The Entrepreneur’s Boot Camp:  A Deep Dive for New Ventures

Program Dates and Fees:

June 23 - 27, 2014
The Entrepreneur's Boot Camp: $4,600 *
*Program fee includes program materials, accommodations and meals at the award-winning Babson Executive Conference Center from 4pm on June 22 (the evening prior), until check out on June 27.

Program Overview

The Entrepreneur’s Boot Camp: A Deep Dive for New Ventures is a unique one-week program designed for entrepreneurs who seek to create new opportunities in the form of a startup. This program features several accomplished professors of Entrepreneurship at Babson College who collaborate to create a transformational learning and development experience. For high potential participants with the right mindset, this program is designed to be a “life-altering experience,” setting them on a path to build their own wealth and independence.

Program Objectives

The goal of The Entrepreneur’s Boot Camp: A Deep Dive for New Ventures is to provide participating entrepreneurs with the tools, strategies, and confidence needed in order to assess, determine feasibility of, and launch new businesses. Participants will:
  • Gain a better understanding of themselves as entrepreneurs including their motivations, roles, and key responsibilities
  • Explore the notion of building a winning team and other common challenges facing founders and CEOs
  • Learn key assessment and feasibility techniques including ideation, product definition, rapid iteration testing, and designing the minimum viable product
  • Acquire tools for assessing product and market fit including understanding target markets and market segmentation and performing effective industry and competitive analyses
  • Develop an understanding of how to grow and nurture the business through effective brand building, cash flow management and resource allocation, and embracing change and uncertainty for competitive advantage

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