Service and Alternative Year Programs

Many short-term opportunities (anywhere from six months to two years) exist for new grads to earn valuable experience, help build their resume, and earn a paycheck while doing it.

Review the sections on Environmental, Human Services, Public Administration and Government, Religious-Based, and Teaching Programs for more information about specific opportunities. 

Additional Resources Fellowship Listings - Fellowships in public service (U.S., international and nonprofit). Service Opportunities - One year service opportunities (primarily in the U.S.).

Cool Works - Seasonal jobs in the national parks, ski resorts, ranches, etc.

Search Associates - Each year Search Associates places teachers, administrators, and interns in international schools throughout the world, making them one of the largest international school placement organizations.

Dave’s ESL Café - Job posting site with hundreds of positions around the world. Also includes links and information about ESL certification programs.

​Service and Alternative Year Programs