We’ll train you for everything you need to coach in the Coaching for Leadership and Teamwork Program (CLTP) (we require that all new coaches attend one training session and one program). Only first-time CLTP coaches need to sign up for training.​

Training Overview

During your day of training—led by Professor Joseph Weintraub, Visiting Lecturer Robert Bonnevie, and Adjunct Lecturer Catherine Manning—you’ll learn our observation versus inference method of developmental coaching, a valuable technique that will improve your ability to give constructive feedback and pay dividends both inside and outside of your workplace. Many coaches also are able to use the training as credit for professional development within their company.

During the course of the day, coaches also will:​​

  • Discuss the overall goals of CLTP for the first-year and junior/senior student programs
  • Learn the six key competency areas on which students are evaluated
  • Practice providing constructive developmental feedback
  • View a simulated CLTP session and discuss the feedback given the students in the video
  • Take part in a coach calibration session

Throughout your training, there are many opportunities to network with the other CLTP participants. All programs take place at Babson College, and meals are provided.​

Typical Coaching Experience

Starting the Day

Students and coaches check in at the respective sites to receive instructions and room assignments for the day. Coaches have an opportunity to meet their coaching group for the day. One of the CLTP faculty members speaks to coaches about the coaching program and its focus on building awareness regarding the six key competency areas.

Group Meetings

Student teams discuss the cases and present their solutions to the coaches. In the junior/senior program, students also make an elevator pitch. This portion of the program is about 1.5 hours.

Coach Meeting

Coaches meet to review the session and discuss developmental coaching for each student. Prior to meeting with their individual student, coaches have time to put together their thoughts for the one-on-one session.

One-on-One Feedback

This is the highlight of the day. Coaches and students meet to discuss the CLTP session. Students receive one-on-one developmental feedback from their assigned coach. The meeting lasts for about 30 minutes. Coaches and students discuss the six competency areas, how the student believes the session went, and student strengths and areas for development (those coaching juniors and seniors also will review their elevator pitch one more time and give additional feedback).

Feedback Form

Following the session, coaches fill out a feedback form, to be mailed to the student, which provides detailed feedback regarding each of the six competency areas that the student can focus on during their time at Babson.​​​​​


Contact Jackie Harris at 781-239-4440 or coachingprogram@babson.edu