​​​​​Ted Clark

Trustee’s Involvement Keeps Pace with Babson

Theodore Clark, MBA ’94

For Theodore Clark, MBA ’94, life in the Evening MBA program was a blur of work, dinner, class, workouts, study groups, business travel, and children.

Clark enjoyed his MBA experience, particularly how professors James Sharpe ’71 and Joseph Weintraub infused classroom discussions with examples of projects and challenges from their own jobs. “At the time I was working on my MBA, I was moving up in my career, managing people, and working through business issues,” Clark says. “In my Babson courses, I learned things that were immediately useful to me in my job and life.”

Clark went on to have a successful career in the financial world and has stayed involved with Babson as a coach in the Coaching for Leadership and Teamwork program, a member of the Graduate Advisory Board, and most recently as a Babson trustee. As a trustee, he has a front-row seat in meetings concerning Babson’s strategy, and he contributes financially each year to help move the strategy forward. “This is a very exciting time for the College. People are realizing that Babson is not just another business school. It’s an engine that makes the world a more productive, better place.”