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Big Data, Analytics, and Beyond: 
5 Technological Innovations Every Manager Should Know​

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< class="castor-rteElement-single-spacing-paragraph">Advances in computational technologies in the last decade have created tremendous potential for companies to use analytics to gain competitive edge. Managers today have a unique opportunity (and daunting challenge) to alter their existing business models to stay competitive. With a plethora of available technologies, managers often find it difficult to understand their options and choose an analytics strategy that will help them achieve their business goals​.
This video presentation covers the following topics:
  • How analytically driven companies are leveraging technology to gain competitive advantage
  • Five technological innovations of the last decade and how they present both challenges and opportunities for businesses
  • Ways that managers can leverage these technological innovations in defining and implementing a successful analytics strategy 

About the Presenter

Sri Krishnamurthy is an adjunct lecturer and teaches an MBA course at Babson College on "Business Intelligence, Analytics and Visualization." He is a seasoned consultant with more than 10 years’ experience in analytics, quantitative analysis, statistical modeling and software development. He also is a quantitative specialist with significant experience in designing data mining and analytics systems for some of the world’s largest asset management companies.


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