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Graduate Student Coaching

“The Developmental Learning Partner training and coaching experience has added value in both my professional and personal life. It has been so rewarding. I’ve learned at least one new thing from every single person I’ve coached, whether it was about their culture, about their customs, and/or about their personal and professional challenges and dreams. It’s wonderful to be able to help them contemplate the things most important to them.”

—Renee Chapman

Managing Talent: Your Own and Others (MTYOO) is a required course in the MBA curriculum that connects full time MBA students with Developmental Learning Partners (DLP) to help students construct their individual personal development plan.

In MTYOO, students learn about talent management concepts and frameworks, experiencing its value through self-applied concepts and the creation of a personal development plan. As a Developmental Learning Partner, you will help students explore options and put their drafted plans to the test.

Follow-up research conducted by Babson faculty demonstrates that the pedagogical approach makes a tangible difference in how individuals think about their leadership development and their ability to achieve learning goals and career milestones. Immersion in personal development planning in tandem with the framework of talent management also catalyzes for many their ability and desire to manage and develop the talent of others. Both MTYOO outcomes benefit their current and future organizations.

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 Managing Talent: Your Own and Others