The Babson Hoffman Family Undergraduate Center for Career Development (UG CCD)is excited to announce that we are moving to the Handshake recruiting platform.

Why the change? Based on usability feedback from students and employers of our Career Connections (Symplicity) system, Undergraduate CCD has made the thoughtful decision to move to Handshake. Beginning on Thursday, December 15, Babson undergraduate students will gain access to Handshake.

What is Handshake?

Handshake is the fast and powerful new recruiting platform for sourcing Undergraduate Babson students. It uses cutting-edge technology to better connect you with qualified candidates. You can use it to post job and internship listings, register for career fairs, manage on-campus recruiting, advertise your events, access student résumés, and message students who meet your qualifications. You also will be able to promote your brand more effectively by customizing your employer profile, job postings, and events to be more visually appealing to students.


When will Babson undergraduate students be moving from Symplicity into Handshake? On Thursday, December 15, the Handshake platform will completely replace Symplicity for undergraduate students. Students will no longer have access to Symplicity, and will log into Handshake to apply for jobs/internships, register for career events and on-campus recruiting, etc.

Are the Babson graduate students also moving to Handshake? Not at this time, the graduate students will remain on the Symplicity platform. Please continue to post jobs for our graduate students (MBA and MS Programs) viaSymplicity.

Will my current job and internship postings for undergraduates be moved into the Handshake system? No, once you’ve created your account in Handshake, please post any jobs/internships open to undergraduate students into Handshake before December 15. Students will continue to have access to Symplicity until December 14. If you have job postings that overlap with December 15, please be sure they are posted in both systems. You will receive the applications from both systems.

How do I sign up for Babson recruiting activities, i.e. on campus interviews, career fairs, or post my events that are open to Babson undergrads? Once you’ve created your account in Handshake, please add Babson College to your network of schools. From there, you can post a job or internship, request an on-campus interview schedule, or create an event.

Is there anything else that I should be aware of regarding the change? In Handshake, all students will be able to see and apply for job postings, even if they do not 100 percent match the job postings’ criteria, i.e. class level or work authorization. However, Handshake will separate the applicants for you so that you can see whether applicants are fully qualified. Remember, student access will begin on December 15!

How can I get familiar with the Handshake platform? Please visit Handshake’s Help Center for Employers or submit a ticket for Handshake support.

Handshake support is your first line of contact for troubleshooting account set-up and logging in.

I have another question not listed here, whom do I contact? For any other questions related to transitioning over to Handshake, please email the Babson Hoffman Family Undergraduate Center for Career Development.