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Honors Fellowship

Honors Program alumni have joined together to open a new world of exploration to current honors students. Last year, 23 donors raised more than $5,400 to support the Babson Honors Program Summer Service Fellowship, which helps honors students participate in summer internships that have a positive social impact.

Julia Campagna Feeley ’04 benefited greatly from off-campus Babson opportunities. She supported the fellowship to provide a similarly enriching experience to other students. “The fellowship is a great chance to help current students develop their skills and help an organization or service that could benefit from the knowledge Babson students can share.”

Lauren Garey ’12 and Nina Skero ’12 were the first fellowship recipients. Garey interned at Fundacion Mujer, a nonprofit microfinance organization in Costa Rica that provides small loans to women who wish to start their own ventures. Skero worked at the Regional Center for Minorities in Serbia, where she identified funding and grant opportunities for the nonprofit organization and worked with Romani people whom the center serves.

“The fellowship provided me with an amazing opportunity,” Skero says. “This was the first time I interned at a nonprofit organization, and it gave me a different perspective on business. Even if I don’t work at a nonprofit after graduation, I always will be a more balanced business person because of this experience.”