We recognize and thank parents of current students and alumni who made gifts to the College in 2011–2012.


* deceased
v volunteer
• donor to Babson for five or more consecutive years
•• donor to Babson for 10 or more consecutive years

This list reflects gifts to Babson from July 1, 2011, to June 30, 2012.

Khajista F. Abbasi P'11
Margaret L. Abbate P'88
Ted H. and Diane M. Abers P'15
Edward Adamczyk P'05 ••
Ronald R. and Laura H. Affsa P'15
Ajay V. and Neena Agarwal P'12
Mark and Polly Ahern P'12
Alan B. Ainbinder and Anna M. Cepeda-Ainbinder P'12
Michael S. and Patricia L. Aizenstadt P'11
Joyce T. Nishio Alarcon P'02
Jeffrey and Emily Aldrich P'11
Mark F. and Doris M. Alfano P'12
Ejaz and Femina Ali P'12 v
Jose D. Almeida and Susan A. Dantas P'14
Jose M. Altgelt '77 and Diana M. Peet P'08 ••
Bruce W. '74 and Susan J. Anderson P'06 ••
Charles W. Anderson P'15
Hodell M'70 and Virginia T. Anderson P'92 •
John C. '74 and Karen M. Anderson P'14 •
Shawn P. '86 and Ann Bishop '86 Andrew P'14
Fernando A. Arimon P'14
Mark S. and Joanne Arnold P'10 •
Philip A. and Mauri A. Artz P'10
Peter and Maria Avenarius P'15
Bruce F. '57 and Shirley S. Avery P'89 •
Erick J. and Kathryn K. Baechle P'15
Diane G. Balavoine P'14
Charles M. and Kimberly A. Ballard P'13
Brian M. '66 and Pamela P. Barefoot P'01 •• v
Mark D. and Linda P. Baron P'08
Andrew N. and Nancy Barr P'11
J. Robert Barrett and Catherine Kraus P'09 •
Brendan Barry Q. and Jill A. Barry P'14
Albert R. and Patricia A. Barton P'09 •
Arben and Mirela Bashllari P'15
Katherine Bassett P'87 *
Kent J. '58 and Mary A. Batcheller P'93 ••
Ram and Reshma Bathija P'14
Arthur A. Bayer P'88 •
Abdi Behjat and Fariba Javaherchi P'15
Richard L. and Elaine J. Beneduci P'13
Rodney Bensadon and Miriam Mitrani P'13'15
Wayne A. and Janine M. Bergeron P'13
Bernard G. '52 and Nancy J. Berkman P'79 •• v
Bret and Joan Bero P'15
David A. and Tracy O. Bettles P'13
Jamie E. and Pamela Biluk P'14
Huntington '63 and Sharon Blatchford P'89 •
Samuel T. '89 and Anne-Marie Dutil '89 Blatchford P'12 •
George W. Bohsack P'98
Carlos F. and Eva K. Bolanos P'12
Manuel G. and Susan A. Bonitatibus P'07 •
Richard W. Bowers P'11
Richard D. Bowman and Margaret A. Kiley P'12'16 •• v
James S. and Maureen A. Brain P'13
Ruth Bramson P'87
Charles S. and Laura J. Brauer P'09'11
Louis J. Jr. and Susan M. Breitenother P'08 •
Francis M. and Katharine B. Breuninger P'13
Theodore G. and Pamela G. Brewster P'13
Donald V. and Collette B. Brown P'15
Marlene A. Browne P'06 ••
Michael J. Brunelle P'06
Moises D. and Corina R. Btesh P'12
Nicolaas C. Budhiparama and Adriana S. Lestari P'13 v
Bruce H. M'70 and Laura A. Bumpus P'89 v
Steven M. Bunick P'15
Benjamin H. and Ruth A. Burka P'08
William G. '82 and Janene Burke P'16 •
W. Gregory and Elsie Burrill P'04'04'06 ••
Yonatan Bursztyn and Diana Perez P'09 •
Steven M. Bushong M'89 and Isabelle P. Vuldy-Bushong M'89 P'16 • v
John E. '52 and Alice L. Butler P'84 ••
Michael A. and Patricia D. Butler P'09
Robert A. and Lea M. Caggiano P'15
Antonio and Ana Cairo P'12
John B. and Frances Caliendo P'13
Bertha E. Calizaya P'11
Charles A. and Valerie L. Camiel P'13
David A. and Joanne R. Campanella P'13
Ricardo Campollo and Ellen A. Buchanan P'13
Peter D. and Cheryl Ann Carlson P'12
Joseph F. and Ellen Marie Carr P'12
Lawrence P. and Sandra L. Carr P'97 •
John B. and Shari S. Carruthers P'12
Michael J. III and Irene Caslin P'07 v
Mark E. Cassen P'10 •
Jeffrey G. '75 M'76 and Suzanne D. Castle P'01'03 ••
Robert C. and Diane T. Chamberlain P'04
Simon S. Chan and Lai Ming Mui P'12
Colleen Chandler P'14
K. Paul '49 and Grace E. Chase P'84 ••
Abdul L. and Attiya M. Chaudary P'11
Peter C. Chick M'71 P'92 •
David Chin and Judy Ng-Chin P'14
Jimmy SueFuen and Theresa Iok Chun Chin P'03 •
George L. Chisa and Lizabeth A. Barclay P'13
Raman K. and Sabina Chitkara P'14
Paul J. and Karen M. Chiumento P'11
Eun Hee Choi P'15
Pramot and Nuanpis Chotipatoomwan P'14
Dana Chryst P'12
Edward A. and Debra A. Citro P'15
John J. Clarke P'01
William F. and Anne B. Cohen P'14
Gordon R. '59 and Rebecca B. Cole P'84
Paul J. and Susan L. Collins P'10 •
John A. and Lori A. Comery P'15
Frank and Louise V. Condon P'81'86 •
Alfred L. '64 and Elizabeth Connell P'90'98
Timothy E. Conroy P'00'05'06 •
Vincent P. and Darlene A. Conroy P'15
John S. M'68 and Marylin J. Cookson P'93 •
William P. M'79 and M. Donna Cooney P'94 •
Peter A. '80 and Karen Cooper P'10
Roy G. and Sharon Cornelius P'11
Russell V. Jr. M'67 and Althea H. Corsini P'03 •• v
Paul F. Cote P'94
Robert A. and Janice P. Cotier P'12
Linda R. Coutts P'05
Rose Ann Crisci P'15
Paul M. '78 M'81 and Katharine Kelly '78 M'88 Crowley P'12 •• v
Juan J. Cruz P'15
Ronald E. and Ursula M. Cuneo P'07
Honorato M. Custodio P'05
Nicholas and Michele F. Dager P'11
David H. and Kathleen D. Dalzell P'12
Charles S. and Susan E. Davis P'15
Gaston and Christina B. de Zarraga P'12'15
Lupo M. '79 and Marie del Bono P'09 • v
Brian J. M'84 and Lynn W. DeLacey P'13
Robert and Elaine M. DeLeon P'09
Victor A. and Josefina M. Delgado P'11
Henry N. '70 M'72 and Lola A. Deneault P'90 ••
Richard J. DeRienzo P'05
John A. '54 and Dorothy R. Dernavich P'76 •
Mark D. and Diane M. Dery P'10'13 •
Mary-Ellen M. Devlin P'08
John F. Dewey, Sr. '49 P'80 •• v
Susan S. DeWitt P'13
Gary M. and Lorie F. Dietz P'09 •
Dennis G. DiGangi P'94 •
Brian D. and Martha L. DiGiovanna P'10 •
John R. '53 and Patricia H. DiMatteo P'81'84 •
Robert A. and Renamarie DiMuccio P'11
Peter H. '64 and Elizabeth Dinsmore P'88
Neil E. and Vivian S. Doherty P'13
Patrick J. and Catherine L. Donnelly P'15
Patrick and Rita R. Dorgan P'02 •
Naren R. and Nishi N. Doshi P'12
Donald and Helen Douglass P'87 ••
Mario and Nina Dubovoy P'14
Fred B. and Joan M. Duckloe P'13
Terri L. Duff P'13'14
Robert A. and Mary C. Dulac P'09'12 •
Phong P. Duong and Veth Ham P'13
Wesley H. Durant, Jr. M'61 P'99 •
Crosley M. and Mary L. Duson P'08 •
Bartholomew V. and Lydia E. Earle P'12
Richard P. Edick and Georganne T. Goldblum P'08 •
George L. '65 and Jill Edson P'94 ••
James G. and Denise M. Egnatchik P'03 •
D. Jeffrey and Anne T. Ehart P'10 •
Moulay Hafid and Amina Elalamy P'15
Kenneth D. Elgart '53 P'90 •
Richard W. Sr. '52 and Liz Enegren P'77
Gary E. and Margaret A. Enos P'13 v
Jonathan I. and Terri P. Epstein P'09
Kambiz and Eva Eslami P'09
Walter J. and Mary Esquivel P'98 v
Seto and Silva Eurdekian P'10
Douglas B. and Elizabeth D. Evans P'09
Stephen R. Ewer P'00 •
Stanley C. Fabianski, Jr. P'99'01 •
Steven J. and Hedy Fagan P'06 •
Cosme W. and Dania Fagundo P'07
Robert Fain '61 P'98
Ariana A. Fairbanks P'91 ••
John S. and Carol A. Falcone P'08
Leon D. and Deborah Farahnik P'14
Stephen G. Farina and Pamela M. Slater P'15
Jesus E. and Carolina B. Fernandez P'14
Delia Fernandez-McDonald P'11
Gary J. Fernquist '72 P'98 v
Thora L. Fernquist P'98 *
Rodrigo and Barbara B. Ferrer P'08 •
Frederick J. III M'73 and Susan L. Fessenden P'07 •
Michael A. and Martha B. M'93 Festa P'13
Paul R. Field P'94 •
Craig L. and Ginny P. Fine P'06
Joseph and Lisa Finigan P'09 •
Arno B. Fischer P'15'16
Frank M. Fischer P'06 • v
Jeanne Fischer P'06 •
Thomas J. and Marian C. Fitzgerald P'03'06 •
Robert J. and Theresa M. Flaherty P'13
Eli B. and Donna M. Florence P'14
Dale J. and Leslie S. Florio P'12
Robert A. and Maryanne C. Foley P'13
Sabrina Forsythe P'15'16
Vivianna Franchy P'14
Ralph A. M'70 and Bonnie Frankel P'03 •
Peter S. and Jacqueline M. Franklin P'12
Joseph B. and Julie Q. Fredlund P'11
Myra G. Friedland P'13
Richard W. and Ivy C. Friedman P'03'07 •
Masahiro and Yumi Fuchino P'14
Robert W. and Elizabeth L. Fusick P'09 •
Santiago Galaz Diaz and Beatriz Cancio Segurola P'14
Kennison N. '49 and Judith P. Gale P'81 •• v
Edward M. Gallagher, Jr. P'98
Richard J. and Deborah L. Gallagher P'15
Peter A. and Florence D. Gange P'13
Theresa Gartner P'03 •
Bruce M. '60 M'66 and Sandra J. Garvin P'94 •
Betty C. Gaskins P'87
Clifford A. Sr. '64 and Lorraine Gaysunas P'87
Charles P. and Theresa M. Gendron P'14
Sunder and Madhuri Genomal P'06'14
Albert N. III and Mary L. Gentry P'10 •
Gerald A. Gerson P'95
Lynne D. Gibson P'11
Sushil M. and Naaz S. Gidwani P'12'14
Sherri A. Gilmore P'15
Adonay L. and Priscila Giron P'15
Peter F. and Annette M. Given P'13
Bernard S. and Yvonne C. Goldman P'15
Ricardo Gomez-Acebo Calparsoro and Paloma Botin P'12
John and Michele D. Gonzalez P'14
Gerald K. M'84 and Noreen Goodwin P'98
William L. and Victoria A. Gordon P'14
David F. and Lauren A. Gorter P'10 •
Brenda Goscha P'06 •
Raymond F. Gouley P'92 •
Chittor N. and Asha C. Govindaraju P'15
Kevin J. and Cheryl A. Gray P'13
Peter W. and Joy Greenbacker P'08 •
Steven P. Greenberg P'99
Richard J. and Mary T. Greene P'14
Kevin W. and Jane Gregory P'15
Carl and Mary Gross P'10
Brent R. and Candace R. Grover P'14
Angappa A. and Latha P. Gunasekaran P'12
David F. Gwynn P'89 ••
Muhammad H. '81 and Farah F. Habib P'09 • v
Gary E. M'93 and Sylvie Haffer P'10 v
Robert W. and Elizabeth Moore M'72 Hagopian P'05
Syed M. and Azra N. Haider P'13
Patrick M. and Barbara M. Hale P'15
Jeffrey C. and Lynda B. Hall P'11
Patrick F. and Patricia M. Halpin P'13
Frederic C. '48 H'98 and Jane Hamilton P'82 •
John Robert Hand P'02 •
Steven and Valerie Hansen P'12
Mark and Joanne Harrington P'09 •
Albert M. and Linda D. Hartig P'74 ••
Richard W. and Judi S. Hawkes P'12
Michael J. Hayes P'05
Peter J. and Nancy A. Hayes P'15
James C. and Christine L. Hays P'04 •
Daofeng He and Yang Cui P'13
Robert G. and Linda V. Heath P'05
William B. M'89 and Nicolette N. Heavey P'14
Thomas and Mary Frawley '90 Heiser P'16
Thomas E. Hellen P'05'05
Edward '61 and Beverly A. Heller P'91
Bryan S. and Ruth Ann Hendrix P'08 •
Steven O. and Susan Hines P'13
Maria L. Hinojosa P'15
Michael T. and Patricia A. Hoban P'12
Robert S. III '60 and Susan G. Hoffman P'00 •
Gregory C. and Catherine A. Hoover P'14
Jonathan S. and Victoria M. Howe P'13
Richard E. and Anne L. Howe P'03 •
Joseph K. and Barbara T. Huang P'09
Rajesh and Smriti Hukku P'09'13 •
Michael and Carol Hundert P'10
James J.K. M'71 and Daisy Hung P'99'01
Marc R. and Carol A. Iacovelli P'13
John J. and Ruthanne C. Igoe P'08
Angelo J. and Mei-Chih Iodice P'12
Stephen J. and Maria S. Ippolito P'12
Rajesh and Donna Israni P'09
William R. and Laura Solowski '75 Jacobi P'14
Melvin S. '70 and Susan Jacobs P'95 v
Robert M. and Cheryl A. Jacques P'10 •
Amar J. and Rita Jain P'10'13
Vivek M'83 and Meeta Jain P'07 v
Robert G. Jamison, Sr. P'93
Gregory and Magdalena Jankilevitsch P'12
Prashant and Anupama Jhawar P'14
Surya K. and Ritu Jhunjhnuwala P'09'11'14
Eric G. Johnson '72 P'08 v
Jenny E. Johnson P'15
Robert H. and Debra M. Joslin P'12
Artur Jotic and Ana C. Larrea M'87 P'16
Edward H. Jurith and Kathleen M. Healy P'12
William P. and Jocelyn B. Juzwiakowski P'94
Roger and Pam Kahn P'12
Mark H. M'77 and Michele G. Kaizerman P'05
Alexander J. and Irene L. Kamergorodsky P'10
Wing-Hong Kan and Kwai-Ching Lo P'10 •
Vasilios and Theresa Karsos P'09'09 •
James A. '67 and Robin Kasch P'95'02 •
Stuart I. '64 and Mary Ann Kaufman P'93
Maria Kazimierczak P'11
John P. M'62 and Mary E. Keelan P'90
Timothy G. Kelleher P'15
Eugene V. Kelly P'84 ••
Katherine F. Kenney P'03 •
Christopher and Brenda Sprague Kent P'09
Daniel and Susan Keshian P'09
Carleton F. M'69 and Mary Ellen Kilmer P'09 v
Justin C. and YeounHwa Kim P'14
Tae Mo and Yisoon L. Kim P'14
Francis E. and Marion A. King P'14
Brian S. and Jill F. Klazmer P'10
Stuart R. and Amy B. Klein P'14
Robert C. Klett P'97
Edward L. Koch P'13
James T. and Pamela L. Kohan P'08 •
Boris and Valentina Komm P'10
Waclaw G. and Barbara S. Komornicki P'14
Andrew C. Korinis P'15
Alexander Koustov and Elena V. Koustova P'08 •
Bruce J. and Deborah A. Koziol P'03 •
Markus T. Krautli '81 P'12 •
Prabha A. Kunda P'09
Ellen Y. Kwame Corkrum P'15
Mary C. Kyne P'15
Albert A. and Renee M. Laboz P'14
Kevin J. and Cheryl A. Lago P'13
Thomas P. Jr. and Delmarie A. LaGrasso P'08'15
Thomas D. and Marianna K. Lancaster P'13
Kurt A. '76 and Donna M. Lange P'03'06 ••
Apichat and Pimjai Laochinda P'13
George B. '59 and Charlotte L. Lapham P'01 •
James E. M'76 and Alexandra Lappas P'89
Isaac E. and Angela L. Larian P'12'16
Francisco G. Larrea P'87'88
Louis J. Lavigne, Jr. '69 P'92 v
Rachel J. Lavigne P'92 *
Julian LeCraw, Jr. P'14
Fu H. and Kit H. Lee P'10
Patrick A. Lee and Odette M. Palmer-Lee P'14
John G. Legg, Jr. '49 P'03 ••
Frederick L. Leighton '58 P'98 ••
Theodore V. Lenthe P'12
Anthony C. and Susan Leone P'08 •
Theodore I. '76 and Jane K. Les P'10
Iliana Levy P'08'15
JingDong Li and Yu Teng P'09 •
Willy S.M. '81 and Bongkot N. Lin P'10'13 v
Kenneth M. and Linda J. Liszka P'11
Douglas R. and Patricia Locke P'13
Brett D. '81 and Elizabeth G. Long P'15
Marco C. Longinotti-Buitoni and Bettina Beckhoff de Longinotti-Buitoni P'11'14
Jeff and Kelly Lopez P'14
Elizabeth M. Lorusso P'15
Joseph J. Lorusso P'15
Richard E. Lucas '51 P'10 •
Andronico C. Luksic, Jr. '76 H'04 P'04'06'11'14 • v
Paula Crane Lunder P'86'90 ••
Peter H. Lunder P'86'90 •• v
Peter A. '73 M'74 and Judith M'79 MacBride P'09 •
Gerald J. and Jeanne F. MacEachern P'07 •
Josef Macicek and Olyana Matsichkova P'12 v
Thomas C. and Deborah A. Mack P'15
James T. Maclay P'12
Peter E. Madden '64 P'04 v
Brian J. and Maureen L. Magner P'12
Bradford M. Maher '86 P'16 •• v
Douglas H. and Martha B. Mainiero P'15
Theodore P. Malek and Patricia S. Fritzsche P'04 ••
Thomas V. and Mary A. Mallon P'12
Peter F. '78 and Sharon R. Mangan P'14 •
Paul J. and Jeanne M. Marais P'12
Paul S. and Linda J. Maregni P'08 •
Joseph S. Mariani P'01
David M. '75 and Margaret Marks P'15 • v
Frank F. '65 and Kathleen B. Marmorek P'06 •• v
Lois M. Martin P'82 •
P. Gail Martin P'08 •
Dennis F. and Susan R. Martinek P'12
John A. and Jennie Mastroianni P'10
Adem and Valbone Mavraj P'14
Phyllis M. Mays M'96 P'86
David McAndrew P'05 •
Charles J. '50 and Lillian D. McCarthy P'78 •• v
Kathleen A. McCarthy P'13
John B. and Diane S. McClung P'15
William and Mary E. McCurdy P'09'11'12
Peter P. II '76 and Charlotte B. McDermott P'10 ••
Angus P. Jr. and Carol L. McIntyre P'04
John E. McLaughlin, Sr. P'89
James M. and Mary McMackin P'04 ••
James P. and Christina M. McPartlon P'09 •
Phillip C. and Virginia E. Megna P'03
Naresh R. and Sujata N. Mehta P'15
Rafael F. and Angela Billi Melachrinos P'07
Lawrence J. '71 and Paula Metz P'05
Paul W. '53 and Elise Meyer P'80 ••
Lawrence W. Milas '58 H'06 P'90 ••
Marjorie W. Milas P'90 * ••
Elie '84 M'85 and Helen Milhem P'12'15
Selmo and Liliana Milhem P'13'16
Gary C. '72 and Arlene P. Miller P'07 ••
Richard K. and Beth Miller P'02 •• v
Robert H. Jr. '78 and Barbara R. Miller P'15
William and Amy Miller P'16
Walter C. and Sylvia M. Mitchell P'05 •
Chandler J. '58 M'72 and Dolores Moisen P'77'84'06 ••
Marc A. M'86 and Lynne Montanari P'16
William F. and Carolyn G. Mor P'12
Joao M. and Simone D. Moreira P'14
Nancy Morganstern P'83 •
Richard C. Morrissey P'99 ••
Linden J. Mosk P'12
John H. Jr. H'96 and Taffy Muller P'79 •• v
Michael A. Mullin P'05 ••
John M. and Jean L. Murphy P'15
Patricia A. Murphy P'12
Richard J. and Donna M. M'86 Murphy P'08
Shawn H. and Linda M. Murphy P'13
Victoria V. Murray P'14
Ronald V. and Michele A. Musto P'09 •
Joseph and Elaine S. Nadile P'06 •
David A. and Debra A. Napolitan P'12
Paul R. Neelon M'73 P'87 ••
Pierre and Christina Neury P'06 ••
Thach and Nhu Hoa T. Nguyen P'12
John D. Jr. '82 and Nancy M. Nichols P'11 v
James H. Jr. '74 and Joan G. Nilsson P'02
John P. Jr. '59 and Jane P. Nixon P'89
Larry C. Nohrenberg P'97 •
Justin T. and Tracy H. Nolan P'14
Blaine W. and Cynthia H. Noonan P'12
Edward L. O'Brien, Jr. P'05 ••
Gregory G. M'83 and Christine M. O'Brien P'07'11 v
Kevin M. and Kathryn G. O'Connor P'15
Karen S. O'Donovan P'10 •
Kivanc and Meltem Demiroren Oktay P'14'16
Frank J. Jr. and Margaret M. Olsen P'04 •
Robert J. Olsen P'85 •
David B. and Sigrid E. Ordway P'15
Susan O'Reilly P'06 •
Frank J. Orszulak III P'04
William F. Pabst, Jr. '49 P'75
Gino '84 and Rosa Valderrabano Pacini P'11
Pierangelo Jr. '77 and Alexandra Garcia de '77 M'80 Pacini P'06'11 ••
Kurt R. and Tammie L. Packer P'11'14
Donald B. Page P'83 ••
Robert Page III P'88
Leonard and Liza Paglialunga P'09 •
John W. and Martha C. Paine P'04'07
Alberto Palatchi and Susana Gallardo P'13
Candice Palson P'09 v
Samuel J. and Nicole F. Papu P'15
Chonggil and Hyeongsun Park P'13
Chris L. and Hope V. Pashos P'12'15
Kirit N. Patel P'06
Mayur B. and Kalpana M. Patel P'09 •
Robert Z. '68 M'71 and Linda Patkin P'97 ••
Clyde F. and Betsy A. Payn P'07
G. Mark Jr. '61 and Bonnie Pedersen P'84
David J. M'87 and Maureen Pellegrini P'16
Ricardo Antonio Pellerano and Mariangela Hazoury P'06
Marvin D. and Lisa M. Percival P'14
Jean-Marc F. and Gilda S. Perez P'15
Javier and Dulce M. Perez-Abreu P'13
Raffaele V. and Mariella G. Perna P'11
Harvey F. '58 and Carol H. Peterson P'82 ••
Rubin Pizem P'06 ••
George L. Place '62 P'93 ••
Michael F. Pochini P'14
Louis Poirier and Suzanne Chenard P'10
Juan B. Policastro and Maria C. Hercules P'12
Richard J. Pope P'12
Jill S. Porter P'15
Karen A. Potenza P'14
David G. and Elizabeth P. M'76 Powell P'01
Owen H. Powell and Jennifer R. Ziegler P'13
James F. M'69 and Joanne Powers P'85 ••
Alan N. Prag P'04 ••
Frank B. and Ann Marie Proto P'12
Steven C. and Deborah A. Prykucki P'07 •
Jesse M. '56 M'59 and Sue Putney P'90 • v
John P. and Alissa M. Quinn P'15
Lars and Lili Rafeldt P'15
Kelvin and Asha Ramnath P'15
Ramakumar V. and Sujatha Rayasam P'12
John J. and Kathryn J. Regan P'92'00
Mark J. and Maria K. Regan P'15
Fred and Patricia A. Reichardt P'15
Robert S. M'73 and Maria Reisman P'06 •
Dennis G. and Noreen M. Rezendes P'15
Francisco J. Riberas P'13'15
Glenn '79 and Karin L. Ricciardelli P'09 •• v
Stephen C. and Christine A. Richards P'14
Robert L. '62 and Stepheny Riemer P'97
Jeffrey L. and Wendy G. Ringer P'13
Peter Rispoli and Donna M. Di Ianni P'14
William L. and Nikki A. Rivellini P'14
Patrick A. and Marilyn J. Robertson P'13
Eric N. Robinson and Carol J. Pentleton P'07 •
Larry J. and Candace F. Rocha P'14
Jose A. Rodriguez and Teresita J. Valcarcel P'12
Julio R. and Iris D. Rodriguez P'10
Paul F. and Lisa M. Rogers P'14
Martin J. and Elizabeth R. Rogosa P'10
Thomas W. '78 and Alice F. Rooke P'08 ••
Robert F. and Nancy Roscigno P'14
Douglas F. Rose P'06
Robert M. Rosenberg H'97 P'94 •• v
Steven Rosenfeld P'09
Fred A. Rotenberg P'06 •
John B. '66 and Gloria B. Rothenberger P'01 •
Frank V. and Ana M. Rovirosa P'10'14 •
Kenne Ruan and Jennifer Hu P'14
Michael A. and Elizabeth Ruane P'10'10'12
George J. '67 and Judith Rudnick P'97 •
Gabriel R. M'86 and Sally Safdie P'09'16
Phyllis Sagan P'87
Jose-Luis and Andrea C. Sagripanti P'12
Jose E. Salas and Marta G. Alvarez P'15
Mark E. Salomone '76 P'06'07 ••
Eduardo A. Salvati P'01 •
Manjini and Thamarai Saminathan P'13
Santos Sanchez and Luz A. Martinez-Sanchez P'13
Guy F. Sarasin P'85 •
David W. Sargent '82 P'12 • v
Fouad A. and Maria L. Sattar P'07 •
S. Sandy Satullo P'05
Wayne Saxe P'15
James R. and Dorothy A. Scanlin P'14
Scott S. M'83 and Patricia A. Scarpato P'10 •
Robert E. '58 and Penelope P. Schofield P'82 •• v
Jeffrey J. and Ana P. Schwartz P'12
Drue D. and Debbie R. Secrist P'15
Michaela M. Seeger P'11
Maria Serpentino '78 P'05 ••
Somchit '74 and Piyaratana S. Sertthin P'05
Harsh and Punita Sethi P'13
Gary S. and Kathy A. Shaddock P'13
Sachin S. and Rajul S. Shah P'15
David and Nadine Shalom P'13'14
Joseph W. Shaw IV '76 P'07
Mark S. and Janice E. Shea P'11
George Sheldrake P'12
Tracie E. Sheldrake P'12
Don and Seth Shi P'15
Michael J. Shimoko P'13
Steven K. Shirley and Theresa M. Angelo P'15
Jeffrey E. Shute '82 P'12
J. Todd Siekman and Kara J. Masters Siekman P'11
Ira B. and Eve Silver P'11
Steve J. Silverman P'05 •
Michael R. and Jane F. Simmons P'03
Debra R. Simon P'14
James R. M'75 and Lynn G. Simpson P'01 •
John I. Jr. '74 and Deborah S.V. '74 M'75 Simpson P'09 ••
Robert B. Simpson '79 P'11
Gary Dale Singleton P'06 •
John B. Jr. and Jacquelyn M. Singleton P'10
Maurice J. Skoler '61 P'96 * •• v
Naomi N. Skoler P'96
Edward F. Smith III P'13
Jeffrey E. and N. Jill Smith P'15
Katharine K. Smith P'08 •
Michael Hall and Patricia Dube Smith P'12
Paul J. and Barbara J. Smyth P'10
Marilyn B. Snyder M'80 P'93 ••
Pamela A. Snyder P'04 •
Richard J. Snyder '60 H'94 P'93'01 •• v
Anne E. Sofronas P'85'90
Ronald Alan and Karen Soly P'12
Richard W. M'68 and Sandra L. Sorenson P'97'00 •
Robert C. and Linda J. Spang P'12
Wesley W. '77 M'80 and Pamela Anderson '78 Sparks P'09 ••
Burton T. '55 and Merrily K. Spottiswoode P'95
Jonathan E. and Linda C. Squire P'15
Phaed and Lisa St. Fort P'10 •
John P. and Winifred Anthony Stearns P'81 •
Robert Michael Steer P'14
Carl F. and Carol G. Stenman P'07 •
James T. Stento, Jr. '80 P'12
Hylton Stephens P'15
Sharon Stephens P'15
Joan D. Sternberg P'15
Howard H. and Fredericka Stevenson P'03
Sam L. Stolbun and Alana R. Spiwak P'11
Richard M. Stone and Jane A. Brown P'12
Garrett J. Sullivan and Janis K.G. Loo P'11 • v
Gary W. Sullivan P'15
Viboon and Suchada Supavatanakul P'15
Michael J. and Elizabeth G. Sweeney P'13
Michael S. and Bernadette M. Symanski P'10 •
Pedro Tabares P'11
Marsha L. Talianoff P'12
Janet Rabalais Tallerine P'05
Michael J. and Tammy L. Talotta P'15
Aras J. and Vida J. Tamoshunas P'15
Marguerite Q. Tarter P'14
Marcel and Bianka V. Telles P'15
Gregory Temkin and Ludmilla Lazareva P'14
Judy Marsha Tenenbaum P'06
Christine Testa P'16
Jean Theriault and Michele Bergeron P'14
Roberto M. Thompson Motta P'11
Barbara N. Thompson P'10
Bina H. Thompson M'91 P'04 •• v
Kevin N. and Marybeth Thorsgaard P'14
Paul A. Tighe P'93 •
Alan R. and Deborah A. Titelbaum P'10
James F. M'59 and Janice S. Titus P'83'84
Levon Tokatlyan and Anush Simonyan P'12
Michael S. Toorock and Pamela C. Wright Toorock P'11
Richard F. '72 M'80 and Patricia B. Torre P'07'08 ••
Michael A. and Janice E. Toth P'08
Peter T. and Denise M. Tourso P'13
James D. Towarnicky P'15
Ricardo N.C. Tracewski P'06 ••
David M. '63 and Anne M. Tracht P'07 ••
Richard R. Trudell P'00
Peter E. Tryhane and Diane E. Martin-Tryhane P'13
Zoltan B. and Joy Tuba P'82
James R. and Judith A. Tucker P'11'12
Robert M. and Leslie S. Turner P'07 • v
William W. Turpin and Ann L. Leavesley-Turpin P'15
Lawrence A. Tyler P'05 ••
Vikram H. and Nita Udeshi P'03 v
Kent T. and Lori A. Untermann P'12
Subbarao V. and Anita C. Uppaluri P'09 •
Gilbert M. Upson P'94
Mehmet M. and Nurdan Uyan P'15
Matthew A. Vacaro and Paula Screnci-Vacaro P'14
James M. Vallides P'10'12 •
Lynne M. Vallides P'10'12 •
Katarzyna Varsano P'15
Serge Varsano P'15
Rosa J. Vazquez P'01
Victor G. and Patricia A. Ventura P'14
David and Karen Verrill P'14
Leonid and Nataliya Voloshin P'15
Jay B. and Lynn P. Wailes P'12
Clinton W. and Carolyn J. Walker P'13
William E. and Mara D. Walker P'12
Michael J. Wallace P'96
James M. and Kimberly A. Walsh P'13
Michael C. and Betty J. Walsh P'09
Yaping and Chunhong Wang P'15
Lee S. and Mary P. Waples P'04
Pattamavadee Waranimman P'15'15
Dell D. Warren, Jr. and Deborah D. Brown P'14
Michael A. Waters P'05 •
Robert E. '64 H'94 and Janet Weissman P'87'90 •• v
James L. and Melinda M. Whalen P'13
Brian A. and Diane B. Whatley P'10 •
Charles Edwin '76 and Katherine P. White P'05
Charles L. Jr. M'69 and Nora White P'76 •
Herbert E. White P'90 •
Thomas A. '84 and Loralee Wilde P'16
John D. and Linda L. Wilkie P'12
Alan B. Williams and Diane P. Leonard P'13 v
Andrew R. and Ingrid Williams P'12
Christopher K. and Patricia A. Williams P'14 v
John Roger Williams P'03 •
Robert G. '56 and Rosalind W. Williams P'82 •
Bruce R. and Deborah H. Wimperis P'10 •
Bruce D. '81 and Barbara P. Winer P'11 ••
David M. and Nancy A. Winn P'09
Paul M. and Gloria J. Winter P'13
Peter J. and Lisa D. Wojda P'14
Richard P. and Ann M. Wolenter P'09 •
Charles B. and Sallie Wolf P'01
Ruth Wolfe P'53
Leonard S. '63 and Sheila R. Wollins P'90
Anthony S. and Gloria K. Wong P'15
John A. and Katherine C. Wood P'10 •
Allyn C. Jr. '63 and Lois H. Woodward P'88'93 • v
Anthony J. '61 M'62 and Virginia W. Woodworth P'90
Alfred F. Jr. '81 and Victoria Wright P'14 •
Loran S. and Cynthia L. Wurdeman P'12
Sergei and Svetlana Yakushin P'08 •
John S. Yancey '71 P'02 •
Gary J. and Nina Piken M'81 Yarus P'08 •
Jerome P. Yeasted P'05 •
William E. '68 and Cynthia F. Yeo P'00'02 •
Christina Yi P'12
Thomas H. Young III P'89 •
Kaixu Adam Yuan and Wenqi Wang P'15
Aleksander A. and Olga N. Yudin P'15
Thomas G. and Sheryl K. Zavertnik P'14
John C. and Ana M. Zelaya P'15
Marina Zlatina P'07
Gary L. and Marie Zwerling P'06 •• v