P’15
Meredith Gerrish P’75 * and Richard D. Gerrish ’49 P’75 *
Richard D. Gerrish ’49 P’75 * and Meredith Gerrish P’75 *
James E. Geshwiler and Erin S. Geshwiler
Burton R Gesserman
Paul Giblin and Teresa Giblin
Sushil M. Gidwani P’12’14 and Naaz S. Gidwani P’12’14 •
Kevin R. Gill P’17 and Rita L. Gill P’17
Daniel P. Gillis P’99 and Betsy W. Gillis P’99
Sherri A. Gilmore P’15
Constance C. Gilson and Lester Gilson ’49 * •
Kevin Giovanucci P’17 and Bridget Giovanucci P’17 v
William F. Glavin H’99 and Cecily M. Glavin H’97
Hugh J. Glazer ’77 P’13 and Linda Glazer P’13 v
Susan P. Glover
Josette J. Goff P’79’83 and Howard C. Goff ’49 P’79’83 *
Richard D. Goldberg P’17
Janice Goldstein
Ricardo Gomez-Acebo Calparsoro P’12 and Paloma Botin P’12
Diego Goni P’16 and Rosana Goni P’16
Alejandro Gonzalez P’17 and Lucia Corripio P’17
Ronald Gonzalez P’16 and Kelly Gonzalez P’16
Steven R. Gonzalez P’15 and Marcia L. Gonzalez P’15
Javier Gonzalez-Mora P’16 and Monica Gonzalez-Mora P’16
Melvin P. Gordon ’61 P’99
William L. Gordon P’14 and Victoria A. Gordon P’14
David F. Gorter P’10 and Lauren A. Gorter P’10 •
Catherine Goulet
Raymond F. Gouley P’92 ••
Sunil Goyal P’13’16 and Hina Goyal P’13’16
Charles Graber P’16
Marlene M. Graf
Donald C. Graham
Albert L. Grant, Sr. and Kathleen A. Grant
Kevin J. Gray P’13 and Cheryl A. Gray P’13
Randy Gray P’16 and Suzanne Gray P’16
Peter W. Greenbacker P’08 and Joy Greenbacker P’08 ••
Edward Greenberg P’16 and Donna Greenberg P’16
Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Greenberg P’99
John Greenberger ’68 M’69 P’97 and Gail Greenberger P’97 *
Richard J. Greene P’14 and Mary T. Greene P’14
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Greenwood
Martin Grenier P’14 and Kelly Grenier P’14
Robert E. Griffin, Jr. P’10 and Cathleen A. Griffin P’10
Ann Grimm
Leona B. Grinnell *
Darryl Gronsky
Carl Gross P’10 and Mary Gross P’10
Ruth L. Grossman P’02
Oscar R. Grossmann P’03’07 and Morella Mendoza P’03’07
Keith Grumer P’16 and Penny Grumer P’16
Remir Guardazzi P’16 and Maria Guardazzi P’16
Joseph J. Guarnieri M’73 P’92 and Andrea Guarnieri P’92
Bob Guerrant and Joan Guerrant
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Gunning, Sr. P’91
Anita Gupta P’03 and Vijay K. Gupta P’03 *
Naomi Guttman P’04
David F. Gwynn P’89 ••
Charles W. Haase and Yvonne Haase
Muhammad H. Habib ’81 P’09 and Farah F. Habib P’09 •• v
Jeffery D. Hackett P’17 and Lauren E. Hackett P’17
Roger E. Haggerty ’66 P’91 and Mary Jane Haggerty P’91
Jeffrey C. Hall P’11 and Lynda B. Hall P’11
Patrick F. Halpin P’13 and Patricia M. Halpin P’13
Peter T. Halpin P’17 and Susan J. Halpin P’17
Karen Ham P’17
Frederic C. Hamilton ’48 H’98 P’82 and Jane Hamilton P’82 ••
Jack Han P’16 and Sofia Han P’16
Ki D. Han P’08 and Ok K. Han P’08
John Robert Hand P’02 ••
Mr. and Mrs. William Hanley, Jr.
Dennis Hanno •
Steven Hansen P’12 and Valerie Hansen P’12 •
Toel Harding
Roby Harrington III and Carol Harrington
Melinda Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. John Hart
Albert M. Hartig P’74 and Linda D. Hartig P’74 ••
Martha L. Hasak •
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Hayes P’05
Peter J. Hayes P’15 and Nancy A. Hayes P’15
James C. Hays P’04
Robert G. Heath P’05’12 and Linda V. Heath P’05’12 •
Bonny E. Hebden * and Robert K. Hebden ’37 *
Karen Hebert-Maccaro
Alvaro J. Heilbron P’17 and Tanya M. Heilbron P’17 v
Mary Frawley Heiser ’90 P’16 and Thomas Heiser P’16 •
Ronald I. Heller
Mercedes M. Helmar
Jason S. Henris P’17 and Sarah C. Henris P’17
Anibal J. Hernandez P’17 and Mayela E. Hernandez P’17
Michael Hickey P’16 and Elaine Pers Hickey P’16
Alfonso Hidalgo
Todd J. Hinton P’17 and Theresa A. Hinton P’17
O. Wayne Hodges M’70 P’14 ••
R. Christopher Hoehn-Saric P’17 and Pamela Hoehn-Saric P’17
Pope Hoffman ’69 P’96
Dwight G. Hollister, Sr. *
Christopher Holmes
Garry R. Holmes P’16 and Elaine Coombs Holmes P’16 •• v
Dan Hoover v
John Howard P’16 and Elizabeth Howard P’16
Richard E. Howe P’03 and Anne L. Howe P’03 •
George Hulme and Louise Hulme
Harry E. Humphries ’54 P’81 *
James J.K. Hung M’71 P’99’01 and Daisy Hung P’99’01 v
Massimo Iacono ’83 P’16 and Ginevra Carraro Iacono P’16 • v
Robert Iacono v
Paul J. Iantosca ’74 P’00 and Ruby A. Iantosca P’00 v
Krassimir Iliev P’18
Joseph F. Incavo and Noreen B. Incavo
Skippy Izen
Mark Jackson P’16 and Patricia Jackson P’16
Laura Solowski Jacobi ’75 P’14 and William R. Jacobi P’14 ••
Melvin S. Jacobs ’70 P’95 and Susan Jacobs P’95 •
Richard Jaffe P’16 and Amy Jaffe P’16
Amar J. Jain P’10’13 and Rita Jain P’10’13 •
Anthonia M. James P’17
Elaine Orszak Jamison P’93
Gregory Jankilevitsch P’12 and Magdalena Jankilevitsch P’12 •
Luisella Jaques Deraney P’16
Amanda M. Jarolimek P’15
Surya K. Jhunjhnuwala P’09’11’14 and Ritu Jhunjhnuwala P’09’11’14 • v
Kim H. Jiang P’14 and Yue E. Mei P’14
Eric G. Johnson ’72 P’08 v
Jenny E. Johnson P’15 v
Sandra K. Johnson P’15
Jeffrey D. Jones P’17 and Rebecca A. Jones P’17
Joyce M. Jones P’95
Sherman Jones
Tim Jones P’17 and Michele Rushworth P’17
Christopher Jordan P’16 and Sandra Jordan P’16
Richard Jordan
Daniel Kadisha P’17
Peter Kaindl P’08’11’12 and Erika Kaindl P’08’11’12
Yan-Shun Kao P’17 and Li-Hui Lo P’17
Stuart E. Karu P’16 and Tamara Karu P’16
James A. Kasch ’67 P’95’02 and Robin Kasch P’95’02
Raymond Kassin ’84 P’18 • v
Ricardo Kassin ’87 M’89 P’17 and Vera N. Kassin P’17
Douglas Slavin Kaufman ’85 P’18 and Elizabeth B. Kaufman P’18
Stuart I. Kaufman ’64 P’93 and Mary Ann Kaufman P’93 • v
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene V. Kelly P’84 ••
Jocelyn Kennedy
Daniel J. Kerscher
Robert N. Kervick P’81’84 *
Carleton F. Kilmer M’69 P’09 and Mary Ellen Kilmer P’09 v
Tae Mo Kim P’14 and Yisoon L. Kim P’14
Donald J. King P’15 and Mary Ellen King P’15
Francis E. King P’14 and Marion A. King P’14
Christian Klee
Carmella R. Kletjian v
Christopher J. Knoedler P’17 and Ellen L. Abeln P’17
James T. Kohan P’08 and Pamela L. Kohan P’08 •
Boris Komm P’10 and Valentina Komm P’10 •
Andrew C. Korinis P’15
Brenda O’Sullivan Kostyk
Kati Kotis
Joseph W. Kotulich P’17 and Ileana C. Kotulich P’17
Bruce J. Koziol P’03 and Deborah A. Koziol P’03
Thamnai Kraichok P’16 and Nongluck Kraichok P’16
Markus T. Krautli ’81 P’12 and Melissa Krautli P’12 •• v
John F. Kreckler
Christopher Kristian P’16 and Martha Kristian P’16
Anne M. Krueger P’10
Vinay Kumari Tanwar
Bonnelyn Y. Kunze
Mary C. Kyne P’15
Albert A. Laboz P’14 and Renee M. Laboz P’14 v
Mr. and Mrs. Paul LaCourse
Laurie Lacy P’16
Helena R. Lademo P’15
Kevin J. Lago P’13 and Cheryl A. Lago P’13
Amy E. Lampe
Samuel A. Landy P’17 and Laurie G. Landy P’17
Eugene T. Lane P’17 and Allison M. Lane P’17
Kurt A. Lange ’76 P’03’06 and Donna M. Lange P’03’06 ••
Althea K. Lank
Apichat Laochinda P’13 and Pimjai Laochinda P’13 • v
James E. Lappas M’76 P’89 and Alexandra Lappas P’89
Ana C. Larrea M’87 P’16 and Artur Jotic P’16
Samuel Laury P’16
Jennifer H Lee
John G. Legg, Jr. ’49 P’03
Frederick L. Leighton ’58 P’98 ••
Mario Lemieux P’15 and Nathalie Lemieux P’15
Mark D. Lerner P’17 and Maria Lerner P’17
Seth H. Lerner ’86 P’17 and Marci Jo Soreff Lerner ’86 M’91 P’17
Theodore I. Les ’76 P’10 and Jane K. Les P’10 •
Iliana Levy P’08’15 •
James Lewiecki
Alan E. Lewis
Stanley M. Lewis *
Ning Li ’80 P’18
Willy S.M. Lin ’81 P’10’13 and Bongkot N. Lin P’10’13 v
Tracie Lindamood P’17
Xin Liu P’13
Janet S. Lockwood * and Boardman F. Lockwood ’38 *
Mary Lockwood P’14
Anil P. Lohia P’06’15 and Suchitra Lohia P’06’15
Charles A. Long P’17 and Ellen W. Long P’17
Marco C. Longinotti-Buitoni P’11’14 and Bettina Beckhoff de Longinotti-Buitoni P’11’14
Antonio Lopes P’16 and Etelvina Lopes P’16
Joseph J. Lorusso P’15
Richard E. Lucas ’51 P’10 •
David Lucchino v
Andronico C. Luksic, Jr. ’76 H’04 P’04’06’11’14 v
Peter H. Lunder P’86’90 and Paula Crane Lunder P’86’90 ••
Josef Macicek P’12 and Olyana Matsichkova P’12 •
John S. Mackiewicz P’17 and Poline L. Mackiewicz P’17
John MacLean P’16 and Maire MacLean P’16
Don MacPhee P’15 and Heidi MacPhee P’15
Peter E. Madden ’64 P’04
Phil J. Madden P’17 and Mary E. Madden P’17
Robert E. Madden H’97 P’93 and Terry Madden P’93
Kevin A. Maguire M’75 P’06 and Noreen T. Maguire P’06 v
Patrick J. Maguire P’08 and Jean A. Rieke P’08
Bradford M. Maher ’86 P’16 •• v
Anil Majumdar P’16 and Dolly Majumdar P’16
George Malatos P’15 and Ann Malatos P’15
Theodore P. Malek P’04 and Patricia S. Fritzsche P’04 ••
William Maler
Frederick J. Maley P’17 and Elizabeth M. Maley P’17
James B. Malloy ’51 P’85 *
Hyman Mamiye P’17 and Marlene Mamiye P’17
Peter F. Mangan ’78 P’14 and Sharon R. Mangan P’14 ••
Salil P. Manilal P’14 and Nina S. Manilal P’14
Karla Markin P’17
Marco Markin P’17
Frank F. Marmorek ’65 P’06 and Kathleen B. Marmorek P’06
Gregg Marston and Caroline S. Marston
Jonathan Martin
Keith Martin P’16
Lois M. Martin P’82 ••
Pedro A. Martin P’17 and Magala M. Martin P’17 v
Guillermo Mascarenas ’76 P’06
Priscilla A. Mauro
Phyllis M. Mays M’96 P’86
David P. Mazza P’14 and Taylor N. McCall-Mazza P’14 v
Mr. and Mrs. David McAndrew P’05
Charles J. McCarthy ’50 P’78 and Lillian D. McCarthy P’78
Corinne McCarthy P’17
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew McColough
William McCurdy P’09’11’12 and Mary E. McCurdy P’09’11’12 •
Peter P. McDermott II ’76 P’10 and Charlotte B. McDermott P’10 ••
Andrew F. McDougle P’17 and Carol E. Sullivan P’17
Edward F. McKenna P’17 and Susan W. McKenna P’17
James M. McMackin P’04 and Mary McMackin P’04 ••
James P. McPartlon P’09 and Christina M. McPartlon P’09
Thomas J. McQuaid ’75 M’76 P’06 and Susan W. McQuaid P’06 v
Naresh R. Mehta P’15 and Sujata N. Mehta P’15
Pedro Henrique Mellao P’15
Thomas J. Melville
Carlos Mendal P’16 and Jessie Mendal P’16
G. Dale Meyer
Paul W. Meyer ’53 P’80 and Elise Meyer P’80 ••
Lawrence W. Milas ’58 H’06 P’90
Selmo Milhem P’13’16 and Liliana Milhem P’13’16 v
Gary C. Miller ’72 P’07 and Arlene P. Miller P’07 ••
Michael D. Miller
Richard K. Miller P’02 and Beth Miller P’02 v
William Miller P’16 and Amy Miller P’16 v
David M Milton *
Hahn Min P’16 and Hyejung Min P’16
Howard I. Mirkin and Rena P. Mirkin ••
Frederick Mitchell
Walter C. Mitchell P’05 and Sylvia M. Mitchell P’05 ••
Hiroyasu Mizuno
Chandler J. Moisen ’58 M’72 P’77’84’06 and Dolores Moisen P’77’84’06 ••
James Moltz and Barbara Moltz
Allan Montanari
Marc A. Montanari M’86 P’16 and Lynne Montanari P’16
Mary Moore
Nancy Morganstern P’83 ••
Mr. and Mrs. David Morin
Ruth Ann Morrell and Louis R. Morrell ’58 * •
Emily Christine Morris ’16
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Morrissey P’99 ••
Michael J. Morton P’17 and Gloria J. Morton P’17
Davina Mosher P’16
Matthew Mosher P’16
Michael D. Mowles P’13
John H. Muller, Jr. H’96 P’79 *
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Mullin P’05 ••
John B. Murdock P’15 and Lynn J. Murdock P’15
Donna M. Murphy M’86 P’08 and Richard J. Murphy P’08
Mark E. Murphy P’17 and Tara E. Murphy P’17
Sean E. Murphy P’17 and Lucyanne B. Murphy P’17
Thomas S. Murphy H’96
Ronald V. Musto P’09 and Michele A. Musto P’09 •
Beverly J. Myers
Sandra M. Nagler
Lloyd S. Nakamaejo P’17 and Kyung Yea Nakamaejo P’17
Jeannie Nakano
Mr. and Mrs. R. Joseph Naples
David A. Napolitan P’12 and Debra A. Napolitan P’12
Sonja R. Naylor P’12
Karen Nelson
Pierre Neury P’06 and Christina Neury P’06 ••
Andrew L. Nichols
James R. Nichols
John D. Nichols, Jr. ’82 P’11 and Nancy M. Nichols P’11
Richard M. Nichols H’73 *
Lucia Nielsen ’73 P’07
Bill Nightingale and Debbie Nightingale
James H. Nilsson, Jr. ’74 P’02
David A. Nimick
Byron Nimocks and Emilie Murphy
Kimberly F. Nogueira P’17
Tae Noh P’16 and Sungmi Noh P’16
Richard S. Nohelty M’92 P’18
David S. Notkin M’88 P’18’18 and Beth Notkin P’18’18
Julia Novina
Ejikeme Obasi P’16 and Nneka Obasi P’16
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. O’Brien, Jr. P’05 ••
Gregory G. O’Brien M’83 P’07’11 and Christine M. O’Brien P’07’11 v
David R. Ojerholm ’83 P’18 ••
Kivanc Oktay P’14’16 and Meltem Demiroren Oktay P’14’16
Barry O’Laughlin P’14
Alan D. Olinsky
Joseph N. Olivere ’95 P’13 and Jayne H. Olivere P’13
James M. Olivier III ’83 M’06 P’17 and Julie Devlin Olivier M’92 P’17
Alejandro Olivo P’16 and Rocio Olivo P’16
David B. Ordway P’15 and Sigrid E. Ordway P’15
Susan O’Reilly P’06 ••
Mr. and Mrs. William J. O’Shea
Bujar Ostrozubi P’17 and Zaide Ostrozubi P’17
Douglas Otto P’12 and Rita Otto
Mary L. Pabst and William F. Pabst, Jr. ’49 P’75 *
Kurt R. Packer P’11’14 and Tammie L. Packer P’11’14 •
Donald B. Page P’83 ••
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Page III P’88 •
Alberto Palatchi P’13 and Susana Gallardo P’13
Luis M. Palazzi P’14 and Claudia M. Artiles P’14
Karen N. Palmer P’11’14
Alan L. Pang P’17 and Jeannie H. Pang P’17
Prajogo Pangestu P’96 and Harlina Pangestu P’96
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Paradies
Junsuk Park and Sujin Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pascucci
Mayur B. Patel P’09 and Kalpana M. Patel P’09 •
Keith A. Patriquin ’86 M’00 P’18 ••
Amy A. Paulin
Raymond R. Pawlicki P’17 and Marianne Pawlicki P’17
Peter Perera P’15 and Wai Bak Lee P’15
Jean-Marc F. Perez P’15 and Gilda S. Perez P’15
Javier Perez-Abreu P’13’17 and Dulce M. Perez-Abreu P’13’17 •
Raffaele V. Perna P’11 and Mariella G. Perna P’11 •
John B. Perry II ’42 P’76 * and Virginia Perry P’76 *
Virginia Perry P’76 * and John B. Perry II ’42 P’76 *
Thomas A. Petranoff
Enrico Petrillo P’16 and Denise Petrillo P’16
Kevin C. Phelan •• v
Wendell T. Phillips P’08 and Joanne E. Phillips P’08
William C. Phillips P’17 and Patricia D. Phillips P’17
Walter Pietro P’11 and Teresa Pietro P’11
Ervin Pietz *
Richard K. Pilavin P’14 and Anneke Pilavin P’14
Bob Pipe
Curt Planz P’17 and Jennifer Planz P’17
Louis Poirier P’10 and Suzanne Chenard P’10
Jeffrey S. Pomeroy P’15 and Tory Pomeroy P’15
Visan Poolvoraluck P’13 and Thirarat Poolvoraluck P’13
Elizabeth P. Powell M’76 P’01 •• v
Ann Powers
Edward Pratt
Gordon D. Prichett and Jill Prichett v
Estate of Harriet B. Prindle *
Anatoly Pronichenko P’17 and Marina Roussova P’17
Steven C. Prykucki P’07 and Deborah A. Prykucki P’07 ••
Kathryn Pryles P’17
Jesse M. Putney ’56 M’59 P’90 and Sue Putney P’90
Louis Putze P’74’76 *
Dat Quach P’15 and Lang Ngo P’15
John P. Quinn P’15 and Alissa M. Quinn P’15
Robert F. Quirk P’17
Lars Rafeldt P’15 and Lili Rafeldt P’15
Hugo Rams P’17 and Maria T. Rams P’17
Alan J. Rappoport P’14 and Barbara P. Rappoport P’14
Brad Raymond
John J. Regan P’92’00 and Kathryn J. Regan P’92’00
George A Reilly
Joseph B. Reis P’13 and Anne S. Reis P’13
Robert S. Reisman M’73 P’06 and Maria Reisman P’06 ••
Michael B. Renzi P’17 and Deborah A. Renzi P’17
Dennis G. Rezendes P’15 and Noreen M. Rezendes P’15
Martha Rhein
Diego X. Ribadeneira ’66 P’98 and Helena R. Ribadeneira P’98
Francisco J. Riberas P’13’15
Glenn Ricciardelli ’79 P’09 and Karin L. Ricciardelli P’09 •• v
Robert J. Rice P’17 and Julia B. Rice P’17
Stephen C. Richards P’14 and Christine A. Richards P’14
Lynford M. Richardson ’58 M’70 P’87 and Rose Marie B. Richardson P’87
Thomas P. Rimsa P’15 and Helen Rimsa P’15
Peter Rispoli P’14 and Donna M. Di Ianni P’14
William L. Rivellini P’14 and Nikki A. Rivellini P’14
Raul E. Riveros P’14 and Ximena Y. Barrera P’14 v
Hector J. Rizek Sued P’13’16 and Bethania Guerrero de Rizek P’13’16
Gerald Roan P’16 and Marianne Roan P’16
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Robbins P’05
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Roberts
Larry J. Rocha P’14 and Candace F. Rocha P’14
Kevin Roche P’16 and Ellen Roche P’16
Elena P. Rodriguez P’11
Orlando Rojas P’16 and Maria Rueda P’16
Thomas W. Rooke ’78 P’08 and Alice F. Rooke P’08 ••
Eugene Rosadino P’16
Robert F. Roscigno P’14 and Nancy Roscigno P’14 v
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas F. Rose P’06
Steven Rosenfeld P’09
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Rosenthal
Nancy Ross P’16
Sheldon R. Roth ’58 P’82 and Maddy Roth P’82
John B. Rothenberger ’66 P’01 and Gloria B. Rothenberger P’01 •
Kenneth J. Rotunno P’17 and Deborah A. Rotunno P’17
Frank V. Rovirosa P’10’14 and Ana M. Rovirosa P’10’14 •
Bruce Rowledge P’16 and Patricia Rowledge P’16
Kenne Ruan P’14 and Jennifer Hu P’14
Mr. and Mrs. H. Bruce Russell
Charles F. Ryan II and Jennie M. Ryan
Joseph F. Ryan
Richard F. Ryon ’72 P’01 and Catherine T. Ryon P’01
Diana Saldana
Sherman Saltmarsh
Manjini Saminathan P’13 and Thamarai Saminathan P’13 •
Gavin P. San Diego P’15 and Eileen M. San Diego P’15
Deborah Sandler
Mark J. Santos ’75 P’18
David W. Sargent ’82 P’12 v
Kenneth F. Sarpu ’83 P’17 and Ann Fagan Sarpu ’84 P’17
Raghu Sastry P’17 and Savitha Sastry P’17
Fouad A. Sattar P’07 and Maria L. Sattar P’07 •
S. Sandy Satullo P’05
Steven Saviuk P’16
Terry Saxe P’15
Brian J. Scanlon P’10 and Diane M. Scanlon P’10
Carol Scarafoni
Christine Scarafoni
Melissa Scarafoni
Scott S. Scarpato M’83 P’10 and Patricia A. Scarpato P’10 •
Harold F. Schilb P’17 and Sherry D. Schilb P’17
Robert E. Schofield ’58 P’82 and Penelope P. Schofield P’82 •• v
Marta L. Schooler
Mr. and Mrs. W. Winslow Schrank
Bernard A. Schulz P’17 and Kathleen M. Schulz P’17
Marnie Schulz and William S. Schulz ’51 * •
Marc Schwartz P’17 and Deborah Schwartz P’17
J. Paul Secord
Drue D. Secrist P’15 and Debbie R. Secrist P’15
Oscar Seikaly P’16 and Carole Seikaly P’16
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Sennet
Maria Serpentino ’78 P’05 ••
David Shalom P’13’14 and Nadine Shalom P’13’14
Harold Shamah P’17
Nachum Shamir P’17 and Holly Hutcher-Shamir P’17
Horus Shango P’15
Francis P. Shea P’17 and Carolyn M. Shea P’17
Michael Sheehan
William Sheldon P’16 and Joanne Sheldon P’16 v
Tun-Li Shen P’12 and Dai-Hua Shen P’12
Don Shi P’15 and Seth Shi P’15
Michael J. Shimoko •
Michael E. Shivers P’17 and Catherine M. Shivers P’17
Jeffrey Sholeen
Glenn Shorette P’14 and Jodie Shorette P’14
Kimberly Shortt P’16
Allen Shum P’16 and Virginia Shum P’16
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Shuman
Steven Silva P’16 and Carol Tinkham P’16
Donald M. Silver
Mr. and Mrs. Steve J. Silverman P’05 •
Michael R. Simmons P’03 and Jane F. Simmons P’03
Robert A. Simms, Sr.
John G. Simon
Mary Simonson P’16
James R. Simpson M’75 P’01 and Lynn G. Simpson P’01 •
Robert B. Simpson ’79 P’11 •
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Dale Singleton P’06
James E. Sklar P’17 and Valerie H. Sklar P’17
Naomi N. Skoler P’96 and Maurice J. Skoler ’61 P’96 * •
Suzanne Slye P’82 and George E. Slye ’53 P’82 *
Crosby R. Smith
David T. Smith P’17 and Denise M. Smith P’17
Katharine K. Smith P’08 •
Ronald B. Smith, Jr. ’60 and Joan G. Smith
Pamela A. Snyder P’04 •
Richard J. Snyder ’60 H’94 P’93’01 and Marilyn B. Snyder M’80 P’93 •• v
Sergio Socolsky P’17 and Veronica Socolsky P’17
Anne E. Sofronas P’85’90 •
Paul Solano
Ronald Alan Soly P’12’18 and Karen Soly P’12’18
Ralph Z. Sorenson H’85 and Charlotte Sorenson ••
Richard W. Sorenson M’68 P’97’00 and Sandra L. Sorenson P’97’00 •
Wesley W. Sparks ’77 M’80 P’09 and Pamela Anderson Sparks ’78 P’09 ••
Diana Davis Spencer ••
Arthur P. Spilios ’61 P’03
Michael T. Spofford P’14’17 and Diane Cocca-Spofford P’14’17
Burton T. Spottiswoode ’55 P’95 and Merrily K. Spottiswoode P’95
Jonathan E. Squire P’15 and Linda C. Squire P’15
Dwinal E. St. Peter P’17 and Lisa M. St. Peter P’17
Stephen E. Stack P’17 and Georgina Stack P’17
Mr. and Mrs. Chester G. Starowitz
John P. Stearns P’81 and Winifred Anthony Stearns P’81 ••
Robert Michael Steer P’14
Susan Steffan Mathias
Jake Steigerwald P’12 and Lori A. Steigerwald P’12
Carl F. Stenman P’07 and Carol G. Stenman P’07
James T. Stento, Jr. ’80 P’13 and Carol Hasenfus Stento ’80 P’13
Michael D. Sternweiler P’17 and Vivian S. Sternweiler P’17
Dana Stetson P’16 and Mary Stetson P’16
Jill Phillips Stoff
Sam L. Stolbun P’11 and Alana R. Spiwak P’11 •
Arleen Stoller P’76’76 * and Richard Stoller P’76’76 *
Richard Stoller P’76’76 * and Arleen Stoller P’76’76 *
Charles W. Sullivan ’49 P’79’81 *
Gary W. Sullivan P’15
Hwa-Yu Sun P’16 and Siew Lien Wong P’16
Alan J. Suvalle and Karen P. Suvalle
Linda Brown Swallow ’83 P’17 and Albert G. Swallow P’17
Norma Swift Fennell
Michael S. Symanski P’10 and Bernadette M. Symanski P’10 •
Marjorie Tabechian
Michael J. Talotta P’15 and Tammy L. Talotta P’15
Aras J. Tamoshunas P’15 and Vida J. Tamoshunas P’15
Long Hui Tan P’15 and Xia Zhao P’15
Danny Tanaka P’16 and Doreen Tanaka P’16
Bruce W. Taylor ’77 P’15 •
Natalie T. Taylor *
Sue Segura Taylor
Marcel Telles P’15
Bryan E. Tenorio P’17 and Kristel T. Tenorio P’17
Jean Theriault P’14 and Michele Bergeron P’14
Richard N. Thielen
Charles C. Thomas, Jr. P’77 *
Barbara N. Thompson P’10 •
Kevin N. Thorsgaard P’14 and Marybeth Thorsgaard P’14
Ingemar Thylen P’16 and Deborah Wecselman P’16
Dennis A. Tighe P’15 and Leslie V. Tighe P’15
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Tighe P’93 •
Andrea Tigner
David Tigner
Jesse Tigner
Jo Ann Tigner
Peter Tigner
Jeffry A. Timmons *
Alan R. Titelbaum P’10 and Deborah A. Titelbaum P’10 •
Angelo Tomasso, Jr. P’78’88 and Joy Tomasso P’78’88
William J. Tomasso *
Robert Toomey P’16
Giuseppe F. Torre ’62 P’93
Richard F. Torre ’72 M’80 P’07’08 and Patricia B. Torre P’07’08
Polly J. Townsend
Akio Toyoda M’82 P’14 v
Shoichiro Toyoda H’94 P’82
Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo N.C. Tracewski P’06 ••
David M. Tracht ’63 P’07 and Anne M. Tracht P’07 ••
Jean E. Traver *
Paul R. Tregurtha
George H. Troughton •
Peter E. Tryhane P’13 and Diane E. Martin-Tryhane P’13 • v
Peter Tsai P’16 and Suchun Tsai P’16
Zoltan B. Tuba P’82 and Joy Tuba P’82 •
James R. Tucker P’11’12 and Judith A. Tucker P’11’12 •
Robert M. Turner P’07 and Leslie S. Turner P’07 •• v
William W. Turpin P’15 and Ann L. Leavesley-Turpin P’15
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Tyler P’05 ••
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert M. Upson P’94
John Urisko P’17 and Karen C. Urisko P’17
Mehmet M. Uyan P’15 and Nurdan Uyan P’15
Matthew A. Vacaro P’14 and Paula Screnci-Vacaro P’14
Adelaide Van Winkle and Arthur D. Van Winkle ’32 *
Judith E. Vance
Serge Varsano P’15 and Katarzyna Varsano P’15
Ravi H. Vazirani P’11 and Jyoti R. Vazirani P’11
Nasser Vaziri P’14 and Sholeh Vaziri P’14
Rosa J. Vazquez P’01 •
Stephen C. Veilleux P’04 and Kathryn S. Veilleux P’04
Victor G. Ventura P’14’18 and Patricia A. Ventura P’14’18 v
Mario Vicente P’16 and Cecilia Vicente P’16
Peter M. Villari P’17 and Jeanine M. Villari P’17
Giuseppina Vinaccia ’74 P’15 • v
Peter Vincent
Indrajit C. Vyas P’14 and Nayana I. Vyas P’14
Patrick Wade P’17 and Linda Wade P’17
Margaret H. Wagner
Thorsten Wagner EXCH’
Mr. and Mrs. Fentress Boone Waits
Christopher J. Walker P’17 and Susan T. Walker P’17
Michael C. Walsh P’09 and Betty J. Walsh P’09
Lili Wang P’16 and Jiwei Huang P’16
Min Wang P’15
Pattamavadee Waranimman P’15’15
Linda Ward
Juanita A. Washington-Lampkin P’09
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Waters P’05 ••
Sharon Watstein
Raymond J. Wean, Jr. P’71 *
George H. Webb, Jr. and Judy C. Webb
Charles S. Whitaker ’78 P’14 and Julie A. Whitaker P’14
Charles Edwin White ’76 P’05 and Katherine P. White P’05
Charles L. White, Jr. M’69 P’76 •
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert E. White P’90 ••
Janet White
Marylou White
Alan B. Williams P’13 and Diane P. Leonard P’13 •
John H. Williams P’10 and Audrey A. Williams P’10
John Roger Williams P’03 •
Robert G. Williams ’56 P’82 and Rosalind W. Williams P’82 •
Bruce R. Wimperis P’10 and Deborah H. Wimperis P’10 •
Bruce D. Winer ’81 P’11 and Barbara P. Winer P’11 ••
Petra Wittlin
Peter J. Wojda P’14 and Lisa D. Wojda P’14
Nancy B. Wolcott
Charles B. Wolf P’01 and Sallie Wolf P’01 •
Kevin R. Wolf P’15 and Pamela N. Wolf P’15
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Wolf
Steven B. Wolfberg P’17 and Jennifer N. Wolfberg P’17
Betty L. Wolfe
Ruth Wolfe P’53
Leonard S. Wollins ’63 P’90 and Sheila R. Wollins P’90
John A. Wood P’10 and Katherine C. Wood P’10 •
Allyn C. Woodward, Jr. ’63 P’88’93 and Lois H. Woodward P’88’93 •
Wen Zi Wu P’16 and Zhi Ying Wu P’16
Zi Ren Wu P’17 and Shu Yun Wu P’17
Matthew T. Wutka ’83 P’16 and Tracey S. Wutka P’16
Nina Piken Yarus M’81 P’08 and Gary J. Yarus P’08 ••
Emanuel Yashari P’17 and Ramesh T. Yashari P’17
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome P. Yeasted P’05 ••
William E. Yeo ’68 P’00’02 and Cynthia F. Yeo P’00’02 •
Christina Yi P’12
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Young III P’89 ••
Kaixu Adam Yuan P’15 and Wenqi Wang P’15
Alan Takeshi Yuasa P’15 and Lynn Yuasa P’15
Aleksander A. Yudin P’15 and Olga N. Yudin P’15
Paul M. Zarella M’67 P’92 and Rita Zarella P’92
Fan Zhang P’16 and Xia Shi P’16
Juan Zhao P’17
Natalia Zhiglinskaya ’04
Charles G. Zoulias
Xiaowei Zuo P’16 and Yan Liu P’16
Gary L. Zwerling P’06 and Marie Zwerling P’06 •• v

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