Employers On Campus

There are countless ways to see, meet, and hear from employers on campus throughout the year. The below programs highlight some of these opportunities, but remember to also stay connected with Babson social media, with your student organizations, and watch for publicity on the many opportunities the College community offers.

Career Corner

Meet with employers in a casual setting and learn about their company and potential job and internship opportunities! 

Career Expo 

Held every September, Career Expo is an opportunity to meet more than 70 employers across all industries.  It’s a great way to network with employer representatives and to learn about job opportunities available.  

Employer in Residence Program

CCD hosts approximately 15 employer in residence sessions each semester. This is an opportunity for you to meet with an employer individually. The purpose of the meeting can be for a resume critique, cover letter review, mock interview, or to just have a general career conversation. This is a unique opportunity for a student to receive 1:1 time with an employer. The Employer in Residence Program takes place in the Hoffman Family Undergraduate Center for Career Development office and is typically scheduled from 1-4pm. You can find out about the program through the CCD Weekly email and also the Babson Calendar.

Industry Panels

There are several executive industry panels held throughout the year on-campus – many are sponsored by student organizations.  This is an excellent way for you to hear from top level executives on relevant topics and often times there is opportunity for networking after the session.  It is important to remember in addition to the panelists, there will be many others in the audience that could be key contacts in your industry.  To review upcoming employer activity, make sure to review the Babson Calendar.

Alumni Industry Adviser (AIA) Program

The Undergraduate Center for Career Development is inviting alumni of Babson College at the forefront of business to share their experience and insights with current students. Alumni will provide their industry expertise and perspective to Babson students by conducting:

  • Industry-specific mock interviews.
    • Accounting and Finance technical mock interviews
    • Consulting and marketing case mock interviews
  • Industry-specific resume review through one-on-one career advising.
  • Industry education through sharing experience and business insights.
  • One-on-one career advising of Babson Alumni.

We are seeking alumni in the Boston area from the Accounting, Consulting, Finance and Marketing industries to participate in this program starting in September. An Alumni Industry Adviser is expected to hold on-campus office hours once a semester for 3-5 hours. During peak recruiting months (September, October, February, March), we are looking for alumni to help students prepare for upcoming interviews through methods mentioned above. 

If you are interested in receiving more information or registering for this program, please contact us atundergradccd@babson.edu and we will be in touch. If you are interested in participating but not located in the Boston area, please let us know and would be happy to make arrangements for a virtual meeting.


Internship Fair

Held every February, the Internship Fair hosts more than 40 employers across all industries that are looking for spring and summer internship candidates. It’s a great way to network with employer representatives and to learn about internship opportunities available.


Held each September, employer representatives and alumni return to campus to meet with students to review and critique resumes.  In addition to obtaining feedback on your resume, this is another way to meet and network with employers and alumni.

Senior Career Fair

A program sponsored by CCD in April for seniors seeking employment and employers with current job opportunities.  All in one day – all in one location!
Interested employers or alumni, for additional information or to sign up for one of these events, please contactUndergraduate CCD.