Alumni Mobile App

We've partnered with EverTrue in an attempt to better facilitate and improve your ability to network and connect with others in your Babson Alumni community.

Alumni-App-Page_338px_003.pngThis partnership has resulted in the Babson Alumni Mobile App. Working on any Apple or Droid device, this app will provide you with:

  • A mobilized version of the Alumni Directory with the additional option to connect using LinkedIn and/or Facebook data
  • The ability to opt in to GPS functionality, showing you which alumni live nearby anywhere in the world
  • Real time updates on Babson alumni events, news, and social media
  • A private alumni community where you can post photos and status updates
  • Download the Babson Alumni App now! For iPhone users.* For Android users.*

*Be sure to connect to these stores via your smartphone, not your desktop, in order to download the Babson Alumni App!

Babson Alumni Mobile App FAQs

Who can see my information?
The Babson Alumni App is accessible only by Babson Alumni and some staff. It is a private community that only those with records in the Babson Alumni database can access.

How do I edit or update the information about me that appears within the app?
The personal and professional information that Babson has on file for you in our Alumni Directory is what appears on your profile within the app. You may log into the Alumni Directory and change any of the settings or information. You can view our Alumni Directory Terms of Use for further information. The EverTrue privacy policy is also available for your review. In addition, you may email Babson Advancement Services and request that they update your information for you. If you granted permission to link your Facebook or LinkedIn account to the app, some of that information will be viewable to other Babson Alumni (see below).

How do I turn off the Alumni Nearby feature?
The Alumni Nearby map is to assist you in networking and connecting with your fellow alumni regardless of where you may be located. The Alumni Nearby feature functionality is based on the Preferred Address that Babson has on file for you. It is not tracking you in real time. Therefore, if you have identified your home address as your preferred address with us, that is where your pin will appear on the Alumni Nearby map. If you identified your Business Address as your preferred address, your pin will appear in that location. If you do not want to list a preferred address within the app, please contact Babson Advancement Services.

How does the app integrate with LinkedIn?
Connecting your LinkedIn profile within the app offers an enhanced profile experience making LinkedIn profile data available in adherence to your LinkedIn profile settings. The more closely connected you are to someone the more of his/her profile data you will see.

Who do I contact if my app is not working correctly?
Please contact Evertrue Support if you are having issues with your app. EverTrue is our partner in providing this mobile networking platform for Babson alumni.