Graduate and Law School

​For some undergraduate students, an attractive post-graduation option is to enroll in graduate school.

The information presented on this Web page is designed to provide you with resources to help you research your graduate school options and to navigate the graduate admissions process.

Researching Your Graduate School Options

As you begin to research graduate schools, you will discover that there are a plethora of opportunities. Reflecting on the following questions may help narrow your search.

  • What graduate programs are you familiar with that you have an interest in attending?
  • Is geographic location important?
  • Does enrollment size matter?

Listed below are several suggestions to guide you in the graduate school search process.

  • Develop a knowledge and awareness of the graduate school admissions process. What are graduate schools looking for in an applicant? How much do GPA, work experience, extracurricular activities, and even the undergraduate institution that you attended play a role? What classes are required to be able to perform successfully in the graduate program?
  • Get a sense of the strength of graduate program. Will this program be challenging and give you the training you want? What is the faculty like in the program? What have students said about it?
  • Compare and contrast graduate school programs. Make a list of graduate schools and write down the pluses and minuses for each. This can help you determine which programs are a “good match” for you.
  • Attend open houses/information sessions. Many graduate programs host open house events or information sessions for prospective students. This is a great way to learn about the admissions requirements and the curriculum and to ask faculty and staff questions that may not be addressed in the literature or on the Web site.
  • Narrow your search. After considering multiple options, you should narrow your list to 4 to 7 graduate programs. Your list should include a combination of realistic, safety, and stretch programs.
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